Brief Note On Texting

I see too many guys get discouraged and get their egos deflated and bruised whenever girls play hard to get and deny them sex. Not only that but lots of guys are in the habit of getting into frame battles trying to convince girls why they should have sex with them.

When a girl says some shit like, “You will never fuck me”. The worst 2 reactions is to 1.) Give up/leave. 2.) Argue with her why she should fuck you.

Best reaction to a girl saying “you would never fuck me”?

1.)Play it cool!

2.) Then play with it by bantering and using some classic C&F [Cocky-Funny] comebacks. But never beg her why he should give you a chance.

Secondly, never get butt-hurt and leave because chances are, she’s playing hard-to-get and or testing you to see whether you’re a little-Beta bitch or calm, cool and confident witty SOB.

BTW, just a little FB chat with a girl whom I occasionally dance with at the club but never bothered taking it to the next level.

What's your view?

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