Get With The Program Or Get Froze Out

Employing freeze-out tactics is 1 thing. Blatantly forgetting that someone exists is another.

Few weeks back, I picked up a girl through Facebook, exchanged numbers after hitting it off pretty solidly.

As usual, I threw my pitch out there: “Let’s hang out”.

She declined…for whatever reason.

No biggie!

There are always “hidden” reasons why a girl would chose not to hang out:

*She has a boyfriend whom she cannot quite get away from

*She’s on her menstrual cycle and doesn’t feel comfortable hanging out with the new guy

*She has a bad-hair day or bad-hair week

*She’s secretly pregnant and is ashamed of it or feeling unattractive and doesn’t quite want to meet new guys when she’s feeling unattractive

There are quite a few silly and sometimes understandable reasons why a girl would chose not to want to hang out at a particular time or during a particular week.

Hence, I can give and take on that.

I also do take into consideration that all women play games and most are masters at it [such as playing hard-to-get].

With all those factors taken into consideration, I generally don’t take light to protracted and drawn-out games and hard-to-get sessions since I’m all about the business of getting laid.

Anyway, so with this girl, after she told me she wasn’t quite down for hanging out about 3 weeks ago, I decided to freeze her out.

In non-pickup terms, that means to put someone on ignore, usually for a specific duration of time, days, weeks and even months.

Why freeze a girl out [ignore her]?

You freeze a girl out in hopes that she gets with the program by missing your presence and your communication [text, calls, etc].

You’re in effect attempting to punish the girl by her not getting with your program.

It’s been 3 weeks since I haven’t texted this girl or contact her at all.

last night, she hits me up saying “stranger”.


You may ask, “Why did you go so direct Kenny, knowing that a girl’s Anti-Slut Defense mechanism would cause her to put up resistance to such a request”?

Good question.

Why I went so direct is because of all the factors mentioned above. Most importantly though, I have zero time to waste with girls who want to play hard-to-get games beyond the customary hard-to-get games that you would expect at first.

I clearly understand that women are supposed to play coy and put up their defenses. After all, that is what I teach you guys.

I have no problems with that!

Look- with this girl in particular, there is no doubt that she likes me.

Again- a girl doesn’t just hit up a guy after 9 PM out of the blue and not like him…especially when she has dozens of guy and #’s to choose from.

Be as it may, with such a girl, I either simply delete their number or drag out the freeze-out process.

Hence the reason [shown in the screenshot] I said to her, …”I’ll hit you up in another 3 weeks”.

It was sorta my way of saying, “Well if you’re not DTF now, then lemme not waste my time talking to you until another 3 weeks, and we’ll see if you’re DTF then”.

Cold but necessary and sometimes effective!

This also shows girl that you’re not desperate, you’re decisive and knows what you want and will stick to your guns and not bend to girl power.

You would rather risk losing the girl than to play a drawn-out game of “how long I can resist this guy”.

Hence, I get to the point.

Such a stance and position also let the girl know that you have options.

I’ll keep you posted!

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