Not Every Girl You’ll Share Chemistry With [Chemistry Dictates The Seduction]

A while back, I posted an article detailing my pick-up numbers, percentage and conversion ratings as they relate to women I pick up and with those I manage to follow through.

Having read that article, you will have left with a realistic sense of how my many pickups breakdown.

Not every girl I pick up [by securing a phone number] I share [sexual] chemistry with.

Moreover, not every girl I pick up do I even bother to contact [and this is due to lack of sexual chemistry].

When there’s no chemistry, even if there was upon the pickup, not only do I lose interest instantly, but in the absence of [sexual] chemistry, the vibe goes flat until everything subsequently fizzles out.

I work off of the [sexual] chemistry between the girl and me.

Also interesting: this chemistry isn’t determined by the hotness of the girl.

I’ve picked up HB9’s and 10’s but never bother to contact them, yet I proceed to follow up with a 6, 7 or HB8 who obviously isn’t as hot as the 9 or 10.

Hence, the girls I choose to pursue in hopes to take to bed, aren’t particularly the ones I find to be hotter superficially, but the ones with whom I share [sexual] chemistry.

Chemistry by the way, isn’t something that one can subdue and control.

It’s either there or it isn’t!

You cannot just create nor generate chemistry between a girl and yourself if it doesn’t already exist between you 2.

If for whatever reason it doesn’t materialize between yourself and a particular girl, then you pretty much have no chance to take her to bed.

In fact, it isn’t that you don’t have a chance, but you will not have been able to generate the fire/urge at all to follow through in pursuit of the girl if there isn’t any chemistry present…MUTUALLY.

Chemistry is the unseen fire in the air which is set ablaze whenever 2 persons who share attraction connect with each other on an intimate, romantic and or sexual level.

Without chemistry there is no romance.

Unfortunately, lots of guys make the blunder of forcing things when there is no chemistry present.

It’s like trying to jam a basketball through a hole the size of a golf ball.

I’ll even go out on a limb to say that more than half of the guys who seek my service, especially when trying to get their ex back, are guilty of this: hoping to create chemistry out of thin air when it had already expired. Even worse; they are hoping that I could wave a magic wand [known as “Game”] and chemistry would just appear out of the blue!

It doesn’t work that way at all!

[Sexual] “CHEMISTRY” cannot be forced!

I’ve come to that realization not very long ago after I sat down and mulled over this befuddling paradox: “Why is it that I lose interest in pursuit of a particular girl but not another”?

This by the way has absolutely nothing to do with the girl’s level of reciprocation.

She may very well reciprocate steadily, and even more so than another girl. In spite of this positive [girl’s reciprocation to my texts and calls], I would still shortly after lose interest in the girl altogether…though she engaged me.

On the other hand, you may have a girl who doesn’t reply to texts as often, yet the vibe still sizzles whenever she does reciprocate however sparingly, and you can just feel the chemistry all-encompassing, in spite of the infrequent communications.

In addition to that, for every 10 girl I pick up- on average- about 4 of them will have fallen by the wayside due to a lack in chemistry between them and me.

Instead of wasting valuable time trying to force chemistry which isn’t there, I gingerly and wisely move on to tackling the girls who make my cock tingle with fire…not surprising; those with who I share chemistry!

Here’s a prime example from 2 days ago of an uneventful and super-quick pickup of a hottie on a social media and dating website.


After securing the digits, I texted her the next day on Whatsapp messenger with all intentions to further build the attraction through humor and game, then later solidify plans for a meet-up over the coming weekend.


That all stalled because there was no chemistry between her and me.

As you can see from the chat-log: it all went splendid!

The girl showed reciprocation in the positive, she was humorous about things [a super positive], etc…but there was no [sexual] chemistry there.

Sure I would’ve loved to fuck this girl!

She is super hot [at least my definition of “super hot”] for crying out loud [pictured below]!


However, the heavens, stars or some unseen elements just didn’t see fit to mesh us together in a shroud of [sexual] chemistry…as much as I would’ve loved to add such a hot-bodied chick to my proverbial fuck-list.

From an outside observer’s standpoint; that online pick-up went briskly [and it surely did] and there was not 1 iota of hiccup, which only meant that I could’ve likely pulled off the rendezvous and the subsequent lay.

In any normal circumstance, that would have likely been the scenario.

However, due to the absence of chemistry, even the seemingly turbulence-free pickups haven’t gotten a shot in hell of making it to 2nd base.

As advice here for you guys, I just want you to realize that not every girl you were destined to share [sexual] chemistry with.

I don’t mean to sound too Zen-like here, but our body or being simply isn’t made to be in-tuned with every other body or being on the planet.

Just as you don’t feel attraction for every girl who crosses your path- however beautiful she may be- chemistry works the same way; you will NOT experience it with every girl whom you find attractive, neither with every girl in whom you pull/pick up.

This begs the question: how does one sense when there is no chemistry or when it had died?

In my case, it becomes apparent, simply when I run out of things to say, and when the interaction begins to feel as though I’m forcing things [conversation], whereas I’m no longer operating [texting for instance] from a free-flowing paradigm.

I can generally sense this within the first 2 texts I will have sent and received from the girl.

Thus was the case with the HB whom I talked about within this article. Within the 2nd round of texting [from the 2nd screenshot above of the Whatsapp convo], I knew instinctively that there was no chemistry [mutually so], and that it is impossibly to will it into existence [chemistry] if it wasn’t there naturally to begin with.

Hence, I moved on.

Being that this is mutually felt [lack of chemistry], the girl is also more than likely to have moved on also with no hard feelings on either end.

She may even text me 3 weeks down the line. But it would’ve likely been a matter of formality, or downright boredom.

In any case: chemistry will not have been generated, and the conversational vibe would remain flat, until we both accept the reality on the ground, that our bodies, minds and souls weren’t meant to share chemistry with each other.

Knowing when there’s [sexual] chemistry is pretty simple [at least in person]. If from the mere sight(ing) of a girl your cock gets that tingly feeling [or an erection], then it is safe to say that [sexual] chemistry is present [even if it is not yet mutually felt].

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it cannot die [it often dies because of various causes].

You also know if there’s chemistry there, or if it’s likely to arise, when you have that gut feeling that you were either meant to fuck this girl, or meant to experience some form of intimacy with her.

This gut feeling cannot [exactly] be faked! Just as you cannot successfully fake liking a girl whom you have no sort of attraction for [your own body will betray you].

Hence why I say it is impossible to fake chemistry if it isn’t there. It isn’t akin to a switch that can be flicked on and off at will.

Therefore, the next time you encounter such an anomalous situation [and you will], be mindful that the hidden culprit in the mix may very well be a lack of [sexual] chemistry between you and the girl, and nothing else. And the wisest counter-move is just to move on from it, instead of wasting more precious time trying to seduce a girl when there’s no chemistry/fire there to propel things forward.

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  1. Nobody can bat 1000, but knowing game can allow you to build up that chemistry or at least recognize it and capitalize on it. Chemistry can be an ambiguous and vague term for some guys in pickup. There have been times where I hadn’t felt “chemistry” with a girl at one point but then we both started feeling for each other later. This is mostly because we were in the same social circle and had the same group of friends. After seeing each other many times through mere-exposure, things began to ignite. Building that trust, familiarity and sharing those fun experiences can add to the fire and eventually we start hooking up. Before I go into game, I may have been to timid to make a move and escalate. Once you got chemistry, all you basically need to do is to isolate and escalate.


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