Girls Can’t Refuse Pizza & Fries

For shits and giggles, as Mystery would say, every now and then, I have to really get super technical and break things down to an elementary level.

The following brief exchange yesterday with an HB7, was 1 such exercise in “breaking it down”…but there’s a bit more to it than that.


When I posted this to Facebook, some commenters surmised that the girl was naïve or downright slow to catch on.

I think she was just playing coy and cunning.

It’s like the “Netflix and Chill” suggestion which is popular today.

Lots of girls are down for the “Netflix and Chill”. But some want to pretend to be naïve about it, knowing that “Netflix and Chill” is a cunning coded phrase for “Let’s chill and fuck”.

Hence, it’s all about preserving perceived value on the part of the girl where she doesn’t want to appear easily bought…or sold.

With this girl, it’s just a case of token resistance.

Moreover, I find that there are 4 things girls cannot resist: pizza, fries, ice cream and booze.

Also, whenever I pitch my meet-ups, I try to frame it just as I did with this girl: super casual and low-pressured!

It isn’t, “let’s go out on a formal date, have a lavish mean like rich people and pretend to be high society”.

My rendezvous are always a casual, “Come meet me at a snack joint”…key phrase: “Meet me”.

It makes it low-pressured on the girl instead of this scary engagement.

Hence, bear that in mind whenever setting up a meet-up with a new girl or any girl for that matter: frame it as casual as possible.

Instead of going for a lavish engagement, opt for a snack instead.

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