Psychological Dis-Association In Women + How I Use This To Sleep With Hot Girls [a stealthy, sneaky, wicked tactic]

Women, Psychology and Sex!

Dis-association [Dissociation]; to disassociate [dissociate]: to distance or detach oneself from something…the natural antonym of the verb “to associate”.

What does this all have to do with women and getting laid?

Well, the thing is, in the context of dating and mating, women often dissociate/free themselves from previous comments, declarations, positions and moral-ethical standings.

She may be a 5’9 swan who says she doesn’t do men shorter than she is, but ends up banging a 5’2 guy…essentially disassociating herself from a previous position of personal preference.

This isn’t necessarily fibbing [though it can be interpreted as such]. I more accredit this common phenomenon to women’s innate-indecisive nature.

Anywho, last night, I hooked up with an HB9 whom I met about a month.

This was a girl whom I picked up during day-game cold-approach, added to Facebook, but never really had sufficient time to build anything solid besides occasional banter on her Facebook statuses and photos [which is significant enough].

I also had her # saved to my Whatsapp but never contacted her there until much later.

I’m actually a bit perturbed that I never bothered to take a screenshot of the mini conversation from a day or so ago! 😑 What I texted her for the first time was this:

Me: “Hey, I noticed from your pic you went to a party on a boat. I have a fantabulous idea! Next time, we should get real hammered and have a quickie in the bathroom of the boat”!

Again; this is part of my “shock and awe” opener which I wrote about the other day:

I expect girls to react negatively to such a comment…as they often do.

Girl: “KMFT! WTF! Who is this anyway”!?

I apologized [which is a masterful tactic], then reintroduced myself as Kenny from Facebook.

She blew me off by ignoring my follow-up messages.


This is what I expected anyway!

Remind you; she is an HB9 socialite!

In other words; she’s a hot babe who’s always in the limelight!

Most hot girls and socialites who have high value- as I wrote about recently- need to be shocked into attraction, which is why my forward text was warranted.

Also, there’s a great psychological tactic which I incorporated into my game about 2 years ago: that is strategic apologies.

It is walking back something you had said which might have offended the girl because of its forwardness and rude nature.

Hence, I would say something pretty forward and sexual to a girl, knowing it would ruffle her feathers, but I would then take it back with a “fake” apology [albeit it seems sincere].

What’s the rational?

It is planting a seed within the girl’s sub-conscience.

For instance, check out this super-short video clip from over a year ago, where I demonstrated just that, where I spotted a tall-lanky stranger walking by, and I said to her, “You look so fuckable”!

I then apologized and proceeded to pick her up. 😈

I merely wanted to plant the idea inside of her head, that “I want to fuck you”…and it works!

You now see how it is done?


Sorry for going off on a tangent here! 😦

With the HB9 whom I shagged last night; the same one to whom I texted about fucking her in the bathroom of the boat party, after blowing me off [figuratively] on Whatsapp messenger a few days ago, I knew my job was almost completed.

I merely wanted to plant that sexual seed and sexual imagery within her mind [me fucking her in the bathroom on the party boat]. From then, it’ll just be business as usual in trying to seize any little opportunity to hang out and make shit happen!

Now, here’s the kicker which is 3 prong.

On Tuesday, she posted the following e-flyer to Facebook [remind you this function is held every Wednesday] with the caption, “Who wanna come with me”?

“Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding”!

Seize the fucking opportunity to get closer to your end goal…which should be SEX!

Thus, I jumped at this invitation in a cunning manner by commenting on that status.

There was actually no address on the flier [there was but I didn’t take note] so I used that as an opportunity to “feel out” whether she would want me to tag along or not.

If she didn’t want to meet up with me, she wouldn’t give me the venue…but she did. πŸ˜‰

This is all cunning psychology by the way [stealthy, sneaky and evil]. πŸ‘Ώ

The fact that she gave me the venue location [Bliss], it is essentially a green light to meet up with her…for sex.

Therefore, I inboxed her Wednesday accordingly.
[My texts in blue. Her’s in gray].

We’re all set!

She’s obviously looking forward to meeting up with me. πŸ˜‰

Bear in mind that she knows my intention since a day or so prior to this timely event, I had sent her the following message on Whatsapp: Me: “Hey, I noticed from your pic you went to a party on a boat. I have a fantabulous idea! Next time, we should get real hammered and have a quickie in the bathroom of the boat”! Hence, there is no ambiguity there as to what I want!

This is where “Dissociation/Dis-association” comes into play on the girl’s part.

Her brain conveniently blanked out the text I sent her about fucking her on the boat!

She distanced herself from having received that comment from me, in essence, pretending as though she had forgotten that I said that.

This is perfect for me! I do NOT want her to consciously dwell on that comment [though she does].

A woman will pretend as though she has selective amnesia in order to not make herself seem slutty.

As we teach in seduction: “what is a girl’s #1 fear”?

To be perceived a whore.

Thus, in order to hook up with a guy [guilt-free] without seeming like a whore, she will dissociate herself [or her visual memory] from ever seeing that text of mines, so that to give herself permission to hook up with me, facilitated under the guise of self-dissociation.

Very subtle and cunning mental jujitsu on the part of women. πŸ˜‰

“Dis-association” is necessary to propel her into sleeping with a guy under such circumstances. For example, and not to be redundant here, but my initial text message to her was that I wanted to fuck her -quickie style- in a bathroom on a party boat. She gets offended [at least pretends to] and ignores me since.

