Relationship Mis-Expectations & Secret Contracts

The previous post was concluded with a snippet on relationship expectations and why both sexes have different expectations upon entering that phase of courtship.

The theme of this post will tie into why women cheat and why they cheat more than men do.

Upon entering a monogamous and exclusive relationship where both parties understand that they are to be faithful to the other, a virtual and sometimes verbal contract is also signed.

The meat of this contract defines exclusivity and that each party is bound to the other, therefore continuing to deal with a previous partner, must be discontinued.

That is expected of each party.

Women don’t quite see it that way. Hence, where and how mis-expectations come into play.

When a woman embark upon her journey of a new relationship, she expects to maintain some form of communication with the guys whom she had dealt with prior.

This expectation however isn’t mutually expected- meaning- she won’t take light to the idea of her new beau keeping old flames around.

Men on the other hand, being enamored with the idea of claiming a girl as theirs, almost always concede to all demands, and turn a blind eye to what they should expect from their girlfriend.

This is why relationship is a woman’s domain.

She has all the leverage, she drafts up all the plans and secret expectations, and secret deals that her partner would never agree to had he known better.

She gets to set the rules, guidelines, parameters, expectations and so forth.

Relationship is her baby!

Since men by nature aren’t monogamous creatures, and aren’t historically equipped to deal with just 1 girl, we haplessly allow women to structure and control the relationship from the onset.

Unbeknownst to us men; women are rigging the relationship settings in their favor beneath our noses.

Therefore, as she expects the man to observe fidelity and devotion to her alone, she doesn’t quite hold herself to the same expectation. And the new boyfriend doesn’t call her out on this since he expects mutuality right across the board.

This mis-expectation on the man’s part, will come back to bite him in the ass throughout the relationship.

Be as it may, so the woman structures the relationship to her liking, rigs it, twists it, dominates it then ultimately wrecks it inadvertently.

From the onset: the relationship was flawed and built on the basis of subtle bamboozlement and trickery, thus it was destined to self-destruct within no time.

It is for this core reason [cunning rig-job by women] why almost all relationships in the western world fail!

The average relationship is destined to have failed within the first 6 months.

Moreover, and this question is to solidify my point that almost every relationship will fail, how many so-called exclusive and monogamous relationships will the average guy or gal have been in before he-she hits the age of 40?

Between 3 and 6 on average I would say [the numbers are also confirmed by so-called experts].

You will rarely ever meet someone- male or female over the age of 30- who had only been in 1 relationship to date.

It just doesn’t happen!

It is fucking rare!

Even the most dotage and socially inept lad would have landed himself a girlfriend at some point during his school years if anything.

That relationship will have failed!

With those factors and facts, that the vast majority of us will have been in numerous relationships within a lifespan, they are grand testaments to relationships being catastrophic failures for most of us.

It is the rare and lucky person [often unlucky person] who would have fount him or herself 1 partner and stick to that 1 partner for a lifetime.

How many guys or gals over the age of 30 do you know, who are still with their junior-high or high-school sweetheart to date?

In the rare event that you do know of such couples, how likely is it that they had only dealt with each other?

Not likely.

Perhaps they met in school, became a hot item, went steady in their relationship, then separated after they would have finished their secondary education. Met and dated other people for 10-15 years then somehow found themselves reconnecting in a brand-new relationship.

As rare as that is; it does happen!

However, those 2 persons will have likely been in numerous-failed relationships before their reconnection. So this still goes further to confirm my point that every relationship will have failed in less than no time, until both parties reach a plateau in life where aging and fading beauty force them to become exclusive…but those are still exceptional cases.

Saying all that to say: most relationships fail ultimately because they were built on flawed grounds and premises, orchestrated by the female in the relationship, since that is her domain.

She sets the rules which she breaks.

She expects her new boyfriend to not be texting other girls, and most guys do comply naturally since men generally have no options, yet she herself secretly engages in texting sessions with countless fucking men at times! So she rigged the process to where she is excluded from the rules of the relationship.

She’s allowed to keep male friends but you aren’t allowed to keep female friends!

