No Urge To Pull Anymore



Truth is: online game has made me extremely lazy when it comes to pulling bishes out the bars and clubs.

Since I’ve ramped up my Facebook game activity to insane levels over the past 2 months, I don’t think I even bother with trying to take girls home whenever I’m out @ some nightlife venue.

Guys may see this as a good thing [expending less physical and logistical work]. But I see it as regression.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m always chatting up girls whenever I’m out. But the drive to pull [“pull” meaning to take someone home], is almost nonexistent.

In pickup, it is likely to happen where you excel in 1 area but slack off in another.

Sure pulling ass online is easy! But it gets so easy at times that the lack of challenge eventually fucks with one’s drive and passion and you become lazy in the chasing and mating game.

Could you believe as an intermediary PUA years ago, I was pulling Same Night Lays and One Night Stands out of the club on a weekly basis! ❓

As I got super good in picking up girls online [with the advent of POF and the Facebook boom], my focus shifted from trying to take girls home from the club to setting up dates through some online-dating site or Facebook.

Now- remind you- this is just a repositioning of focus.

It isn’t rust in the field or slippage.

I just don’t focus anymore on the logistics of getting a girl from club/bar to fuck-location as I did before online game got so popular.

However, everything is hard-wired within my being as far as knowing how to take girls home from the bar, etc. So it’s not like I would have to retrain myself in that area again. It’s all about focus and prioritizing.

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  1. Hey Kenny. You know, there’s alot of player haters who will be weak and beta about this, but I’m going to be real!
    Most men, desperately want sex as that piece of pleasure because let’s face it – most modern men are miserable, and not getting any!
    You as a man I respect because from what I know you overcame so much; so as I and, we; as men realize women are too just people to be enjoyed spending time with if we already loving our lives. So many people come – and go even dating and sex. Yes, it’s still really so much fun to flirt and attract women building sexual tension getting to know them without even having to get something out of it! And you know what?! IT WORKS!
    Women love people who can have fun in the truest sense, it’s amazing because I will never lose my desire for sex but I know that realistically shit happens after hooking up with bad girls with good pussy. I’m only 23 years old and thanks to this site, I don’t need poon to have fun with women and women are more likely to give it up out of truly feeling me because I’m being honest in really enjoying what I do.
    Still using the basics that this site have inspired me to work with. I’m realizing that most of it essentially comes down to being a master of your own vision – how to use what’s in front of you? Once again, thanks for the site and a master PUA like you? What’s a piece of ass a couple nights when all the women are RIGHT there to enjoy time with anyways!
    Be cool, – Dietrich


    1. @Dietrich Great comment bro. I couldn’t have said it better as far as the frame and mindset guys should adopt when it comes to pickup. Have fun and enjoy yourself first and foremost. I’m surprised at that young age you already have the concept understood.


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