Latest Flake Episode…The Field Report

Been a while since I posted a field report, so here goes!

About a week ago, I was to hook up with a chick whom I hooked up with on 1 prior occasion, but she flaked on me.

Before I get into the actual field report from the botched attempt at hooking up, here’s a screenshot from earlier today where she contacted me for the first time since flaking.


After she had flaked, I didn’t contact her again…which has been a week to date. So I froze her out without getting all butt-hurt.

Whenever a girl stands you up or flakes on you, you want to be as cool as possible in the end instead of getting angry and lashing out at her.

Hence the reason why my tone was very dismissive and indifferent, which stings way more than getting your feelings involved.

That was when it was all said and done.

What led up to this about a week ago on a weekend, was that we had plans to hook up [more so on the fly].

Our main obstacle, apart from her boyfriend who was back and forth from work that evening, was that we didn’t have anywhere to go to hook up.

She lives with her boyfriend, so hooking up at her place was out of the question- primarily because he was in and out from work that evening.

We also had time constraint that was squeezing us. Her boyfriend had expected her to be back home by 8:30 pm to handle something for him…I gathered from what she told me. It was already 7:30 when I made it to her area so we had an hour to find somewhere to hook up.

Instances like these are where having a vehicle would come in super-fucking handy to handle such logistical obstacles!

However, I don’t drive much and don’t own a car [being a New Yorker, we are accustomed to making our commute by bus and train, hence very few New Yorkers actually drive or own vehicles].

Knowing how adventurous I am, and how women are, I devised a great fuck-location on the fly: an abandoned building. 😈 πŸ™‚


Firstly, we didn’t have any other alternative location.

Her boyfriend was home.

Thirdly, I live too far and she wasn’t going to come there, especially with the time constraint.

Not being too familiar with her area, I combed it for the perfect spot that would enable us to have a very brisk quickie.

The abandoned building was the best I could come up with. Either that or some bushes [none of which I am unfamiliar with πŸ˜‰ ].

As expected, the building looked very crutty and dilapidated on the inside and out.

I snuck into the courtyard as if I were to take a piss, then I crept my way up to the entrance where I stood inconspicuously, shielded by hanging branches and trees which grew around the decrepit property.

I wasn’t about to enter the building since it was so filthy and stench-filled and resembled something out of a horror flick. But the entrance door was hanging off its hinges, so I was allowed an obstructed view inside, to which I stuck my head inside just to gaze around somewhat.

It was wet, damped and filled with burnt objects laying around the place: burnt-out couches, burnt chairs, tables, books and clothing. Down to the cupboards and shelves were burnt out. This was obviously a kitchen or dining-room area…I think.

Apparently, the place was burnt down and abandoned by the owner.

While I stood waiting at the entrance for the girl to get here, every other second or so, I would be startled by large bats which flew so closely to my head that I felt the wind from their wings smacking me across the face and ears.

Even more frightening- at least because of my phobia- are rats dashing in and out of the doorway and moving about on the inside. 😯 😯

“This bitch better hurry up”!

I said to myself anxiously!

What must have been causing her delays is that people were going to-and-fro, and the surrounding streets were busier than usual being that it was a Friday or Saturday evening [not quite sure which day it was].

Now, since I wasn’t going to enter the dilapidated building to fuck this chick for the 2nd time around, I aimlessly tiptoed around the entrance area looking for a sport where I can fuck quickly.

Where I stood wasn’t the worst logistical spot to be honest. It was bushy and naturally obscured and darkened since there were no lights nor electricity inside or on the outside fixtures of the edifice. So it was dark enough to bend her over and fuck her right there without detection.

However, there was a well or some sort of water catchment type thingy beside the entrance, which created somewhat of a small pathway that was about 5×5…just enough space for 2 bodies to squeeze betwixt and get busy. 😈

I unfastened my belt and zipped down my pants for easy and quick access as I waited while texting her to let her know exactly where I was.

I texted her the spot which was about half a bloc from her place, so she walked as we texted.

Girl: “We’re not gonna fuck in there…are we”?

“In there” meaning the burnt-out building.

Me: “Not really. But I found a better spot just on the outside so we don’t have to go in.

Girl: “Ok. Coming just now”.

In the distance, I seen a figure that looks like hers coming this way.

“It is her”!

I flashed my cellphone light so she could see me.

She flashed hers in reciprocation.

As she drew neigh: she got cold feet because there were people going up and down the road on all 4 sides. And since she lives in the neighborhood, the chances of someone spotting her who knows her boyfriend, is highly possible.

I coached her through text and by waving my hands telling her come on!

Sent her a text reading “C’mon! No one’s watching or paying attention! Just pretend like you’re talking on the phone, walk slower and slip through the gate to the courtyard”!

She came to a standstill in the rode about 5-10 yards from the gate…it’s as if she had second thoughts.

I knew this feeling which I felt in my stomach at that moment- the feeling of a flake- that moment when you can just smell, taste and feel when the girl is having second thoughts or feeling nervous about going through on a decision.

I am all-too-familiar with this scenario.

My semi-erection died instantly as I knew what was to happen.

She turned right instead of coming straight ahead through the gate.

DAMN!!!!!!!!!! SMFH!!!!!! 😑

I could’ve smashed my smartphone into the wall because of how letdown I was after seeing her slowly walk off, while I stood there with my pants half way down and condom in hand awaiting penetration! 😦 😦

She walked and walked and walked until I could no longer see her in the distance.

I texted here as a last-ditch effort to get her to come back.

Me: “What’s up!? Turn back around and wait a bit”.

Girl: “I’m waiting not too far away until the coast clears”.

Minutes passed by and she hadn’t returned.

Five minutes passed: still a no show.

I texted her again asking “what’s up”.

No reply.


Sensing that it was a wrap on this show, I fastened by pants, zipped up the fly, tucked the condom away, crawled out of the courtyard and went about my business.

Undoubtedly I was pissed and so wanted to cuss this witch out! But I knew that would’ve lowered my value, so I retained what was left of my cool and elected to freeze her out by not contacting her at all again…which I stuck to up until she contacted me out of the blue earlier today.

Ok guys: few pointers here to conclude this field report.

Flaking and girls standing you up will fucking happen!

It is unavoidable!

The more women you meet, the more flakes you will have encountered just from sheer numbers and odds alone.

I get flaked on way more than the average guy, simply because I approach way more, meet and pick up way more chicks, so the odds swing both ways where I get laid more yet get flaked more.

Lastly, this is just another instance where girls with boyfriend actively seek to cheat.

This girl and I had hooked up a few weeks ago while her boyfriend was at work. So although round 2 fell through a week ago, the intention to hook up is still telling.

Where is it going to go from here with this girl?

If she isn’t coming to my apartment- on her suggestion without my prodding- there won’t be much to talk about.

It is business [hooking up] and nothing else.

What's your view?

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