Being A Rude D**k To Girl Then Picking Her Up Pt.II [advancing the seduction by being a dick]

Yo! As promised: part deux of my jerk-game pickup of the black-Latina whom you read about in the previous article.

As far as new revelations, I found out yesterday during out texting and chatting that she’s actually Spanish…as in Latina…but a black Latina.

This totally caught me by surprise since I swore she was a native-English speaking black chick. But she’s Puerto Rican by birth. However, her family moved to the English-speaking island chains back in the 80’s. Hence, her fluent English, fluent Spanish, and the Spanish chatter I was hearing in the background from her home as we chatted over the phone.


Note: Small chunks of convo which weren’t important were excluded. Any sensitive detail- as usual- was blurred, including photos of my cock and her tits 🙂 .I’m not particularly a fan of posting nudes [never have]. Plus you have readers who check out my stuff from work. Wouldn’t want to deter their viewing by having NSFW in the title of the post. BTW, the screenshots are in chronological order and they read from top row first going left to right.

Ok guys, since getting her phone # about 2 days ago, I texted her on Whatsapp while leaving Facebook behind.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]




•Above: We exchanged a few voice notes where we talked about sex in bars and clubs.


•Above: This was when I first found out that she was a [black] Latina from the voicenotes she sent me, which had lots of Spanish chatter in the background. I told her that I was fluent in Spanish [which I am], she told me she’s a Latina and we exchanged some voicenotes in Español.



•Above: Just another customary false-disqualifier. By saying something to a girl which would otherwise be considered a negative- when done right- its effects will be in the positive. Telling a girl whom you’re looking to hook up with that you have a 2 inch dick, is 1 such example of a false-disqualifier.

•Above: We chatted a bit in Spanish about what we ate for lunch. By telling her to bring something for me to eat, it further solidifies the meet-up. By doing this, you can also sense whether the girl is still down or not. If she has a change of mind, she wouldn’t entertain the idea of bringing something to eat. So it’s a good way to feel out the girl’s receptivity to see whether she’s still on board.

•Above: She sent me a voicenote but I was at the bar last night [Tuesday night] and it was too loud to listen to her VN’s.
•She recognizes that I am persistent [but not needy]. Most guys, even when they persist, they often cross the line between persistent and needy…so they get blown out.

•Above: That string of messages was from this morning. Note: a girl getting cold-feet as things progress rapidly, should be expected. Keep in mind that it isn’t every day a hot girl comes across a guy whom she wants to fuck in such rapid fashion. Hence, she is liable to get the jitters. So work on your empathy game as I will address about below.

Ok guys, I don’t believe there’s much more to say on this set.

Few things I want to point out though:

•I usually don’t spend this much time at all going back and forth with any girl. But, once she keeps it going and is being responsive and showing reciprocation, then you can afford to banter back and forward without risking the curse of over-texting.

•Secondly, banter is the art and key to keeping things [i.e. attraction] alive.

Learn how to talk shit with women, bust on them, make fun of them [playfully], tease them, etc. You always want to be wary of a boring and monotonous vibe. As you would’ve noticed from our interaction, it was never monotonous nor dull.

•Thirdly, whenever a girl feels that things are moving too fast, or she gets a case of cold-feet, you want to empathize with her as I showcased in the very last screenshot.


Create a story [even if it’s false] which draws parallel between it and whatever the girl has trepidation about.

For instance, if the girl has had experiences where guys shared her nude photos online for example, and she’s now feeling somewhat nervous that you may end up doing the same down the line, you want to come up with a similar story of yours that coincides with hers.

Doing so will have gained trust from the girl, and also shows that you have a bone of empathy inside of you…even if you’re an asshole as this girl perceives me to be.

Moreover, this is strategic in pickup whereas you reveal to the girl some sort of fear that you have. It works to humanize yourself…and further builds trust, and encourages the girl to want to hang out with you even more.

Hence, you never want to come off as a guy who has everything handled.

Let her know that you have fears in meeting a new girl because she may turn out to be some crazy bitch in the end. And you had once or twice been burnt by this.

Lastly, again I want to touch on looks and how often chicks are hit on and hounded online by random creeps.

Remember the East-Indian hottie whom I slept with the other week…the one with who I shared this exchange?


Two-hundred and fifty-nine unread inbox messages from guys on Facebook…within a matter of days.

Out of those 259 guys, I was the only one whom she found interesting, and the only one she replied to…and eventually hooked up with. 😉

How will you able to compete with that [almost 300 other men]?

With that, you have to fucking separate yourself from the pack of losers.

