Satruday Night Field Report- Girl In Lounge

Hey guys, quick field report from last night.

While at my favorite-lounge spot sipping a few beers, a total stranger wearing a skin-tight dress came in alone, ordered a drink and a quick snack and sat on the sofa thingy a few yards from me.

I motioned with my hands to her, telling her to come sit closer to me.

She reciprocated by saying she was hot so that’s why she’s sitting in the coolest area of the lounge.

Anyway, I took that as a cue for me to approach her…so I did.

Me: “Listen, I know you’re super shy and that’s why you didn’t want to sit next to me and pig out on your snack”.

Girl: πŸ˜† “Shy! It isn’t that. I’m just really hot”.

After about 20 more seconds of chat, she mentioned to me that her boyfriend was coming right now so she’s going to sit alone since he’s a very jealous dude.

Fine! I can understand that.

Sensing that she was into me, I grabbed her phone number in a heartbeat just about 5 seconds literally before her BF came in. 😈

She quickly moved to another spot while I moved back to where I was sitting originally.

I frankly had no intention to contact her that night, but at times, I like to build some sexual tension and I enjoy flirting with girls under the nose of their boyfriends.

Hence, I texted her through Whatsapp Messenger and we texted back and forth while her BF sat right there oblivious to what was going on.

Here’s the explicit chat-log [my texts in green. Hers in white]





Just some innocent-sexual flirting. πŸ˜‰

These sort of impromptu incidents further re-confirm what I’ve been preaching for years, that having a boyfriend [or husband] means squat to most women!

With this girl, I had intentions of a bathroom pull.

In pickup parlance, a “bathroom pull” is fucking a girl in a restroom of a venue.

Bathroom pulls are considered when logistics are terribly shitty…like when the boyfriend is standing/sitting right there and the girl cannot realistically leave the venue without suspicion.

However, she can say she’s going to the restroom without arousing much suspicion.

Anyway, it was also too stringent to pull off a bathroom lay since the venue is somewhat small without much crevices to shadow movements.

I then suggested [through text] that we slip off somewhere for a quickie. But as I mentioned previously; that isn’t too likely. 😦 😦


Had the boyfriend not been there, I believe this would’ve been a foregone conclusion.

Nevertheless, I hope to have illustrated to you guys that women should rarely ever be trusted.

They will fuck, flirt and give out their numbers right under their significant other’s nose without a second thought, then justify it with some bogus-rationalization talking points like, “I’m allowed to talk to other people”.

Sure! But does your boyfriend know that these “other people” are trying to fuck your brains out!?

Anyway guys, very interesting Saturday night it was.

These sort of random situations, women find very exhilarating and refreshing!

Chicks are bored out of their minds most of the time, so if you can present yourself as that rare and random spark of interest, women will latch onto you like a life-raft in a capsized vessel lost at sea.

What's your view?

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