A Note On The “FriendZone”

A popular question: “Why do people get friendzoned”?

A common answer from PUA’s is: “Because they are too friendly and chummy with women”.


That is correct!

The reason why guys get LJBF [Let’s Just Be Friends] is because they try to chum their way into a girl’s pants…or heart.

Since women don’t feel sexual attraction for men whom they deem “friends”, the guy gets thrown into the friends basket with no way of climbing out.

HOWEVER- talking about chummy-lame stuff with girls- isn’t necessarily a bad thing that will land you in the friend zone.

What ultimately gets you friendzoned is neglecting to show a romantic and sexual interest from the get-go.

By the way, I often chitchat with new girls about lame-chummy shit. But that never gets me friendzoned.

Exhibit A:


She’s a girl whom I just picked up about 3 days ago, and that chat-log was from 2 days ago where we texted a bit about ice cream.

It doesn’t get any lamer than that! 🙂 😆

That is insta-friendzone material for any other guy.

Why do I get away with it and never get friendzoned whenever I raise a topic about such things [ice cream]? Because the girl already knows that I would fuck her the moment given the logistical chances!

You only risk getting friendzoned once the girl realizes that you won’t make a move on her.

If she senses coming from you this a-sexual vibe from the first conversation, she is likely to friend zone you.

Hence, as long as you give the girl the impression that you actually have a cock in your pants and are willing to use it: you can then get away with being chummy, friendly and talk about lame stuff such as ice cream flavors, favorite foods, her pet dog and so forth.

Although 90% of my texting consist of either sexually explicit chat, romance or dating, there are times when I get lame and talk about stuff that would otherwise seem like friend-zone chatter.

However, this is done after I will have already set a sexual tone upon meeting the girl.

Any friend-zony chatter from thereon will not likely land me [or you] into the friend zone.

What's your view?

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