Token Resistance Before A Girl Decides To Hook Up With You + How To Handle It

Whenever a girl reaches a point where she’s about to pop, her resistance level wavers, she becomes more erratic and irrational than usual, and her token resistance become more apparent than normal.

This is all within the context of raw contradictions where her actions say 1 thing but her words/texts say another.

When trying to sleep with a new girl for the first time, what tends to happen at times- when the girl is on the verge on succumbing- she throw out these blatant tests which often confound the guy on the receiving end of those tests.

Case in point: here are 2 screenshots from 2 separate girls over the past 2 days, of conversations between us, illustrating just that- innate contradictions and somewhat erratic behavior which betrays true intention [to hook up].



Did you notice the token resistance from girl in the 1st screenshot who mentioned that her BF is the only guy with whom she’ll engage in sexual deviance?

She firstly hits me up after 10 PM- sure sign that she’s thinking of me during the hours where hooking up largely takes place- yet she tries to throw a monkey-wrench in the game by bringing up her boyfriend in order to not appear slutty.

Girl in the 2nd screenshot, also contacts me first- a sure sign of someone’s interest- yet she plays somewhat difficult by trying to appear as though she isn’t about to pop [try to hook up] by feigning indifference.

What do these 2 girls and their modus operandi have in common apart from what I mentioned above?

They have reached a point where they decided to themselves that sex is inevitable [with me], so they must make a last-ditch effort to resist…though their actions [contacting me first and at the particular hour and the subject matter] betray their words.

Not all girls operate this way at crunch time…or near it.

Some do however.

How do you handle it?

Just stay cool!

Most guys do not understand token resistance, hence they take it to heart and believe that girls are wasting their time whenever they [girls] get all erratic and send mixed messages.

That is the best indicator that a girl is on the verge of telling you to come over…or that she wants to come over.

It’s like her psyche got hit by a freight-train and she doesn’t know how to process things [the fact that she’s so sexually taken by you].

As the guy, you handle all of this erratic behavior by just being cool instead of believing that the girl is playing some sort of twisted head-game [which she is in a way].

However, as a note from me to you: if a [new] girl contacts you [unsolicited] after 10 PM, she is obviously bored and up for seeing you and to possibly hook up, but she doesn’t quite know how to express this without appearing slutty, so she’s likely to do/say something which totally contradicts her actions.

Also, if a [new] girl contacts you during the night- unsolicited- chances are, she wants to hang out but doesn’t really know how to say it without appearing desperate or slutty.

Don’t think that she isn’t interested.

She is! And she will crack real soon. Just go with the motions

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