Recently Graduated College Girl Pick-Up: November Field Report

Hey guys, another routine pick-up in the bank. But this one dates back to late September [girl pictured below].

Newly grad, new teacher HB...

I had picked up this chick at the airport while running some routine errands.

Had no idea of that she was in school while teaching also, since the pickup did not consist of lame, “what do you do for a living”, interview-type questions.

We texted a bit about a day after but I really wasn’t feeling the vibe.

She kept posting these sexy-ass pics on her Whatsapp display so I began looking at her differently: “I would love to fuck this girl”.

When I first cold-approached her- sure she looked doable- but it wasn’t enough pizazz there to make me want to seal the deal in any rapid fashion whatsoever.

However, her display pics were tempting enough to cause an acute-physiological reaction and sensation within my pants.

After about 5 days, I decided to re-engage her on Whatsapp. This time, with my customary “get straight to business” type of text.

BTW, from her whatsapp status, I recalled she posted something about graduating university. So that’s where I started off my texting.

BTW, I usually hit up her annexed island every other week or so [by ferry].

Here are the screenshots from Nov.1 [my texts in green. Hers in white].


Note: She literally teaches about 1 bloc away from the hotel in which I frequent whenever I’m in this part of this particular island town…which will remain anonymous. 😉 So the logistics there made it perfect and easier to facilitate a rendezvous- BUT- I didn’t quite want her to come visit me during her working hours because the chance for sex would have been reduced since she had to return to work/teaching.


Ok guys; so that was that.

As is always the case with every girl: she has a boyfriend. But that rarely ever stops girls from seeing other guys and planning dates and sex behind their boyfriend’s back. 😉

It also always amuses me how chicks are so dismissive and blasé about their boyfriends, as far as saying shit like, “he trusts me”…yet those same chicks who claim that their boyfriends can trust them, are the ones prone to fucking other guys and breaking trust.

Welcome to the world of “how women think”.

Anyways, so again, she hinted at meeting up during the daytime.

Partly, I knew she was pushing for the daylight meet-up due to security and safety concerns that every girl has when it comes to meeting up with a total stranger.

After all; she didn’t know me! For all she knows; I could’ve been some serial-rapist.

Girls really don’t give a shit either way. But they do take it into account. So that is 1 of the reasons why she suggested the daylight rendezvous in that town.

I was against it of course.

I almost always opt for my usual pitch: “Let’s chill at my hotel or guesthouse…on the balcony” [as seen in the vid snippet below].

For some reason, I’ve discovered that girls are almost always willing to meet up at a hotel without much qualms.

Part of it has to do with DHV [Demonstration of High Value] in that a girl is likely to assume that guys who stay at hotels are either high net-worth or high status. So this all hints to a girl’s sense of value. Hence, they’ll be much more open to meeting up with you as opposed from a situation where you’re trying to get the girl [a stranger] back to your apartment.

Anyway, so she tried to insist on a spot in “town” being the designated meet-up spot. But I insisted on the hotel straight away! And I ended the conversation there!

Ok…so- what actually happened?

Where did we meet up that weekend?

Though I wanted to meet up in the night- at the hotel- I agreed to meet up during the day [that convo was made via phone call], while heading back to the hotel balcony to chill. 👿 This’ primarily because I was to be busy Friday-Sunday nights, so the daylight rendezvous was the only option…so I took it.

Long story short; we did not make it back to my hotel balcony for the D2 [2nd meet-up]. We basically met at a cafe, walked around a bit, had a great time sans [without] sex, then departed.

I haven’t followed up with her to date- well- since- I meet new chicks every day literally.

Therefore, if plans fall through for whatever reason with any given girl, I am usually not inclined to reschedule unless I’m passing through her town or city in the coming days.

Lastly, I want to wrap up by touching on 2 things: being decisive and getting straight to the point, and the subject of looks.

You’ll never catch me wasting valuable time chit-chatting for chatting sake, unless it has something to do with meeting up and further building attraction. But I am always straight to the point as far as meeting up is concerned.

You want to act while the vibe is hot and sizzling before things die down and the window of attraction closes!

I don’t waste time chit-chatting unless I’ve already put my pitch out there and had gotten the girl to agree to meeting up. Hence, Be more decisive!

As for looks: it is innumerable how often I’ve been preaching to you guys that looks mean very little when it comes to attraction and getting laid!

I am no Denzel nor black Brad Pitt by the way!

I’m often called ugly by both men and women: past and present! For crying out loud: I’m balding and graying!

However, I don’t fucking drink the popular koolaid which says that “looks matter”!

You on the other hand, have likely drunk the koolaid as most of us have at some point! Regardless, you must realize that looks don’t matter!

Delude yourself into believing this if you truly don’t believe it!

Stop drinking the “looks matter” koolaid! And what really irks me is that as of late, the pickup/seduction world has been infiltrated by lots of Beta-Males on a coaching level who push the “looks matter” bullshit! Prior to 2011 going back to its beginning, the common mantra in the PUA community was that looks were insignificant [which they are].

Whenever I’m picking up chicks, I don’t worry about my looks, nor do I ever bring it up in the negative!

I approach women as though I’m the best thing since slice bread! This mindset of mines transfers onto the girl and she believes it also!

The chick which I spoke about in the article, the recent college-grad, is hot as fuck! She can get hotter guys than I am!

Newly grad, new teacher HB...

She has a fucking boyfriend already and he’s likely your stereotypical-handsome chap [however a nice guy he may be]. But that never stopped her from wanting to hang out with me; a blading-old man who’s almost 12 years her senior! 🙂

Therefore, quit whining about your lack of good looks and focus on the more important-attractive qualities: like your vibe, personality, attitude and everything else that has nothing to do with your looks.

I’ll update you guys on this set if I do decide to meet up with her again.

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