Shock Openers To Break The Ice On Facebook- How To Get The Attention Of Smoking-Hot Girls

Hey fellaz, I’ve been pretty busy toiling over an article about how to make women wett and horny just by sitting/standing next to them.

If time permits, it should be completed by the weekend.

In the meantime, some more Facebook game for you lames! 😉

You know I preach a lot about “shock” game and doing/saying the unconventional. Not merely because being a shocker usually holds girl’s attention, but it separates you from the rest…who are usually a lame bunch.

Now, not to sound redundant since I’ve already dealt with this topic ad nauseum, but what is the standardized opener/ice-breaker which is used by 98% of guys on the globe when contacting a fine piece of ass for the first time on Facebook in particular?






“How are you”?

“Hi” likely ranks at the top of the list of the lamest ice-breakers known to man…at least online.

Why is “hi” such a terrible way to open girls on Facebook? Besides being boring and ultra-generic, it doesn’t blip on a girl’s proverbial radar since it’s all-too common and doesn’t arouse a girl to action.

It’s about getting the girl’s attention by any mean, albeit without appearing needy and attached.

What gets a girl’s attention since “hi” doesn’t cut it but turns women off?

Check out the screenshots from Wednesday of a texting session I had with a random stranger [sexy by the way] whom I’d just added that same day.

Remind you; she’s a smoking hot girl! Hence, she’s accustomed to being hit up by hundreds of guys saying, “Hi beautiful”, inbox messages to which she doesn’t reply at all.

Therefore, how did I manage to get her attention [with a “shock” opener]?
[My texts in green. Hers in gray]

“I wanna get you pregnant”

See how that went?

I used a “shock” opener in order to get her attention, then transitioned into normal dialogue [normal as far as pickup goes].

Why such an opener, and why did it work?

Again; the hottest women are constantly hit up by men saying the same kiss-ass shit. Hence, they become desensitized to the lame “Hi…good morning” line. So most of them don’t even bother to reply to such lamery.

Thus, you have to say something that grabs her attention!

Nine in ten times, that “something” will have to be negative, testy and or forward…like “I wanna get you pregnant”.

Not only is such an ice-breaker highly unusual and forward, but it gets the attention of hot girls…which is what you want!

When you will have done that [grabbed her attention and gotten a reply], you simply stack forward into normal convo.

The forward opener is solely to get the girl’s attention as all openers are designed to do.

Your objective is basically to get a reply by saying something so outlandish or ridiculous that she has to respond.

As you will have gotten the initial reply from the girl- usually in shock or displeasure- you basically phase shift as we would say in the pick-up world, by changing gears shortly after.

Remember: a hot girl rarely ever respond to things of low stimuli!

You have to peak high on her radar by doing/saying something unusual! And by no means do I mean you should surprise a random chick on FB with an “unusual” gift via a $50,000 car or diamonds from Tiffany’s!

This shock approach of mines by the way, isn’t necessary with every girl. But, it can be utilized with any girl- no matter how hot or not.

However, it is designed to arouse the attention of either:

1.) Popular girls

2.) Bitchy girls

3.) Smoking-hot girls…who are usually bitchy online because they are fed-up of low-value men hitting them up with cheesy-generic approaches

In any case, once you realize that a girl is somewhat of a popular figure in her Facebook sphere, standard openers may not cut it. You will have to shock her out of her little world of importance!

In other words, if she has high-social value and status, and she’s a popular girl among her social circle, your approach must be edgier than usual.

This girl for instance whom I cited in the above screenshots, from skimming her Facebook before I added her to my “secret” account 😈 , I realized that she was the leader of her social pack…for lack of a better term: she is the Alpha-Female of her circle.

My pick-up subject- a socialite and leader of her group- on the far left in white

The Alpha-Female does NOT entertain low-value guys who register low on her radar by being kiss-asses and generic chodes: whether online or in person.

If she isn’t a socialite, isn’t smoking hot, nor the leader of her pack, then you may not have to utilize a shock opener in order to get her attention.

BTW, if you’re not sure whether the girl is a popular one who gets tons of male and female attention; simply skim her Facebook to see how many likes and comments she accrues per post and picture on average.

This chick gets about 200+ likes per pic and over 80 comments on average- 95% of those comments from desperate-ass-kissing men by the way.

Also check to see how many friends is in her friend list. It should max out at about 4,000 or so.

That should tell you that she’s a popular damsel and you ought to use the “shock opener”.

Anyway, I’ll keep you guys updated as to the potential pickup of the girl featured here.


Enjoy the weekend!

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