“Day Game” By Todd Valentine

Summer has wrapped up, but while it’s still somewhat warmish in your neck of the woods, Day-Game [picking up women during the day time] should still be in the cards for you.

I’m really excited about Todd Valentine’s brand-new product “DayGame”, so I had to give my man a plug as 1 of my favorite pick-up instructors in the game.

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  1. Hi Kenny,

    I even think Todd is kind of a genius. I really think. 😉 But don’t forget that people, it doesn’t matter if consciously or unconsciously, are aware of any traces of promotion/ marketing in a message.

    Just watched your vid about the 10 don’t do s in facebook-game. Crazy, like using a checking list, I realized, oh this is what went wrong with this specific girl, this was the reason for failing with that other girl, and so on. lol

    And in this post here a MPUA recommends (kind of recommendation) a product about daygame, which is undoubtedly the field of your expertise, without saying specifically WHY you think it would be a good product. I saw some of Todd’s footage and must admit it’s pretty hard (for me) to understand a single word of what he is saying.

    Then I have to mention, Todd’s demonstration of how collecting telephone numbers from girls within seconds has raised some doubts in me how valid these numbers were. No question, Todd is able to get solid numbers, but why this misleading way of demonstrating one own’s skills. I think, there should be more constructive (!) critique in the community. 🙂


    1. I know what you mean when you come across material that reveals how and why you might have lost a set as when you checked out my vid on Facebook blunders.
      As for Todd, I personally like his style. Always have actually…though I more prefer Julien’s aggression.
      As for #’s, I think it is basically video editing that makes it look so quick. Todd’s vids, at least for this product, are basically promotional. So there’s no need to actually show a full 15 minute set to # close. In his full videos where he’s addressing a room of guys, he always advocates for longer sets.


      1. Hi Kenny,

        it’s funny, ’cause Julien’s style is also my favorite. For me as an intermediate it’s the most convenient stuff. I decided not to purchase Todd’s daygame product, mainly due to the fact that I really have a hard time even to understand a single sentence of his whispering when he is in “beast mode”. Julien I do even understand when he is in club near the dance floor. Anyways, I’m still a notorious…ah, I mean a regular RSD customer. lol Looking forward to join Max’ Hotseat this weekend.

        If you not already did so, I would recommend to check out Valentino Kohen’s vid’s (former assistent of RSD Alex), I would say he really is a prodigy in game. On the other hand I’m not quite sure if he has yet reached his full potential as a coach. But he should definitely not be ignored by the PUA establishment. 😉

        All the best



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