Simple Mind Hack To Keep Your Girl From Cheating

Keeping with the theme of infidelity from the previously posted article which caused a few stir while circulating around social media, in that article, I hinted at my mindset and frame when it comes to the way in which I pre-handle the possibility of a cheating girlfriend.

As I also mentioned in detail within that article, the only way to truly keep a girl from cheating is by knocking her up and turning her into a fat-unattractive slob who doesn’t feel secure about herself.

Apart from that, the second best and most effective strategy to keep your girlfriend from cheating, requires a bit of reverse psychology and mind hacking.

As kids, we tend to do the opposite from what we were told by our parents.

“Don’t touch this thingy here or else…”!

What does every curious kid does upon hearing such a warning?

He touches the thingy anyway!

I recall when I was younger, perhaps around the age of 12, my mother had a stash of VHS tapes for movie nights when all of us- younger brother included- would gather around and watch a Sunday evening flick.

There was a specific set of VCR tapes that she warned us not to watch.

She had them marked with a purple marker which indicted the “off-limits” tapes that we were forbidden from our viewing.

As any kid faced with such a situation, what did we do?

We touched them anyway!

We wanted to see what was on these forbidden tapes.

At that time, my brother and I had no clue that porn even existed.

That was the last thing [porno tapes] we would’ve cooked up in our wildest imagination!

We just thought that these movies may have contained tons of profanity and gruesome actions…though we all watched action flicks which had curse words in them, so something wasn’t right if we were forbidden from watching those specific tapes which may have contained foul language.

In any case, my younger brother and I while snooping around our mother’s room, we decided to quit the ponderance and finally see what these forbidden tapes were all about, defying mom’s stern and sometimes indulgent and amicable warnings.

That was our first encounter with porn and it was mind-fucking numbing!

We didn’t know how to process what we were watching.

Surely we knew sex existed, but never actually witnessed it, nevertheless so graphically, up-close and personally raw in the rawest sense!

Within no time, at least when the shock of seeing fucking wore off, our poor addiction was born unbeknownst to our mother. 😦 🙂

As any parent, being light years ahead of his or her kid’s underdeveloped trickery, she somehow knew we were checking out those secret tapes.

Parents always know!

They’ve been there; done that [trying to pull tricks and stunts on their parents].

“Ok Kenny, what does your first encounter with porn have to do with cheating and mind-hacking”?

Just as the kid who seeks to defy and undermine his-her parent’s rules, women often operate as such within the confines of a relationship.

Men also defy rules and encroach upon red lines, but often so in regards to situation of legal ramifications and consequences.

This truth [defiance of the law] is universally represented by the fact that boys and men are way more likely to break the laws of the land than females are.

Hence, males definitely do consciously go contrary from the guidelines and warnings which are enjoined upon them by law.

Women are much more liable to comply in keeping the law of the land.

In relationship matters however, where infractions of the law are not consequential, females are much more ruthless and often wantonly disregard and defy the expectations and quasi-rules of relationships.

Just as the little boy who raids the hidden cookie jar against the wishes of a parent, a woman will often test and push the limits to see what she can and will get away with within the relationship.

She will toe the proverbial red lines and often flirt with crossing it.


Before I go there, lemme point out something interesting about humans and pathology.

Humans are weird creatures in the sense that we willfully [sub-consciously at times] do what we are told not to do; even when such advisory is in our best interest.

Case in point: we are told that the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs are harmful and they may kill us dead…LITERALLY! Yet we still drink and smoke in defiance of warning from the so-called “experts”.

We are also taught that unprotected sex is dangerous- yet we are still having babies- an act which requires fucking without protection.

Driving without a seat-belt or riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

The list of common “don’t dos” is extensive, yet a great portion of us shit in the face of such warnings.

At the core of it all, it is an innate desire to want to rebel and to experience a taste of forbidden fruit for ourselves.

That which is forbidden is deemed desirous and valuable, and its value appreciates the more it is kept from us.

Think: rare and scarce items, an antique, or while at a restaurant and there’s a food item which is said to have been selling off fast and is about to sell out.

Get the picture?

My brother and I didn’t quite care much for the VCR tapes that were permissible for us to watch.

They didn’t have that “forbidden” or scarce appeal, which meant that they weren’t of much value.

We wanted the fucking forbidden ones- because in our eyes- the reason mom forbade us was because those videos were somehow the shit!