I hit her up the next day- on Facebook- with her well knowing/remembering my forward comment.

Instead of further ignoring me as some sexually perverted creep, she virtually extends an invitation to come party with her.

That is where the mental jujitsu of dissociation comes in, where she separates me from the sexualized comment, pretends as though she forgot, in order to self-justify our rendezvous under the guise of partying.

Knowing how women operate on an intrinsic level, from year’s worth of experience in the field, it was as if I were playing a video game that I had beaten tons of times before [the predictability of women].

When it is all said and done: was this approach of mines really that necessary?

Meaning: did I have to use a “shock and awe” opener [an Apocalypse opener] which served to only piss the girl off?

In addition to that, isn’t this a risky approach which could’ve resulted in losing the set/girl altogether?

Here are the answers.

There is no 1 perfect approach to any girl; whether online or in person. Just as this approach had worked, another approach could’ve worked also.

Is this a risky approach?

Sure it is! Whenever you use the Apocalypse opener, it is inherently a risky deal.

However, therein lies the hidden beauty: women are attracted to men who take chances and risk it all.

The greater the risk, the greater the impact and impression upon the girl, thus the greater the reward.

Being safe and playing it safe is the antithesis of making a solid impact upon the girl.

Moreover, if you recall a recent article of mines on the psychological workings of the hottest girls, you would’ve learned that a meek, gentle and overly nice approach to the hottest girls, simply won’t create nearly enough spark to make anything happen.

Saying, “Hi, good morning”, on Facebook to a hot girl who’s accustomed to getting the attention of men with high status and social value, simply won’t cut it!

These girls are used to being in the company of guys flashing and dangling thousands in front of their faces, having orgies galore, sex at rooftop parties, Alpha-Males initiating them into girl-on-girl action, etc.

These chicks cannot be fucking babied! And they don’t want to be!

Therefore, trying to play it safe and nice through text, call or vis-a-vis communication with the hottest girls who are accustomed to being around dominant men, is a failed approach!

She will simply blow you off by ignoring your messages! So this is why you have to do/say something outside of the norm in order to firstly get her attention!

You may risk losing the girl, but chances are, you won’t, especially if you are congruent and strategic in seduction.

Ok, so what was the net effect of all this?

I was able to sleep with the HB9 after the party last night.

Sure, I didn’t get to fuck her in the “bathroom” of the venue as I would’ve wanted. But- hey- sex back at my hotel wasn’t that bad after all πŸ˜‰ …though it doesn’t pack the same punch as a bathroom pull.

Moreover guys, this pull all came down to logistics and the seizure of an opportunity which presented itself.

The fact that she was to attend a booze party, didn’t quite have anyone to accompany her [hence, “Anyone wants to come with me”?], were all the logistical loopholes needed to make a breakthrough.

At the root of it all: she wanted sex also!

Would a nice-meek guy fulfill this innate desire of every woman [random sex]?

Definitely not!

Hence why this girl was secretly excited that I had utilized social intelligence [and a hunch], in reaching out to her in order to fulfill her desire for no-strings attached sex!

A stereotypical “nice guy” would’ve been a buzz-kill had he contacted her about being the companion to this party, because the girl would’ve known that sex wasn’t to be in the cards for either party! 😦 😦

Here I came along to save the day, knowing she’s a sexual being, by offering sex as an incentive if we were to meet up at this party [an incentive that she secretly wants].

A man who harbors the ability to read signs, hints and subtle suggestions which are put out there by women, is every girl’s secret fucking fantasy!

It’s akin to knowing when a girl wants to be kissed then going for it!

She wants a man who knows what’s up!

She craves for a man who knows how to read her!

She yearns for a guy who is socially savvy, ept and tactical in his approach and ability to know what women want and how to go about it!

Due to societal repercussions and judgments passed upon women for being sexual beings [being deemed a “slut” is their greatest fear], women often times are forced to conceal their desires for uninhibited-casual encounters!

Therefore, whenever a guy like myself comes along- a social master- who pushes the right buttons [being sexual], women are taken-aback yet spurred on by my sexual intent.

The “taken-aback” reaction on the girl’s part, is due to her fears of being judged, persecuted, shamed and burned at the stakes had she blatantly entertain a stranger’s sexual approach.

She may very well want sex! But she can’t show it until her brain has decided that the guy who’s pushing her buttons, can be trusted in maintaining her [false] reputation as a “good girl”!

Assure her that you won’t judge her, and she will sleep with you!

This is where the power of alcohol comes in to have the same effect.

It kills her inhibitions and put her fears of judgment to bed.

You don’t need to get a girl liquored-up to achieve this [putting her fears to bed].

You simply come off as a savvy guy in “the know”, and she will trust that you are safe to sleep with.

At the end of the day guys, women merely want to know/see/sense that you are a part of the secret society.

Read Tyler’s epic article, arguably the most read article in the pick-up community’s history: Secret Society

What I want you to take away from this article are few pointers:

1.) Women will say 1 thing now but go contrary from it later [dissociation], hence you should rarely ever take women seriously

2.) Your approach to the hottest girls must be riskier than usual

3.) Make bold and forward statements then use strategic apologies in order to walk them back…though the seed/idea would’ve already been planted

4.) Be savvy and pay attention to subtle giveaways and clues. Women may just be screaming for your sexual attention!

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  1. “Hot girls” really? I have seen many of your videos and posts, and most of the girls you pickup are butt-ugly. Even I, pickup women that are way hotter than the ones you pickup


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