Every Girl Cannot Get Processed – Unintended Consequences Of Having Options

“You will have to disappoint some girls”.

Not long ago, I wrote a post about “Having options with women and how I meet so many girls online, that I routinely have to disappoint a bunch because it isn’t humanly possible to sleep with so many girls within so few days.

Over the weekend, I took my routine trip [biweekly] to the neighboring island of Antigua, which is about an hour’s ride on the ferry and 15 minute plane ride from where I reside.

I don’t particularly play where I live, hence why 90% of my sex-capades take place just across the water, while I work and be a “good boy” in the island in which I reside.

Anywho, so I hopped the ferry on Friday; off to another grand adventure where I was to meet up and hook up with 2 girls in 2 day [1 on Friday, the other Saturday].

On the ferry

Apart from the 2 rendezvous I had lined up for the weekend, I had promised another girl [one on standby] that I would see her Friday or Saturday.

Had you seen my post about “Having girls on standby, you would get a better sense of the logics behind setting up multiple so-called dates in case 1 gets flaky and falls through, you can sub her out for another on standby 😈 .

Since everything went according to plan, and the girl whom I’d set something up with had followed through the Saturday evening, I wasn’t able to process the girl on standby. 😦 😦 So in effect, she had to have gotten disappointed.

Girl on standby

As I mentioned a while back, I don’t necessarily do this as means of formality [telling girls we would have to reschedule].

Most times, I simply don’t even contact them at all.

Half of the time, they don’t even bother to contact me as to why I hadn’t contacted them [most girls have severe ADD, so they don’t even remember].

This girl however, did contact me the Saturday afternoon, but I just brushed her off since I knew I couldn’t particularly tell her that she was just an option in case I got stood up by someone else.

Here’s the text-log [her texts in white. Mines in green].

I virtually ignored her after promising that I’ll be back on island the following weekend.

She then contacts me today [Monday] concerning Saturday and Sunday and how I was so busy. I brushed her off with a vague promise about seeing her after work…which in fact, I had already skipped island yesterday [Sunday morning] without her knowledge.

At the end of the day: not every girl will have been able to get processed when dealing with an ardent hook-up artist.

You can either be the guy who gets disappointed or the guy who disappoints.

What's your view?

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