Mid-Game Text-Game: How Texting Should Look Like After Picking The Girl Up And Before Meeting Her

Ok, what is “Mid-Game”?

In pick-up lingo, “Mid-Game” is the proverbial “middle” of the seduction.

The actual pickup being the beginning, mid-game being the middle, end-game being the end…quite naturally, which may end in sex or failure to have sex.

Mid-Game is where most guys stumble and fail, at least the guys who manage to get the girl’s number.

Why do 96% of guys who would’ve secured a girl’s contact info, fail during Mid-Game?

Well- that is where you have to actually have some depth about yourself, and have things to talk about in order to further attract the girl.

Since most guys are boring, the girl gets bored and quickly moves on as the high from the initial pickup fizzles out.

Furthermore, and this is why mid-game is unavoidable, you cannot just pick a girl up [get her #], not communicate with her at all [no mid-game], then text her out of the blue to make date plans.

That’s like going from A-Z in 1 swoop.

Seduction doesn’t work that way.

You have to hit middle grounds before making the leap to end game [date and sex].

Therefore, you can’t expect to get a girl’s # on Monday, don’t say shit to her for the entire week, then on Friday suggest going out on Saturday…without doing any work [talk or text] between Tuesday and Friday [essentially mid-game territory].

Hence, having mid-game skills is a prerequisite just as needing a key to start the ignition of a car…unless you hot-wire it of course. 😉

Anyway, in a recent post, I touched on my texting vibe and how often one should text a girl [text duration and so forth].

Since you now know that mid-game will have constituted the bulk of your interaction after the pickup and before the possible meet-up, I will again give you the gist of my style [texting], which is consistent with most Master PUA’s.

After I will have secured a girl’s digits, let’s say on a Monday, presuming that I’m aiming to see her on Saturday, I would have about 3-4 super-brief texting sessions within those 7 days prior to meeting up [“Brief” being the operative word].

For example [as I pointed out in a recent article], I would text her on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday [days in no specific order].

These small rounds of texting [3-4 sessions] would constitute “Mid-Game”.

Mid-game is where you either make it or break it.

Also, as I advised you in a recent post, you don’t have to spend 5 fucking hours per session texting a girl during mid-game!

Time duration isn’t what is important to hooking the girl [meaning the longer you text her, doesn’t better your chances], but your vibing and everything else.

Ok, so what is the fundamental purpose of “Mid-Game”?

It is to further “build” attraction, build comfort/rapport somewhat, and to solidify plans for the rendezvous, date, etc. Hence, mid-game is everything!

However, you don’t need 20 hours to establish this [further attraction, rapport and solidification of plans]!

You don’t need 20 minutes neither!

Your rounds of texting [every other day] should be no longer than 10 minutes…assuming that the girl is consistently showing reciprocation in a timely fashion within seconds of your texts.

Ok, so what sort of text messages should mid-game consist of?

What should your mid-game texts look like?

Before I continue, I must firstly say that there isn’t only 1 effective style of texting.

There exist about 4-5 effective forms of text game.

Mines vary depended on mood, vibe and other existential factors. Thus, I am not preaching for you to use the following format religiously…though it is the best format in yielding the most results…which is to ultimately meet up and have sex.

Now, here is a chat-log from earlier today between a girl and me whom I had picked up some days ago on Facebook, but didn’t meet up as yet since I have other girls slated for next weekend.


Pay attention to my vibe!

I am basically screwing around with the girl as far as being playful, crazy, wacky and humorous.

Too many guys are in the habit of taking themselves and the girl too seriously.

Here is the chat-log from earlier today.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]






As I mentioned in the article before this one: Always say bye before she does!

The one who ends the conversation first, leaves having the most value, leverage and power.

This is all psychological and powerfully so- yet subtle!

End the chat before she does!

Anyway, so there was the mid-game texting.

How was my vibe?

Super playful, wacky and crazy!

Did I take things seriously?

Sure didn’t.

“Seriousness” kills attraction! It is the #1 attraction killer especially during mid-game.

You need to learn how to poke fun at the girl in a way that attracts her deeper.

Therefore, I want you to take another look at the chat-log and make note of how I kicked off the interaction by telling her I have a crazy idea…let’s run away and get married Vegas style.

This is a far cry from the guy who kicks off the text session with, “Good morning”.

Lame!!!!!!! And you wonder why you cannot hook women instantly or at all!

Think outside the goddamn box when texting a new girl [any girl for that matter]!

If your vibe is playful, adventurous and fun, the girl will adopt that same frame, since women look towards a man’s leadership.

However, if your vibe comes off as bland, lame and monotonous, the girl will also adopt that vibe and her interest will die super fast as you’re essentially raining on her parade by bringing down her state.

Okay? So Mid-Game texting and phone game should consist of constant variables, twists and turns, and erratic formats!

Most guys are too predictable. Predictability kills attraction and also kills your chances.

For the 3rd time: take a look at the chat-log and learn how to create the same vibe by using my style as a guideline if not a rule.

At the end of the day, having decent or shitty mid-game material will make or break you.

A girl decides whether she wants to see you or is repulsed by you, based on your mid-game material or lack thereof.

For lack of a better term, your mid-game texting is to impress the girl and to give her a reason to want to meet up with you.

By “impress”, what do I actually mean?

Am I saying for you to tell the girl that you drive an expensive car, have millions, very wealthy and that you eat caviar with the most important people in your town?

Of course not!

That isn’t impressive. It is try-hard and obnoxious.

Want to impress a girl: re-read the chat-log!

7 thoughts on “Mid-Game Text-Game: How Texting Should Look Like After Picking The Girl Up And Before Meeting Her

Add yours

  1. Hi Kenny,

    great stuff. Text game is tricky for the most guys, myself included. Especially due to logistics it’s a challenge. Many girls in the clubs of Berlin (Germany) are tourists, some others are golddiggers and many of the locals are moms. Nothing wrong with the latter but it makes straight game more complicated because of the logistics. I already wonder what will be the next generation of hurdles which girls would put in man’s way. lol Balancing a football on the nose would be nice. So we should expect the unexpected anyway, shouldn’t we? 😉


  2. Hey kenny I’ve been following your stuff for a while now, and it’s very good. I was wondering if you could give more samples of Mid game you said you had like 4 or 5 in your arsenal? Thanks


    1. Hey Mauricio. Thanks for being around. When I said I had 4-5 styles of mid-game in my arsenal, I was referring to pickup in general, that there are usually 4 to 5 different styles for mid-game. But I’ll post some examples soon nevertheless.


  3. I texted the girl asking if she was busy so I could call her she said she was a little. I told her to let me know when she’s free.. She said she wanted to see more of me because I had sent her a pic earlier, then she says okay… After 2 hours she sends me a message saying hmmm.. I was asleep plus I haven’t opened that message yet just saw it on notifications because I don’t know what to do next. Please advise. Thanks


    1. Never ask the girl if she’s busy. Just call her! If she answers, you can then ask if she has 2 seconds. But never ask permission as you did. That will make you appear low value in her eyes. And dude, why the frikkin panic? If you don’t know what to do or say next; no big deal! You just don’t do or say anything. The longer you go without saying anything, the better it is for you. So quit panicking.


  4. Why would you think you are attracting her this way? Calling her “babe”, your paragraph texts, ” im home in bed”, “i went out and didn’t get laid” it looks like you have no one in your life and already put her on a pedastal so much. Your not coming off as a guy who is high value.


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