Get Phone Coaching With Kenny P…Through Facebook Messenger

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    Hey guys, since my Skype has been dicking around for a while, hence the reason I discontinued it, continued and discontinued it again, I’ve decided to temporarily utilize FB Messenger in the meantime, just to stem the flow of backed-up phone coaching sessions.

As a bonus for the inconvenience, I will change things up a bit…for the time being.

I usually offer 1-hour long sessions at the rate of $100 US.

However, I’ll throw in another hour for that day, or we can simply reschedule the free hour for another day [through Messenger that is].

Sounds good?


How does it work?

You simply make the purchase as usual [as if it were the typical Skype coaching program] through the purchase link at the bottom of the page.

Upon completion of purchase, I will e-mail you through the information provided, then we’ll schedule the most convenient time for you [if not upon purchase], and that is that!

You already are well-familiar with my schtick as a master pick-up artist, master dater and date-and-relationship advice specialist, so I don’t think I’ll have to go into a lengthy post about the services and help I offer.

Difficulties attracting women and getting laid through Facebook?

That is my niche and forte…for the time being!

See you on Messenger!

[1 hour $100 + bonus hour: click below!]

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