Monday-Morning Pickup Of A VH1 Reality-TV Look-alike [Jenifer Williams of Basketball Wives…Look-alike]

VH1's Basketball Wives cast

There was this reality-TV show on VH1 back in 2011 [when I used to watch television] that I was addicted to like something out of this world: “Basketball Wives”.

The show featured ex-wives of former NBA basketball stars such as Shaquile O’Neal and Doug Christie.

Interestingly enough, the only reason I was so drawn and led to watch this show in the first place, was because of 1 cast member: Jennifer Williams, a high-maintenance, boogie, drama-queen, prissy wannabe Diva type of cougar.

Jennifer Williams

Personally; I hate these types just as most sane people do! But something about her was insanely sexy to me!

Her voice was a starter. But something about her looks, sex appeal and quirky attitude was wickedly appealing!

Every time I tuned into that show, it was only because of her and solely to see her.


In jest, I used to say to myself, “I wonder if she has a look-alike somewhere in the world”?

Well- she does!

This Monday morning while coming from the bank, I spotted a girl who looks exactly like her!

She had the lanky, quirky yet graceful mannerisms and movements.

She was very tall just like the hot MILF from the show.

Same body type, same complexion, same smile, same teeth, same everything!

She was approaching so rapidly I wasn’t able to whip out my recording device just to get a few shots of her.

Me: “Hold on, hold on”!

I motioned to her with my hands.

She gave me a puzzled look as she removed her earphones.

Me: “Where…can I get some earphones like yours”?

Girl: “I don’t know really. These came with my phone”.

Me: “Mines broke about 2 days ago and I’m pissed because I can’t go a day without listening to music. Oh- you were talking on your phone”?

Girl: “Nah! Listening to some music”!

I called out the giant elephant in the room which is sometimes necessary to do.

Me: “BTW I know this is strange to have a random guy approach and stop you while you’re going about your business. But I promise; I am not a time-waster”.

Girl: “Listening”.

Again she gave me a puzzled and perplexed look as she said, “Listening”.

Me: “What time is it now? 11:59. I promise I won’t hold you up for 60 more seconds since you seem like a real busy girl”.

Girl: “Yea I’m just coming from work, heading to the bank then go home and clean”.

Me: “Cool. Well I spotted, noticed you were fucking sexy out of this world and I had to get to meet you and possibly seduce you”.

She cracked her first smile and blush without that puzzled look.

Girl: “Thank you”

Me: “By the way, they call me Kenny. You”?

Girl: “I’m S….”.

Me: “Don’t wanna hold you up any longer since I have stuff to do too. But I can’t just let you go without having a way to contact you”.

Girl: “Okaaaaaaayyyyyyy”.

Again, she gives a somewhat perplexed look.

Note: whenever a girl gives you this look, don’t get nervous! It is normal!

Me: “So…you use Whatsapp”?

Girl: “Yea. But I don’t give out my number”.

Me: “Cool. But how are we gonna stay in touch? We must find a way. I can’t just let you go”.

Girl: “Okaaaayyyyyyy. Well, we may see each other again. You never know”.

Whenever a girl says that to me [or in general], it is usually token resistance, and that is how my brain interprets it. So I never get dejected or anxious. I play it cool as a fan.

Me: “No, no, no, no ,no. I don’t operate on faith. I mean, let’s look at it this way. You’re a sexy girl. I can bet you get hit on 10 times per minute from random dudes. What is the chance that you’ll even remember my face by tomorrow or if we do see each other again”. So…let’s exchange numbers”.

Girl: “Gimme yours”

Me: “Nahhhhhh. Let’s exchange”.

She then got with the program and couched up the digits and I gave her mines.

We hugged it out and went our separate ways.

Me: “If I don’t get a text from you by 6 PM, we’re gonna have problems missy”.

Girl: “You have my number right”?

She exclaimed in the form of a question as we walked off.

Ok guys; quick note time: always expect a girl to give some form of resistances and objections.

Expect it! And don’t freak out!

The girl basically wants to see whether you really want her, or if you’re bullshitting for some reason.

Also, don’t get fazed whenever the girl doesn’t give you the perfect set of expressions!

Not every girl will laugh and smile away.

This actually is a dichotomy and contradiction in itself.

On 1 hand: hot girls are always being hit on.

On another hand; they aren’t hit on at all.

Which of the 2 dynamics is really true?

It depends. It also depends on what one considers “hit on”.

Hot girls are always being cat called, stared upon and having guys make remarks in passing. In that sense; they are hit on every minute of every day since they were about 13 years old!

Being “approached” is another story.

Women in general are hardly ever approached anywhere.

Hence, as a PUA who approaches women, it often takes them aback.

Since women are rarely ever approached, whenever they do get approached by a rare chap, they are often perplexed and thrown for a loop.

Some women can handle this rare instance very well…and with grace

Others cannot! Hence, the weird look and expressions you may get thrown your way from the women whom you approach.

With that being said, if and when you do get that “Why are you stopping me and talking to me look”, don’t be discouraged at all!

I get this look almost every day from the women who I approach. But I’m never fazed by it because I know the reason why it happens.

Therefore, once you realize this [women are rarely approached], 2 things will happen:

1.) You will have gained empathy as you gain understanding as to why women react a certain way.

2.) You will no longer be thrown off your game, hence you will exhibit a calm during the uncomfortable situation.

Another thing I want to touch on finally is the briefness of this pickup.

If you seen a recent video of mines, I strongly advocate for longer sets and longer interactions upon picking up women.

However, if time isn’t on your side, as was the case with this girl, you have to act swiftly in securing a phone number!

This chick was obviously in a rush. Since I am a Jedi-master at reading social cues, I was able to notice this and act accordingly [by getting the # quickly].

However, if the girl isn’t in any particular rush, you want to extend the conversation as long as possible.

All in all guys: it is interesting to see how this 1 cannibalize.

I know that it wasn’t a super-solid set because of time constraint, and I may likely lose this girl due to that. But it’s always better to take that chance than not to.

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