Eventually, the guy either gets frustrated and leave on his own volition [the exceptional case], or more often the case; he gets dumped by the same girl who had exclusive power within the relationship. But since women by nature weren’t meant to have position of authority and power over men, this unnatural way of things cause her to lose interest, thenceforth ditching the Beta boyfriend and the relationship for another guy…and the cycle perpetuates itself beneath the control of the girl.

Later on, she gets herself into a new relationship, expects faithfulness, but doesn’t expect to be held to that also.

Men [i.e. the boyfriends], haven’t ever agreed to this, are blindsided by the behavior of their girlfriend, due to the fact that they [men] weren’t aware of the hidden clauses and fine prints hidden within the quasi-contract of the relationship.

It is for this reason why a girl can cheat on her unsuspecting boyfriend and not feel an ounce of conscience whatsoever about it.

She never contractually agreed to NOT cheating when the relationship was firstly hatched! Not verbally, not in writing, nor in any other manner!

She cunningly excluded herself from such agreements, while the gullible guy was the only party who agreed to comply to the rules and expectations of monogamy!

Hence, why would or should she feel evil and deceptive for cheating on her boyfriend, who willingly [being duped] agreed to the contractual agreements of the relationship?

She is free from guilt [she rigged it this way]! So she won’t feel guilty in the event of cheating!

Furthermore, this is why men are popularly said to be bad at cheating, and that we always get caught in comparison to women who rarely ever get caught cheating.

There are lots of truths to this!

Men do get caught more often!

Why so?

Since we are bound by expectations and the virtual contract that we signed onto in the relationship, we men do NOT have the leverage to wantonly cheat without having to cover tracks and lie profusely.

Somewhere along the line; we get caught by leaving too many trails, tracks and tell-tale signs while cheating.

Moreover- For us men- it is “cheating”! Hence we feel a need to lie and hide just as every “cheater” in every aspect of life feels a need to do [conceal and lie].

For women now- the ones who do cheat- they do NOT feel that they are “cheating”!

Thus, they rarely ever get caught cheating because they never really have to lie and hide.

The guy gets caught because he feels a need to hide and lie!

The girl doesn’t get caught because she doesn’t leave trails all around since she doesn’t have to lie and cover tracks.

She doesn’t feel as though she’s in breach of any virtual-relationship contract since she cunningly excluded herself from virtually signing on to it!

Therefore, if she chooses to fuck Joe Blow: so what!!!!!!

It isn’t cheating nor deception in her eyes since she never signed onto any agreement [virtually that is] saying that fucking another guy would be deemed cheating and deception.

Hence, she doesn’t cover her tracks since there isn’t any track to cover anyway! So how can she get caught!?

Thus, you have the all-too-familiar case where if a girl goes under suspicion by the boyfriend of cheating, she can always say about the other guy, “He’s just a friend from school”, and get away with it.

It isn’t just that women are smarter than men as to why they get away with cheating [though women are smarter]. It’s that they create less tracks to cover, fabricate less lies, and they also have the moral backing of “exclusion” from any virtual-relationship contract.

With the relationship being rigged that way, the guy has zero moral justification for his cheating!

He can’t say:

“Well babes, in the beginning of the relationship, I set this and that parameter, I laid out this and that expectation, I did and said this and that and we agreed to this and that”!

He can’t say that because he never did any of those things, because men generally don’t structure the framework of a relationship since that isn’t his field, but the woman’s!

Hence, the girl can say:

“Well hunny, I did this, did that, said this, said that, I set this and that in this manner. I even had you agree to so and so. Do you remember when you said so and so”?

Since she created the relationship in the first place, she can always justify the terms being in her favor. And she can always say that she never agreed to this or that, simply because she was the drafter of the virtual bill. So she more than anyone else, should know what was in that bill: all the hidden clauses, hidden agreements, concessions granted to herself by herself, included the things from which she was excluded.

She constructed the fucking relationship and its terms in her favor dude!

Don’t you get that!?

Men are tricked into relationships by women!

Men are duped into accepting the terms of the relationship, unbeknownst to them [men], that “mutual” wasn’t the basis from which it was hatched!

