Close Calls Sting As Much As Rejections

Guys whine constantly about having to face rejection.

What about those close calls?

Ok- I admit- having close calls is actually a quality problem in a sense…but it sucks nevertheless.

Over the last 6-8 weeks, I can undoubtedly say that I’ve had 1 or 2 close calls per week…so that would be anything between 6 to 12 girls over the past 6-8 weeks whom I didn’t manage to lay by the skin of my teeth.

By “close calls”, I don’t mean getting a phone number, setting up a date and having the girl flake or stand me up.

That isn’t a close call.

By “close calls”, I mean either actually lying in bed with the girl, or at least being at her home getting hot and heavy on the sofa, to then have something or someone spoil the sex opportunity.

For instance, about a week back, I got this sexy MILF to my PUA-pad [first time for the year having a girl come back to my place].

As we lie on the bed while I cupped her breasts, the expected LMR [Last-Minute Resistance] materialized where she said to me, “We just met”. In other words; we are moving too fast.

I run the usual LMR troubleshooting tactics [back off then re-engage the girl], began to cup her breasts again while I kissed her gently on the neck and shoulders, ramping up the foreplay ritual leading to penetration.

Before that could happen: her phone rings.

It was the boyfriend.

According to her, he isn’t actually a boyfriend but someone she’s seeing…but that’s another story for another time [most girls will find it convenient to disown their boyfriends when doing wrong].

She allowed the call to go to voicemail [great job hunny] and the romancing proceeded.

Some minutes later, she gets a text message from the boyfriend saying something to the tune of “the kids are up so you need to come put them back to bed”.

Her excuse for escaping the house at that time was that she had a PTA meeting to attend…which was a falsified reason nevertheless 😈

She put away the phone and we resumed the slow action.

I urged her to send him a message in order to buy some time rather than outright ignore his texts and calls which may cause some suspicions.

At times, you have to really think for women because they fail to think for themselves; especially when in heat.

She took heed and sent him a text saying she’ll be there soon…the meeting is taking longer than expected. 😈

Sensing urgency upon us, I knew that I had very limited time to get dick into vagina so I sped up the escalation.

Phone rang once more.

It was the boyfriend again.


Girl answers and said “I’m coming now”.

Coupled with the LMR and boyfriend’s constant calling: I knew the bang opportunity was lost.

Had this had been an ongoing fling or a fuck-buddy, I would’ve simply slid my cock into her vaj and fucked her as fast as possible. But because I never slept with her before, I had to deal with Last-Minute Resistance and the like…which made it that much more difficult to just take the cock out and penetrate her.

Girl: “I have to go. Kids are up and they won’t stop hegging unless I put them to sleep”.

Thus another close call.

I’ve had about 8 of these with 8 different girls over the last 5-6 weeks.

I never get butt-hurt about close calls, simply because they are a part of the process of dating and mating.

Missed opportunities should be expected.

However, those are just some of the quality problems you will undoubtedly encounter as you begin to meet and bed more girls. Just as you will have to deal with more flakes than usual, you will also have to deal with more situations of Last-Minute Resistance and botched sex opportunities.

This reminds of a field report from back in April.

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