Tinder Text Game Examples From A PUA Buddy

An advanced pick-up buddy of mines, hit me up today on Facebook with some screenshots of his latest exploits on Tinder.

We guys in pickup generally share such text-logs amongst each other for shit and giggles. But I thought these were goldmines, so I got his okay to share this text-game madness for those who are at a lost to what Tinder game should be like.

Here are his text chats with 3 different girls on Tinder.
[His texts in blue. The girl’s in gray].





I’ve never used Tinder, but regardless, this sort of approach is the way to go with most girls on online-dating sites, simply because girls are there to hook up, and not look relationships nor anything serious.

By extension, this is an Apocalypse Opener format aka Shock & Awe, which I spoke about recently.

At the end of the day with such approaches, it isn’t that you just throw the straight-up “let’s fuck” vibe out there and keep it there.

You do still have to make that transition into normal chitchat. But you simply want the girl to know what you are about.

Too many guys are too meek and pussified when it comes to approaching women online.

Therefore, once you realize that women utilize online-dating sites to get laid, you won’t think twice again about utilizing such approach.

What makes picking up girls on Facebook a bit more tricky is because girls aren’t using Facebook in order to meet guys and get laid. That is what Tinder, OKC and any other dating and meet-up platform is there for.

5 thoughts on “Tinder Text Game Examples From A PUA Buddy

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  1. How do i get chicks on fb?
    i live in a blue college town, i sort of embarrassed myself earlier this year after a drinking bet of a whole keggar with the boys and lots of girts were there when i puked on one of the hottest bitches n there. so now i kind of have a defeated rep around campus after that party. what can i do to improve on that n start fresh with hot babes? i cant stand not having pussy anymore back in high-school chicks would fuck me because i tough and popular. its not like that for me anymore im 20 yrs old help


    1. i meant to type blue coller college town. very small where everybody knows everybody so having a rep can be costly help i want to change this and get poon again before i moved here for school


    2. Don’t worry about it. It is just that simple. You create your own reality as we would say in pickup. If you go around projecting an image of embarrassment, then others will treat you accordingly…like a tool.


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