More Token Resistance With Another Girl

“Token Resistance”: you better live with it and handle it correctly!

Hey dudes, do you recall the previous post where I spoke about token resistance and that you should expect it?

Interestingly enough, yesterday evening while setting up a rendezvous with a new girl [the third of 3 new girls I picked up from street game over the last 10 days]- as expected- token resistance was shot my way yet picked off like a Jedi master.

Women, their actions, expectations and modus operandi are very predictable, and you will have come to this realization as you become good at this.

There is no such thing as a tough cookie or “different” girl.

I get sick and tired of reading e-mails from guys whining about how difficult a girl is and how she’s un-crackable”!

“I just can’t crack her”!

Subtly, it is a form of pedestalization whenever a guy believes to himself that “this girl is different”, “she is difficult”, yadi, yadi, yada.

To even deem a girl “different” or “difficult” is already a nail in your coffin before the game has even begun.

There’s no such thing as a difficult or different girl. What gives you that illusionary impression is the fact that you’re having difficulties connecting with her, reading her, and subsequently bedding her. But it doesn’t mean she’s difficult or intrinsically different from any other chick in the field.

With every girl I meet, the program and the script always follow the same blueprint: she resists, plays hard-to-get, tries to gain value, tries to score cheap points by instigating frame battles, shit tests me, tries to disqualify me early by doing/saying something in hopes that it would blow me out, etc.

The script is always identical with every girl I meet, and with every girl you will have met!

Some girls give more shit than others.

Some girls are more DTF than others.

Some girls require more game, more comfort or more value from the guy before they crack.

However, it is all the same theme, same play and the same show with different characters.


Anyway, so I met up with a new girl yesterday evening under the guise of grabbing ice cream for both of us.

Prior to our rendezvous, this girl made it her business to emphatically emphasize [over text at least] how much she is NOT interested in me whatsoever!

She was very adamant about it because it wasn’t the first time she exclaimed this since we met about a week ago.

As often the case, I ignore token resistance [girl saying she isn’t interested], agree to whatever the girl says, play with it a bit then disregard it while sticking to my meet-up plan aka Day2. In this case, it was grabbing some ice cream while I met up with her. So much for not being interested. 😉


You can’t take chicks seriously.

Here are the screenshots from Whatsapp [my texts in green. Hers in white]



“Token Resistance” is handled by joking around with it, hence stripping away its intended effect which is to rattle the guy’s frame and expose him as a weak Beta pretending to be an assertive Alpha.

Women will often test you just to make sure you’re the real deal.

If you’re not [by being offended, frazzled, dejected or defensive]: then it’s sayonara- she will move on while laughing at you.

By passing her shit tests and congruence tests as I showed in the screenshot, she gets confirmation that you are the real deal, thus she will proceed and play her position in order to facilitate meeting up.

I want you to really take not of how I handled her token resistance and congruence test by flipping the script! Instead of becoming defensive and trying to qualify by telling her why she should be interested in me, I did the complete opposite by agreeing with her, that she shouldn’t be interested in me and that I clearly get that…NOW LET’S PROCEED!

That was my frame!

Thus, whenever a girl says she isn’t interested in you, you want to take it NOT personal. Instead, have fun with it.

If she really isn’t interested in you: you will know for sure!

However, more often than not, a girl telling you that she isn’t interested- after the fact of exchanging numbers and being engaging communication wise- is a downright lie which should be attributed to token resistance.

You have to be able to spot these inconsistencies in the girl’s story, or else you risk blowing yourself out because of ignorance of female behavior during courtship.

I cannot begin to count the amount of e-mails [with accompanying screenshots] I receive on a daily basis from guys who had blown themselves out, believing that the girl was genuinely not interested because of something she said to that effect [all token resistance].

After I will have scanned their screenshots and read the girl’s tone, it becomes readily transparent as to why these guys were stumbling and rejecting themselves, yet thinking that the girl had rejected them.

Learn to read between the lines and execute social intelligence in determining whether a girl is truly disinterested or is interested.

Perfect example was lst night.

Had I taken this chick seriously about not being into me [as she had said dozens of times within a week], I would not have been able to meet up with her last night for ice cream on the Day2.

I didn’t even try to bang her since I already had sex yesterday evening. But that’s besides the point.

Always stick to the game plan and the objective!

What is the objective?

To meet up!

Sex is the ultimate goal and end game which can only be reached by meeting up with the girl.

Hence, getting her to meet up with you is the most important step in the game. But along the way, the girl will try to trip you up.

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