Field Report: 2 Pickups In 1 hour + How Soon You Should Contact The girl

Ok, before I pontificate on this aspect of pickup, I want to quickly address and edify something her to my newer audience who may not be au-fait to pick-up and seduction community lingo and jargon.

A “Field Report”, as the phrase implies, is a log or diary composed and kept by the pick-up artist of certain events such as interactions with women during his daily routines [and non-routines].

Every PUA [pick-up artist], particularly a student, is urged to write field reports on a regular basis in order to gauge his progress with women.

A veteran pick-up instructor such as myself, publishes field reports in order to guide the guys of lesser skills by giving real-world examples of pick-up artistry.

Let’s get into this field report.

As I existed my unkempt apartment this evening, I came across a girl who happened to pass my proverbial boner-test, so I picked her up by way of getting her phone number after a 30 minute chat.

As we departed, within a minute or so, I spotted another girl whom I deemed fuckable.

This one was a very short MILF in stature [BTW, I have a thing for real short girls].

Anyhow, the pickup began like this:

Me: “Hey, hold on! Been wanting to talk to you”!

Girl: “Me? But we never seen each other”.

Me: “I know. But I think I’ve seen you around. But that’s neither here nor there. You’re very sexy”.

Girl: “I don’t come out much but to go to the grocery store as I’m doing now”.

Me: “I don’t wanna hold you up any longer. By the way I’m Kenny”.

Girl: “I’m Renee”

Me: “I heard about a Renee who lives around here”!

Girl: “Really! Hope good things”!

Me: “Well it’s a mixture of good and bad. The good outweighs though”.

At this point, she told me she had to run into the grocery store real quick…and if I would wait for her. 🙂

Girl: “Real quick. I have to run into the store and get 1 item. You want to wait 2 minutes”?

Me: “You take more than 2 minutes and I’m gone”! 🙂

I said jokingly as she saunters off to the store just a few yards away.

Typically, this would be a no-no in the sense of waiting for a girl. But as you become skilled and garner the ability to read subtle signs, you will have been able to discern whether “waiting” is a good or bad thing.

In this case; it was a great sign aka IOI [Indicator Of Interest].

If a girl tells you to wait in such a circumstance, it is a great sign as long as she isn’t trying to evade/reject you.

She went and returned before 5 minutes had elapsed to meet me chatting with another girl.

The other girl says to us, “Oh! This is your girlfriend? I’m sorry”!

Me: “No No No! We’re not together”!

The girl and I [the MILF] then walked off as she was headed to a fast-food joint.

We walked and chatted [and flirted] for about 15-20 minutes outside of the food joint.

Me: “Anyway, let you go. But, I can’t do that without your number”.

Before I was able to finish the line, she had already began giving me her numbers.

We then parted ways.

Ok, so arguably 1 of the most asked-about question is the following:

“When should I contact her”?

We all know about the antiquated “3-day rule”.

I say “antiquated” because it has no real validity and significance since waiting 3 days can do more harm than good, and many guys, even in the pickup world, has moved away from that rule…though it was never really a creation of pick-up. So waiting 3 days isn’t at all the best play in making first contact through the phone.

What I do is to contact the girl right away after departure.

Years ago, this was unheard of in pickup until I first went public with it.

It was akin to treason to even fathom such a thing: contacting the girl right away! 😯

Why was this thought to be so bad?

It spelled desperation and neediness.


However, this depends on the sort of text you send, and not really how soon you send the text [or call].

Whenever I get a girl’s number, within minutes, I send her a text giving her my details: name and number.

That’s it!

Here’s a screenshot from the pickup of the MILF featured in this post.


That’s all I wanted to accomplish.

There is nothing needy, low value or desperate about such a text as a first text.

Therefore, it isn’t how soon after you text the girl. It is what you decide to text her that determines whether you’ll be perceived needy and desperate or non-needy and non-desperate.

I mean, because you may very well wait 3-7 days in trying to appear non-desperate, but still appear desperate and needy based on the texts you do send 3-7 days later. So it shouldn’t be a question of “How long”, “How soon”.

What's your view?

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