Picking Up More Random Girls On Facebook With Boyfriend + Meeting Up @ Hotel As My Designated Rendezvous Spot [Girl 1]

More FB pulls of girl with boyfriend.


This chat-log of the Facebook pickup dates back to 2 Sundays ago, with the rendezvous taking place over the previous weekend.

I’m just gonna jump right into it here since you already know the script.

I attracted and drew this girl in by baiting her into commenting on my Facebook posts through a stealthy strategy I spoke of in my book [“Facebook Bang”]: “Tagging”

Alongside strategic tagging, my usual posts about women and pickup, aided in drawing her in…as it does with lots of chicks. 😉 Hence why I always advise you to quit posting lame shit which are male-centric [like sports], and start to post statuses which get women’s attention: relationship, dating, sex, the sexes, etc.

Oh- when I mentioned “tagging”, I didn’t mean wantonly tagging chicks in an annoying way, but strategic!

Anyhow, the hot babe got baited into making comments on a button-pushing status of mines about women and sex. Remind you, I wasn’t even banking on this happening [picking her up] since she wasn’t on my radar…at least not for that week.

During the debate, and after hinting at the idea of wanting to fuck her, I strategically went silent by not replying to her comments while replying to everyone else’s.

This is why (strategically) ignoring a girl’s messages/replies work wonders [once applied at the right moment].


Subsequent to that: she messaged me. 😈


She mentioned “cat gotten your tongue” because I went silent on her. Sensing she was definitely attracted to me; I got straight to the point in letting her know my intention of wanting to fuck her.


Girls like to play the “I’m gonna keep him in suspense” game in order to milk value, when they say things like, “time will tell”. Usually, you should agree with that. But at times, you have to rebut it in order to let the girl know that shit happens on ‘YOUR’ time, and NOT hers! Hence why I said to her “time will tell doesn’t satisfy me”, then I went into “Are you free on weekends [without adding a question mark which would make me look needy]”?



I always SMH at how chicks justify to themselves why they should be allowed to hang out with, date and fuck other guys behind their boyfriend’s back, by saying things like, “Ppl do have friends”, “I’m allowed to have friends”, etc. 😉

Remember- at least in my cases- whenever a girl says “friends”, it is code word for fuck-friends, and not friend-zoned friends.

Also: every girl has a boyfriend as I’ve been preaching ad nauseum for years! So, once you assume that she does have a BF, she will come clean without hesitation, but then rationalize why having a boyfriend shouldn’t stop her from fucking other guys.

Another tip here: when trying to find out if a girl has a boyfriend, you don’t want to ask like a low-value Omega-Male, “So do you have someone in your life…like a boyfriend”?

This will irk the girl!

Note how I do this by saying to the girl [via tongue in cheek], “So…any crazy boyfriend I have to worry about”.

Of course without a question mark. 😉


Again- this goes to show how brazen and reckless women can be, whereas I suggested we meet up at my guest house instead of a bar where she risks running into her BF, and she then says in other words that her BF isn’t the bar type.




As usual- and as I always advise you to do- end the fucking conversation before she does!

The one who ends it first, leaves with the leverage and the most value.

All in all; I got straight down to business: “Let’s meet up”!

As you will have noticed with 80% of the girls I pick up on Facebook, my mantra is always consistent: “We should grab drinks and a snack @ a bar or at my hotel. I’ll be in your part of town next weekend”.

I have zero time to waste, texting for 10 hours on a stretch with 1 girl, about nothingness, especially when it doesn’t help to facilitate and expedite the process of my penis entering her vagina.

I did manage to meet up with this hottie at a bar and grill joint and the rest was history back at my hostel.

Thus, over the weekend [Friday and Sunday], I met up with 2 random girls whom I pulled from Facebook [both having boyfriends], but only managed to sleep with 1 of them.

Again- having options is critical!

Having the choice of a rendezvous with 2 different girls on 2 separate nights within a 3 day span, will not only increase your chances of getting laid by sheer odds, but it creates a situation where you won’t get all butt-hurt or desperate when plans fall through with 1 girl.

As for my “hotel/hostel” schtick, it is my new baby.

Sure beats the hell out of dining at an expensive restaurant or wasting valuable time going to the movies with limited privacy.

There is absolutely no rule which says that you must do it the so-called traditional way: dinner date and a movie…which almost always ends with a bullshit hug and maybe a peck on the cheek for good measures.

You always want to shoot high then work your way down.

Suggest that the girl comes to your place to watch a movie or look through some old albums from when you were a kid…over coffee.

If she politely declines, aim [lower] for something less intimate: drink on the balcony, a hotel, bar/lounge, walk in the park, etc.

You get the picture.

Quit selling yourself short by believing that a stranger won’t meet up with you at your abode, hence you suggest a time-wasting dinner date.

I hardly get girls refusing to have a rendezvous at my hotel.

It’s all about the vibe you create from the inception.

Very soon, I will post the full video from back in May [I believe] where I picked up a fitness trainer girl on Facebook, met up with her at my hostel then sealed the deal without the traditional-date bs.

Here is the preview if you haven’t seen it yet a while back [rendezvous @ the guest house].

4 thoughts on “Picking Up More Random Girls On Facebook With Boyfriend + Meeting Up @ Hotel As My Designated Rendezvous Spot [Girl 1]

Add yours

  1. Hey Kenny great post. Now I’m new to this so a question, I do’t drink nor do I have a job atm (just got fired from a construction company recently) I’m only 27 years old back in my mom’s one room apartment, what can I do to get chicks?


    1. The number one factor for closing the deal is logistics. You have to have a plave to bring them back to that is comfortable.

      So, either get good at going back to their place, a hotel, or

      You going to have a get a better place by improving your finances.


    2. #1) You don’t need to drink. I didn’t drink at all up until about 3 years ago. I can simply drink anything non-alcoholic while in a venue and girls will often comment on the fact that you’re not drinking alcohol. So it makes for good conversational starter.

      #2.) You don’t need money at all to do pickup and to get laid. In fact, the pick-up guru and friend of mines, Paul Janka out of NYC, once said that he was getting laid the most when he was broke. When he started making money, his lays fell off since he relied more on dates and spending. So $$ isn’t an issue. Without $$, you’ll learn to rely on the most important aspects of attracting and leading women: your verbal skills.

      #3.) Living at home isn’t an issue. Most girls are poised to hooking up outdoors. Just that you aren’t thinking of that. You don’t need a place to hook up. Remember “adventurous”. Women want adventure. So seek to hook up somewhere in the woods, beach, pier, bathroom, etc.

      These tips may seem far-fetched to you but they are realistic because that is the way I did it as most PUA’s did when we didn’t have a place to rely on. I was living with my grandmother when I first got into pickup lol.


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