Impractical Stuff Women Do

“More annoying-little things chicks do”.

A night or so ago, I get a Whatsapp message from a girl whom I wanted to sleep with from some weeks back.

Due to my schedule and hers conflicting; we haven’t met up again. Thinking I would hear, “Kenny let’s hang out”. She sends me a text- I guess to chat- but also says she’s in Boston.

Okay! Why text me or hit me up when you’re visiting Boston…especially at “hooking up hours”?

I’m not into this text-buddy bullshit, and these chicks well know it. So hit me back up when you’re back on island where it’s logistically possible to sleep with you.

I refuse to waste my time chit-chatting with girls who are either out of reach, not DTF or those who are looking for a text-buddy.
‪#‎ImADickSometimes‬ ‪#‎AssholeGame‬
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]



All in all; I have low tolerance for chicks who waste time when it comes to the bang.

Furthermore, I tend to get really annoyed with chicks who do things without reason. Hence, why this girl said I come off like a cunt.

Finally, you have to learn how to cultivate a vibe which says to girls, “I can take it or leave it”.


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