When Chicks Chase Desperately Over Messenger

Hey dudes, I have to admit that I’m having a blast posting these real interactions between women and me.

They truly give guys an illustrative format of how this works and how women respond under various circumstances.

The following interaction [if you can really call it that] is between me and a sexy Puerto Rican Latina whom I picked up over Facebook about a day ago [by employing my stellar FB pick-up method of course 😉 ].

What the screenshots below depict is the number of times that this chick tried to call me through the messenger app.

BTW, this had all occurred this morning [as in Dec. 6th]. And yes; I do write my posts in almost real time as situations unfold. 🙂


I counted about 10 missed calls within the span of 5 minutes. 😯

Why didn’t I answer?

Honestly, I was not in the talking mood and I actually get annoyed whenever people call me unannounced through these apps.

Now you know how chicks feel whenever some random chode calls them through Messenger…unannounced.

To add to that [why I didn’t answer], I was doing some crunches. So that part wasn’t misleading. 😉

Furthermore, I want you to focus on the psychology here: hot girl calls a non-hot guy and non-hot guy rejects her many calls.

Does this ever happen to hot girls?

Fuck no!

Rarely ever!

The only guy who ever dares subject [hot] women to this sort of dismissive treatment is the carefree Alpha jerk who doesn’t try to please women- because in his mind- he is the prize and not her!

Hence, with this Latina, I flipped the script/role and made her chase me to the point of desperation!

I wish I was able to screenshot my opener/icebreaker and the previous texts, but they weren’t saved in the Messenger app since the first round of messages I sent wasn’t through Messenger. 😦

Anywho, so that was that, my phone kept ringing but I kept ignoring the calls.

The more you ignore; the harder she chases.

Having have to chase after a guy [me] being a hot girl, it [chasing] shatters the hot-girl blasé which dominates her way of life.

Hot girls walk around with a sense of entitlement looming around their head since most guys [Beta-Male nice guys] make them feel entitled.

Girls in general are turned off by men who spoil them, so nice guys rarely stand a fair and equitable chance at snagging a hottie who isn’t looking to use and milk them for their resources, finances and attention.

Therefore, whenever she comes across a man [a rare one] who deviates from the normal script, this crossing of paths rocks her little reality to the core and attracts her to this guy who doesn’t seem normal.

“Why isn’t he scooping my poop like every other guy does”!?

She asks herself.

Here is another great example through screenshots of another chick whom I picked up on FB…but this one dates back to August.

Same script. Different chick.

[Her messages in gray. Mines in blue]


That chick also called me to death through the app. 😡

Now, here is an interesting piece of fact you may find shocking: dozens of girls per day call me through Messenger, all hours of the day, all unsolicited and all unannounced.

I’m not talking about unattractive land-whales either. I’m talking about HB7’s to 10’s of all races.

What is the magic?

Is it that I’m Denzel?

Am I rich!?

Do I possess a bodybuilder’s physique that “supposedly” drive women crazy?

None of the above!

The Voodoo lies within my persona, attitude and behavior, style, image and vibe.

Those are they!

Call it Game or what have you.

At the core of my method, what makes it so potent [any PUA method for that matter] is that I compel women to chase me, when they otherwise would never fathom the idea of having to have to chase a guy for his time and attention.

Asshole game is 1 such powerful strategy.

Overall, you should aim for a nice balance of hot and cold.

Never be too available for her!

That is key here! The moment you put yourself at her disposal will be the moment she disposes of you.

Hence, you want to not answer her calls, not call her back when she says to and so forth.

Pretend as though you forgot if anything!

Doing so will keep her chasing as long as you had her chasing to begin with.

I speak in depth about how to get random hot chicks to chase you on Facebook in the Facebook Bang product.

When you will have done all that, getting a girl to commit to dates or something more, will become as easy as snapping a finger.

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