How do you do that? Exactly the way I showed you with this girl, and every other hottie whom I pick up through Facebook.

You CANNOT set yourself apart by coming with this “hi sweetie” bullshit! Every other chody guy is doing it!

The hotter the girl, the quicker she’ll shut you down by not responding to your messages at all!

You have to give her shit and knock her off of that hot-girl high horse!

Your lone message has to look and sound different than the other 300 guys whose messages all look, sound and taste the same.

As for looks? I hate to have to go down this road again which I’ve taken you guys in almost every post over the months. But looks don’t matter!!!

Did you fucking read that!? I said looks don’t matter!

If your text-game sucks, your approach sucks, your vibe sucks, then no amount of good fucking looks can redeem you!

The reason why so-called good-looking men get laid, isn’t their looks at all, but their cocky and self-assured attitudes!

Those 2 components are powerful in attracting women and getting laid!

Good-looking men, because they’ve been told all their lives growing up that they look good, are handsome and so forth, they naturally grow up with this sort of cocky and self-assured vibe about themselves that women can sense in the air.

Contrarily, the ugly guy, having been told all his life that he’s ugly, he grows up with this insecure vibe looming above his head, hence women sense from his a lack of self-assuredness.

That is what the drop-dead gorgeous guy has going for him [his cocky and entitled vibe]! And not his fucking looks!

Quit listening to women when they say shit like, “I hate cocky men”! “All women hate cocky men”!

That is bullshit!

Cocky guys get laid the most! So those numbers and facts totally contradict what women spew out there about cockiness being a huge turnoff.

Ironically, the guys who are the most cocky, are the badboys, assholes, jerks and dicks. Hence, they get laid the most, in spite of being unattractive and not having any of the so-called advantage of stereotypical-gorgeous men.

Saying that bit to say, if you were to listen to women, Hollywood and the media, a guy like myself would be deemed either unattractive, or below average in good looks as far as the face is concerned [which is where our focus is primarily placed when referring to good-looking].

Fine! So be it! I am not gorgeous! But of all the drop-dead gorgeous men and pretty boys I know personally, and the ones I know of, none of them pull ass on Facebook, regardless of their facial affectations!

You must also bear in mind that I coach guys- online, and in person- on Facebook game and how to attract women and get laid from Facebook.

Six in ten of those students are above average in the looks department [face and body-wise]! Yet, they can’t get laid on Facebook, in spite of being told on a daily basis by relatives, coworkers, etc. that they are handsome out of this world…and some of them are [my students].

Therefore, it becomes crystal clear that possessing good looks alone won’t get a guy laid.

He may get lucky. But so does ugly guys!

On a personal level; am I a cocky dude?


My approach [online and in person] says to women:

“I am the shit”!

“I won’t kiss your ass! You will kiss mines”!

“I am the prize”!

Will every chick buy into it? No! But a fair amount will. Those who don’t buy into my shit don’t matter. Either they’re bat-shit crazy or they suffer from some sort of neurological disorder which renders them incapable of wanting me to be inside of their vagina. 😉

Psyche yourself up dude!

Start to see yourself as the man! And women will naturally feel this aura about you and gravitate to it!

In any case, the HB who’s the co-protagonist in this article, likely receives hundreds of inbox messages on FB per week! According to her: it is tiring. In spite of that, I was still able to sweep her off of her feet in no time; within a matter of 2-3 days…by being a dick at that.

Do you need to run dick/asshole game in order to pick up chicks online?

No! But it depends. If trying to pick up a random girl on Facebook for instance, one who doesn’t get much male attention, then you can use some sort of basic game [albeit good text-game] or go wildly romantic yet dominant.

On Facebook, the game you decide to use should be depended upon the girl you’re dealing with as far as her hotness, how many or few friends she has, whether she’s a social butterfly, the leader of her social circle, etc.

If she has few friends- let’s say less than 1,000 friends, then that means she isn’t much of a popular girl, hence she has little social value and isn’t the leader of her social circle or any social circle for that matter. Thus, you can get away with using standardized game or romantic game.

If she has 2,000+ FB friends, then she’s a popular bird…which means even a decent text-game structure may likely not work with her. Of her 2500 friends, 2,000 are likely to be men…all of who scoop her poop and praise her to death and compliment her a ton. With this sort of girl, you have to approach like a dick or else she won’t notice you.

If she’s a social butterfly and extremely hot: you must approach with indirect game, flying beneath the radar like a dick…just as I did with this girl.

Anyway, I should be seeing her on the weekend at my hotel. Will keep you guys updated.

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