6 thoughts on “More Tinder Madness From “Rameet”: 3 Lays For Thanksgiving Night

    • He’s not jacked Solo. He’s a somewhat skinny slender dude. If you check the other Tinder post I posted a few days ago you would see it clearly. Plus his Tinder profile pic doesn’t show skin. He’s just an average slim dude. Apart from that, I’m more basing it on his ethnicity [Indian] and face. He isn’t Hollywood’s version of a handsome dude. So even if he was ripped, he’s no Brad Pitt in the face, so it still negates the “it’s about looks” argument.

      BTW…welcome back 🙂


      • He’s not a bad looking guy. The girls even mention it. But I’m curious to see what the girls look like especially the one that ate his ass.

        Where does he live?


      • This dude looks like an Indian Charlie Sheen……….

        He doesnt look healthy…..straight up.

        But it goes to show, being confident with your shit will get you laid like a boss.


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