Little Intermission: How I Manage To Game And Post At The Same Time…So Often

A curious question I get asked quite frequently is, “How do you manage to pick up girls online, pick up girls on the streets or bars, while still posting to your blog so frequently”?

Great question.

No- I do NOT have a publicist.

I literally compose 100% of the posts and articles on this website in almost real-time as things unfold in my dating and pickup life.

There’s no ghostwriter either.

So…how do I manage?

I never really thought of it.

Having a blogging app to go on my smartphone makes it extremely easy to post instead of being stuck at a computer…though I never composed an article from a computer yet.

Since most guys- at least the ones in pickup- blog from their computers, they aren’t as lucky to be multitasking while blogging. So either they’re stuck at a desktop at the office or relegated to a corner of a café trying to post in peace.

I on the other hand prefer to be mobile while blogging and composing articles for you fuckers to read!

In that case, I get to party, game and post simultaneously.

Whenever I’m gaming on the streets, I use my smartphone as a digit-collector while I blog through the wordpress app.

Thus, I never really miss a beat in pulling some hot ass while I run errands through the towns.

Being that I do this from the same Android smartphone I use for social media and texting, I get to game girls on Facebook, Whatsapp and online-dating sites, receiving notifications whenever I have to engage some chick whom I’m looking to seduce.

Therefore, while I blog, I take a minute or 2 to respond to messages from various platforms, engaging numerous women at the same time and deal with the guys whom I coach online through Whatsapp and other medium.

As for nightlife and being out bar-hopping and partying, the usual routine applies: blog, text, run online and FB game while I down a few drinks and chat up hotties throughout the venue.

Basically, at all times I’m blogging while multitasking between pickup/game, coaching and the many other aspects of my life…such as work, day job, hobbies, fitness, etc.

Saying that bit to say, I’m always poised to put out content in real time, giving you fuckers a better sense of how to internalize certain tactics and strategies to greater effect.

I can theorize all day about some grand-abstract seduction concept that no reader will ever really benefit from besides getting a good read. But where’s the fun in that?

In any case, I guess it comes down to one’s ability to multi-task that shit.

For me, it’s the wherewithal to still game effectively while updating blog content simultaneously.

I’m reminded of an old hidden-cam infield video I posted almost 2 years ago where I pulled a random chick after commenting on her g-string [a g-string which she wasn’t wearing]…while I’d been updating my blog [on camera] prior to spotting her and going in pursuit.

All in all; stay tuned for more kick-ass content, real pickups and pulls chocked filled with tips for you guys to extract the little tidbits you may need.


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