This isn’t done exactly on a conscious level neither.

We don’t exactly say to ourselves: “I’m gonna drink myself into an early grave today”!

We don’t drink alcohol with a conscious reminder that it may kill us.

We drink, smoke, eat, enjoy and live free from consequences.

All that matters is that we want that drink, that drug, that dish that everyone says is bad for us!

Furthermore, how about this pertinent example for good measures: parents warning their daughters from the bad boys.

Every girl on the face of the planet has received her fair warning to stay away from the rebels and bad boys, because they are unscrupulous heart-breakers who will cheat and beat.

Just as they had been duly warned: every girl has had her fair share of forbidden bad boys and had been fucked over royally by every one of them…yet the cycle perpetuates itself.

When it comes to keeping you treasured girlfriend from sharing her goods, you have to treat the act of cheating as less valuable as it may be in your personal opinion.

The more value and importance you enjoin onto it [the act of cheating], the more likely the girl is to flirt with the idea and the act of cheating by encroaching upon that red line to actually crossing it.

By hounding your girlfriend about cheating and verbally warning her with consistency that doing so will have been devastating thus it’s forbidden: may likely turn out to be counterproductive.

This is why it is best to grant your girlfriend some form of liberty to talk to other guys if that is what she wishes. And don’t let her convince you that she doesn’t desire to talk to other guys, because no matter how much you try to forbid her from texting other guys; she will do it anyway, simply because you had forbidden it!

By making something “prohibited”, it builds its stock [think of alcohol during the prohibition years in America].

Verbally and or physically prohibiting your girlfriend from communicating with other men, will have inadvertently coerced her towards just that, as the act of communicating with other men, will have seemed more valuable now that it has been prohibited by the boyfriend.

On the contrary: not forbidding something lowers its stock, value and importance.

This is where the effective mind-hacking psychology comes into play.

Place less importance on cheating, and your girlfriend won’t entertain the idea of doing so.

Constantly accusing her of cheating, or merely advising her against it, has the potential to wield self-fulling prophecy into effect.

We’ve all heard that before: “watch what you wish for”!

It isn’t exactly that prophecy and faith are driving this more so that women want to engage in some forbidden act which has been inadvertently deified by the boyfriend’s actions of prohibiting it.

In all respects; your girlfriend should know that if she cheats, she will face the consequence of being dumped on her ass.

Also, every girl within a monogamous relationship knows that cheating is impermissible. So it’s not like you have to drill her on this which is a given.

Every now and then however, she does need such a reminder, but it’s preferable if this is done in non-combating fashion rather than during a fight where things are bound to be taken for granted and with a grain of salt.

All in all, you must avoid showing women your weaknesses or they will exploit them.

Hence, take and communicate the idea of her cheating as a laughable matter which will get her dumped in the end.

Don’t place that much importance upon it, or she’ll become like that fat kid who scales the counter in order to raid the forbidden cookie-jar hidden atop the refrigerator.

Leave the cookie-jar at hand and its contents will lose its value.

Sparing all the cookie-jar metaphor, my attitude towards my girlfriend is neither one of jealousy, snooping, stalking nor [over]protectiveness in the sense of trying to police her phone and to police whom she texts and talks.

She’s given the rope to possibly hang herself if she wants to.

Chances are: she won’t, since hanging herself [cheating] doesn’t grant her the satisfaction of knowing that she had partaken in a forbidden act of any substantial value that would possible hurt me.

Apart from the myriad of popular reasons why women cheat [thus says mainstream-dating outfits], and the core/true reasons which I laid out in the previous article, the match that will have lit the proverbial fire comes in the form of a petrified boyfriend who makes the thought of infidelity such a big deal to the point of eating away his soul.

Become more self-secured and trust your own frame/reality/position [never trust the girl’s]!

You don’t have to be this guy trailing behind his girlfriend trying to watch her every move, or else you won’t come off as a strong Alpha who has his shit handled, rather a weak Beta-Male who doesn’t trust what he says and expects!

At the end of the day, a girl very well knows who to cross and when to cross him.

If you subtly give her the impression that she can be replaced tomorrow by a hotter, fitter, younger or wealthier girl; then she will stay well within the confines of the relationship boundaries and your expectations, so long as the looming reality that she is dispensable, remains looming.

It is only when she becomes complacent and doesn’t trust your manliness that she actively seeks to cross you via cheating.

