Don’t Hesitate To Call Things Off + Having High Value =’s Getting Away With Breaking The Rules

Remember I mentioned having 7 girls lined up for this weekend [Fri-Sunday], which means I would have to disappoint 4 of them because I cannot possibly see 7 girls in 3 nights?

Well- I’ve already disappointed 2 over the last few days. And here is the 3rd of 4 whom I had to disappoint this morning in not so gracious fashion.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]


Ok, so what had happened was, I was at a lounge last night into the early morning, so I sorta sent her what could be considered drunk texts (though I only had 1 beer) around 2:30 am.

This is a chick whom I’ve been ignoring for the past 4-5 days [really because I was gaming other girls so I had to put her on the back-burner]. So that’s why she responded with “I’m alive”, as tongue-in-cheek sarcasm because I haven’t contacted her in a while.

Oh- I just want to briefly clarify something here, which was a good question posed by a recent commenter about the time of day (or night) that I chose to text girls.

Generally, it is a bad idea to text a girl after 10 PM and before 10 AM: unless of course she initiated the texting.

Why is it a bad idea? It makes you look needy, lonely, bored, low value and socially inept…in other words: retarded.

However, I often break this super-sound rule of texting, by texting girls before 10 AM, and as I did with this girl, I texted her after 2 AM this morning.

Why wasn’t I deemed a lonely, needy, socially retarded prick, thus punished by this girl (or any girl for that matter)? Because IDGAF!

Nah- just kidding…partially kidding. πŸ˜† πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† πŸ™‚

Why I get away with breaking fundamental rules of game (in this case text-game) simply boils down to value.

As I’ve touched on throughout the week, whenever you are perceived by women to be someone of high value, high status, importance and so forth, you can and will get away with breaking rules which would otherwise be an automatic rejection for the average guy who doesn’t have social value to women.

You think a girl will be perturbed, weirded out, jaded or furious if Brad fucking Pitt, Will Smith or Justin Beiber were to text her at 2 AM!?

Would she throw a fit, agitated that she was awakened by their text messages at such an inappropriate time of the day/night?

Would she block and restrict them from contacting her subsequent to this?

Hell frikkin’ NO!!!!!!!

How come? Because those guys have perceived-social value to her, and to others in society.

Nevertheless, you don’t at all have to be a celeb to command this sort of fucking respect from women neither…ala Kenny.

You merely have to give the impression and perception that you’re highly valued, well-wanted and pre-selected by women other than her…and you are good to go!

I regularly accomplish this primarily through asshole, badboy and jerk-style pickup.

What takes guys fame, wealth, money and stardom to accomplish [the adoration of women], I accomplish simply by being an ass with women.

Hence, whenever I break sensible rules of the game [like: “don’t text a girl after 10 pm”] and contact a chick at 4:30 in the morning, I never EVER get chided out, dismissed or rejected for it, like some little low-value street urchin. Rather, I get the celebrity treatment. The girl either contacts me right as she’s awakened by my text. Or if she doesn’t wake from my 4:30 am text, she’ll reply first thing in the morning with polite comportment.

Therefore, if you have low to no value in a girl’s eyes, then it is HIGHLY advisable that you stick to the script, or else you will blow yourself out and ruin your chances within 1 swoop from 1 deviation of the rules.

Same goes for disrespecting a chick and calling her out of her name.

Would an average Jane or any girl for that matter, get upset if the rappers Lil’ Wayne, Drake or Justin Beiber were to call them a bitch or refer to them as bitches?

Certain not in the least…unless she’s an ugly Feminist on a crusade to emasculate all men!

Nonetheless, as you’re perceived to be somebody in any respect, women will often excuse your impudent behavior, shortcomings and audacious ways.

You don’t have to be wealthy to be “somebody”. You only need to give off the impression that you’re somebody, and people will buy it Hook, Line and Sinker.

Moreover, humans are very gullible and susceptible to believing what they hear and perceive [not necessarily what they see]. You can ask Jim Jones about that.

Anyways, when you become good at reading women, their motives and what makes them tick, you will have been able to notice patterns and ways in which you can deviate from the norm and get away with doing so.

With this chick whom I’d cancelled on, I basically rejected her because I didn’t quite like her tone from our previous texting session.


This is the type of shit girls do to guys wantonly, and always get away with it because women have more perceived-social value than men do [blame so-called nice guys for this value disparity].

They make plans then break them just to get a psychological kick of validation from snubbing another low-value turd.

In order to get fair treatment from women in courtship, as unpopular as this may sound, you have to play dirty ‘ALSO’!

By “dirty”, I don’t particularly mean any nefarious tactic nor anything that will cause any harm to anyone [dammit I have a heart πŸ™‚ ]. But dirty in the sense of canceling dates, getting even and punishing women for their opportunistic ways and bitchy attitudes.

With this girl however, I didn’t exactly cancel of her just to be an idiot. I had to narrow down my so-called date prospects from 7 girls to 3. I elected the most DTF 3 out of the 7. Though she was DTF for sure; the other 3 whom were chosen were even more DTF.

Oh well!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Hesitate To Call Things Off + Having High Value =’s Getting Away With Breaking The Rules

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  1. Hey, what did u mean by this comment, was kinda funny lol

    Moreover, humans are very gullible and susceptible to believing what they hear and perceive [not necessarily what they see]. You can ask Jim Jones about that. ?


    1. Hey Dan…I was speaking of Jim Jones the Christian cult leader murderer guy…not Jim Jones the rapper πŸ™‚ . But that Jim Jones mass-suicide incident just went to show how gullible people are [especially religious people] in believing that someone is greater than what he or she really is. Those people believed that Jim Jones was some kinda prophet or God or something.


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