Therefore, whenever a guy finds himself in an exclusive relationship [“finds himself” being operative words], he haplessly goes along with the flow and inadvertently grants all powers over to the woman, thinking that his new girlfriend would have had his interests in mind also.

Most men are suckered into relationships, and soften up by the lure and promise of pussy and continual pussy!

What more does a man want besides pussy!?

Promise him more pussy and he will give up everything else [all his power and leverage] just to get more pussy.

Thus, since 96% of men on the globe SPARINGLY ever get laid, the promise of “continual” sex is alluring enough to make 96% of men on the globe, crack and concede power over to the woman who would’ve become the new girlfriend.

Therefore, a guy who doesn’t get laid [96% of men on the globe], isn’t stupid enough to enter a new relationship having demands, expectations and trying to dictate and call shots!

Coming from where he’s coming from- haven’t gotten laid in 2 years- he just wants to get his cock wet more than anything else! So, “to hell with making demands and having expectations! Let the girl handle all that girlie shit! I just want some pussy”!

A Woman on the other hand, since she is NOT coming from a position of sex-depravity and scarcity [all women have dick options], her primarily, secondary or even her tertiary aim, isn’t about the dick she will be getting.

For her, it is about rigging the relationship in such a way where she maintains the liberty to have other men in her life, while depriving the boyfriend of that same freedom.

Since pussy has power [thanks to Beta-Males]: the “lucky” boyfriend who wasn’t getting laid to begin with, becomes overjoyed at the prospect of getting laid on a daily basis.

His primary concern and cause for celebration upon this new relationship, is that he’ll be getting sex regularly.

Males operating from a scarcity mentality with little to no options in sex and women, presented with a new relationship and new girlfriend, will concede to any demand that the girl dictates.

That is basically what happens in majority of the cases with most men entering new relationships.

They are somewhat enticed and held hostage by the promise of vagina.

Women on the other hand don’t enter relationships for sexual purposes.

They [women] mainly enter relationships as power plays, social and upwards mobility, status-climbing and social status.

Those 3 reasons are what primarily motivate women to jump into relationships.

It is all about status, notoriety and power for them.

For men, it is often about sex and bragging rights.

He wants a girl of whom he can brag and show off to his boys and family, with the added benefit of constant sex…his true motive.

With all that being said, our motivations in respect to the sexes, are different. And our expectations are also different to where men are often shortchanged because of all the reasons I’d mentioned above.

As to the declaration I made earlier that men are duped into relationships, I’m inclined to having to have to shed clarity on such a bold declaration.

Quick question: when and how does a guy get himself into a relationship?

Was it planned?

Of course not.

No relationship is ever pre-planned…at least not by the guy.

If you haven’t analyzed it as I did: this is how a typical-monogamous relationship is born:

Guy meets girl or girl meets guy, they hit it off, sex occurs somewhere down the line- and all of a sudden- a relationship is hatched out of thin air.

The guy then finds himself locked into a monogamous relationship unbeknownst to him.

The new girlfriend begins to subtly make demands and requests, all of which are met by the new boyfriend who merely wants to get sex on a consistent basis.

No relationship is ever discussed and planned out beforehand.

It just happened [to men]!

We [men] go along with it for the reasons mentioned above: sex-deprivation, no options, scarcity mentality, etc.

A woman on the other hand, doesn’t just wake up 1 day and find herself locked into a relationship as is the case with 99.9% of men.

She crafted and plotted the entire relationship to begin with!

As the sole architecture and designer of the entanglement, everything is rigged in her favor: power, leverage and all.

We’ve already discussed the implications and reasoning behind this all.

As for cheating, you should now realize why it is that a woman can wantonly cheat with no regards.

Essentially, she created the relationship, she set the boundaries and rules, hence she can break them with impunity.

Technically- she has a point.

How can you fault her for being a terrible girlfriend when you yourself [the guy] didn’t provide any input at the onset?

To the guy’s defense; he couldn’t have provided any input since he was technically an unsuspecting subject, duped into a monogamous relationship.

Thus, whenever you come across an uncooperative girlfriend who may cheat on her guy, everything I shared with you throughout this article will have explained and answered the why’s.

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