Fruit-Basket Girl Pickup


Just another quick day-game pickup of a sexy-bodied young girl.

On my lunch break today, there was this sexy girl selling fresh fruits from a mobile thingy, so I tried to time her as she was going up and down the avenue, toting her baskets of organic fruits and veggies.

It was strange seeing such a young girl doing this kind of work, since fruit-selling in the Caribbean at least, is often and only associated with elderly women.

Came to find out later in the interaction that she was taking up the slack for her grandmother who was bed-stricken with the flu.

Anyway, as she approaches:

Me: “Wow! You’re selling fresh fruits and you have the audacity to just walk by me without trying to sell me any”!?

Girl laughs.

Fruit-girl: “Oh! I’m selling, bla, bla, bla…”

Me: “I’m actually broke right now so I feel so sad that I can’t support your business”

Girl: “It’s ok. So what’s your work”?

Me: “What do you mean”?

Girl: “Your occupation”

Me: “Oh! I’m a stripper”!

Girl sucks her teeth and laughs

Me: “You don’t see my 6 pac and shit? What you’re trying tell me, I don’t have a stripper body”?

Girl: “I don’t believe you”

Me: “By night I’m a stripper. But I have a boring day job though. My stripper job at nights must be kept our little secret though”.

We walked and chatted for the next half hour as she sold out everything shortly after I approached her.

When it came to grabbing her phone number, she told me that her phone had recently dropped in water.

Arguably the most classic excuse- at least the most popular as of late- when a girl doesn’t want to give their number.

This is equivalent to “the dog ate my homework”.

In this case however, I believe it was either genuine or something she had grown accustomed to [in getting rid of guys].

If the line works: why not use it?

Sensing that it was bullshit, I pressed on knowing it was just token resistance and that the girl may have wanted to see if I was persistent or someone who gives up easily.

Me: “Listen. I like you. You’re sexy as hell. I want to see you either tonight, tomorrow or over the weekend. You live nearby”?

Girl: “I live right on the other street on the other side”.

Me: “Cool.. You live with you boyfriend or alone? Not that I give a shit that you have a boyfriend”.

Girl laughs.

Girl: “Yes. I have a boyfriend and we live together”.

Me: “Where will we be able to meet up since I doubt you can sneak me in”?

She laughs.

Girl: “I don’t come out much actually”.

Me: “And since you don’t have a working phone, how do you contact your girlfriends and stuff”.

Girl: “I use my boyfriend’s phone. You know what; take my number and text me”.

As is the case almost all of the time: the girl was just lying/testing about her phone being broken or that she doesn’t have a phone currently.

I’ve been through that too many times for any chick to try to successfully run lame-shit game on me such as their phone dropped in water.

It is almost always a test to see if you’d persist like a socially intelligent guy who knows better.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated.

This chick was really fucking sexy!

Such random pickups are very easy.

Picking up girls [strangers] is the easy part.

Holding their attention is the tricky part…for most guys at least.


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    1. Well said Dave. Whenever I hit a girl with the “how do you contact your girlfriends” question, that seems to always put them on the spot and cough up the digits. They just need to be put on the spot that’s all 😉


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