Hence, in spite of what I said in the previous article which might have given the impression that women are inclined to cheating, this is mainly so depended on their boyfriend’s disposition and frame.

If he indicates to her that cheating is akin to a crime- punishable by death- she will then flirt with that idea…as counter-intuitive as it seems [simply because of the forbidden aspect].

Make no mistakes about it guys: I am NOT here telling you to accept cheating, or that cheating should be deemed a minor infraction.

If your girlfriend cheats on you: you should dump her if that is what you want!

However, I’m merely advising you that the more verbal and forceful emphasis you place upon her NOT cheating, the more enticing the act of cheating will have become! Just as hiding the cookie-jar and candies make the kids crave and want them that much more!

On a primal and core level; we are all still little fucking kids on the inside!

Nothing has changed besides our body statures and other physical attributes. But psychologically, emotionally and mentally; we still for the most part behave as we did as pre-pubescent lads and lasses.

With women, this is more so the case of forbidden fruit when it comes to the opposite sex.

Case in point just to illustrate how differently we are on this: tell/warn a guy that so and so girl is bad for him, she’s a slut, she had fucked 100 guys and she may possibly have an infection of some sort, and watch every guy who had received this warning avoid her like a walking plague.

Not quite so with females!

Her parents, siblings and counselors can warn her from the bad boy in the neighborhood: he’s dangerous, he smokes and drinks, does nothing but rides around on his motorcycle all day, doesn’t have a job, has 3 girlfriends and 10 kids whom he doesn’t take care of, he’s rumored to have an infection and he’d also been arrested a few times for assaulting 1 of his girlfriends, and for instigating a bar fight that led to a few people being slashed and arrested! They can tell her this for an entire year- every single day- and she would still not take heed, but would become strangely attracted to such an infamous character and wind up fucking him and possibly getting pregnant for him…just to add insult to injury.

Thus, whereas the boy/man would do his utmost to avoid being remotely associated with screwing a slut [forbidden and despised woman], a girl/woman would be drawn to the rebellious bad boy whom everyone despises [he is forbidden fruit].

With that, it clearly demonstrates that women are way more likely to test the waters and flirt with danger than men are…in the sense of dating and mating.

Therefore, insecurely warning a girl not to talk to so and so [a specific guy for instance]- as the boyfriend- will likely have the adverse effect in making the girl curious and wanting to defy warnings…even to her detriment.

Case in point: how many stories have you heard of a so-called girl who had everything she ever wanted in a man and relationship, he pampers and spoils her to death, yet she ends up cheating anyway with a guy who doesn’t have shit and doesn’t do shit for her?

Ironically, whenever a girl cheats, it is often times with a guy who is worse off in every conceivable way than her boyfriend is [apart from the seduction aspect].

I know this very well firsthand, because I am the guy who boyfriends and parents warn their girlfriends and daughters not to mingle with because “he’s a player and heart-breaker”! 😉 😉 😉

Whenever I sleep with a new girl- be it she’s single or taken [96% of them are taken]- the oft-too-familiar conversations I’ve become quite used to while getting dress after sex is:

Girl: “If my boyfriend were to find out I had sex with you; he would kill me”!

Me: “What!? How does your boyfriend even know me or know of me”?

Girl: “He went through my Facebook the other day after we had a fight and seen who I had as friends and who mostly comment on my stuff. For some reason he thinks we messing with each other”.

Me: “Huh!? Why did he single me out”!?

Girl: “He said he googled your name [‘Socialkenny’] and seen your writings on your blog and how you treat women like dirty. He said if there’s any guy he would ever kill me over if I were to cheat, is someone like you who has no respect for women”.

The irony is very blaring, that the 1 guy [at least the type] who boyfriends are mostly threatened by, is the one their girlfriends almost always go for when they do decided to cheat.

This again underscores the main theme that once you make something or someone religiously forbidden, a woman’s curiosity will seek to venture there. And the only way to counter or avoid this in the first place is to trust your stance and position to the point whereas you wouldn’t have to come off as an insecure man-child by scolding your girlfriend about the guys she talks to online.

Give her leeway and relax your stern take on women who cheat.

You can harbor all the rancor and negative feelings you want about women who cheat and she being a possible cheater. Just that you shouldn’t jump down your girlfriend’s throat about such feelings or else she will lose respect for you as a confident and solid man, and she will subsequently cheat.

What's your view?

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