“You Tried To Sleep With My Bestie”

This is the type of shenanigan I hate.

A fuck-buddy hits me up last night saying how disappointed she is that I slept with her bestie and attempted to do the same after I began sleeping with her.

She then asks me to come over and if I can bring a pizza on the way.

I said sure; but only if we’re

She then hits me with the old, “I’m on
my period” skit.


Since you can’t fuck; gimme a blowjob! She then hits me with the “I don’t give blowjobs anymore” line.

No fucky fucky? No sucky sucky? I then called off the whole thing.

Why contact me lamenting about me hooking up with your BFF…though that was before you? Then you try to use “pizza” as bait to get me to come

C’mon girl!

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]






Basically, we met about 4 months ago and started to hook up.

Clearly she had [and has] a boyfriend. But as I’ve been preaching to you ad nauseum; boyfriends don’t matter to most girls [the previous 2 articles will clearly in details explain why this lack of respect for the boyfriend].

Prior to meeting her though, about 2 months earlier, I was hooking up with her bestie [a Brit].

In light of all that, I’m merely annoyed by her audacity. The fact that she has a boyfriend yet continually hounds and pounds me each week about trying to sleep with her BFF.

I mean; I would think that me sleeping with her best friend would be a mute and pale point of contention, in comparison to hooking up with me being her boyfriend’s back being a greater foul…wouldn’t you think?

Anyway, make no mistake about it: she is NOT the exception!

Women generally have their priorities topsy-turvy.

Things that they should be concerned about are always neglected, while the emotionally stimulating events are hoisted to the top of their priority list.

On another note, the reason I had slept with her [this girl] was to get back at her best friend [the Brit] for trying to play me for a fool a few months back.

Her bestie [the Brit] whom I slept with first, pulled some stunt on me where she purposely stood me up on a so-called date…so I came to find out.

As retribution, I spotted the Brit’s bestie at a party once- and on the fly- decided to seduce her and sleep with her in order to piss off the Brit.

We exchanged names and Facebooks, and it started there until we were in full-swing hooking up mode within 48 hours.

I quit dealing wih the Brit altogether as I got my point across by sleeping with her bestie [the subject of this post].

I continued hooking up with this girl intermittently until she found out about her bestie [the Brit] and me, having hooked up before we did. And here we are today with the constant drama where this chick feels betrayed that I would sleep with her best friend [though this was before her].

In spite of her “feigning” disappointed and betrayed, it sure doesn’t stop her from wanting me to come by last night to “watch VT and chill”.

The only reason I never bothered to go by her was because of her period.

It is what it is!

This is just how it goes within the secret society of hooking up.

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  1. That’s interesting…I was saying the same thing to myself as I read the texts..”but you have a man..” so it shouldn’t matter if you had slept with her best friend..she was still in the wrong to even be dealing with you point blank period. I think she wanted to feel as though she had some control over the current situation with you by asking you to bring her something to eat. She probably felt as though she lost control when she didn’t realize she wasn’t your first pick but actually just a pawn so she had to regain her face.

    lol@is your mouth on its period too …i can’t with you! Great post!

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    1. Interesting take Sab. I didn’t even look at it the way you did until you mentioned it. Perhaps it was a power play to see if she still had influence or what. Plus the whole thing with her bestie, she probably kinda wanted to test the waters to see where she was at with me in contrast to her BFF. Interesting take Sab.

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      1. Exactly!! Women can be very weird like that [not all though] where..she may want to see if she still has enough influence over you in order to still have you sleep with her EVEN after knowing you messed with her BF. So now, it’s not about the boyfriend…oh no..it’s about comparing the desire or likelihood of you still sleeping with her knowing that SHE now KNOWs [not like you gave a shit because she was just a decoy anyways]…she may later use this leverage during an argument or falling out with her BF “well he’s still fucking me and I could of had him last time if i really wanted him”…meanwhile not realizing that uh..this is a win-win for you anyways because you still get the buns. You could tell she wanted you to make her feel more special by wanting to just “cuddle and watch tv”…aka “Netflix & Chill”…she got a whole man she could do that with smh


        1. Damn you have this down to a science lol. I couldnt have summed it up any plainer. With a the “Netflix and chill” memes out there, that was likely one of those proposal. But interesting point too in that why try to get me to do Netflix and chill , and only have a half of me per se, when she can have a full man- her man- to do Netflix and chill.

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          1. The thing that I would be wondering is…what type of friendship does she have with her best friend at this point and how did her bestie explain your situation with her? Did she tell her that you two are no longer messing around or what? Because it’s pretty shady for a chick to still pursue a man that her BF dealt with even after finding out that you two messed around. Her relationship must not be all of that nor does she fear losing him if she’s opening up her doors for you to come in and even cuddle.


          2. Well as far as I know they still hang out and all at parties and stuff. But like you said, I dealt with her bestie so she shouldn’t even be pursuing anything further with me…whether the bestie was before or after her


          3. Lol listen to you tryna look at the big picture. Can’t wait though to be honest. The sex was wicked with this chick. If it wasn’t for what I know and do [pickup], I would’ve screwed my chances with her by becoming all sprung and needy since the sex is better than average.

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