A Little “Make The Girl Chase” Texting From Justin Wayne

Hey guys, while on Justin Wayne, a good friend of mines by the way, I found it interesting when he posted this little text sequence yesterday to Facebook.



What I found most interesting is how women are always poised to pull a guy’s bluff because they don’t expect to get it done to them.

Furthermore, since women enjoy the privilege of having the control in most cases where dating is concerned, it is almost inconceivable to them that a guy would reverse the roles. Hence what I found really ingenious about Justin’s post.

All in all: don’t hesitate to give women shit, flip the script, cancel on dates, etc.

8 thoughts on “A Little “Make The Girl Chase” Texting From Justin Wayne

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  1. There is NO reason to play games with a girl. Try flirting wit a girl instead. If she’s late, she probably has a good reason for it. Be REAL! yOUR MASCULINE PRESENCE IS THE MOST ATTRACTIVE QUALITY. A “fake” pick up personae will have a girl’s guard go up.


    1. I disagree. Lets be real here. Flirting is playing games. It’s a push-pull. That is he essence of flirting. Its is a game. It’s ironic how some people say guys shouldn’t play games,yet women are a about game


      1. Flirting is an attraction TECHNIQUE but not a game. It is a form of pushing a girl away and pulling her back in but THAT is not a game. I don’t disagree with the SUBSTANCE of what you are saying. To say the things you are texting IF you were obviously joking and she knew it would be flirting. If you were “pretending” to be serious it’s playing a game. See if you actually WANT to girl to meet you for a date and you “act” like you don’t want to meet at all is an act and doomed to disaster in the long run. Especially when she runs into a guy who knows what he is doing.

        To be doing ANY significant interacting via texting us dangerous too. Since facial cues and body language aren’t present and emoticons don’t help. Just use the phone to set up dates and use your dazzling techniques on her in person


        1. I agree Jumpman, especially on the point where you differentiate game from an attraction technique and flirting. I would say they’re the same thing. But you make a good case for your point. I’ll address the rest of the comment in just a bit


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