“Could It Be That The Girls You Pick Up Are Just Easy Sluts”?

I get this question quite frequent.

When it’s not a question, it is some guy on Facebook making a comment that the only reason my Facebook and online pickups are so easy is because I somehow target easy girls. 😆

I never get offended by this.

I find it laughable.

In effect, what some guys are trying to say is that I somehow possess the ability to spot DTF girls without knowing anything about them, but merely looking at their photos.

I wish I did possess such a cheat code!

No need for game then if that was the case!

Reality is, you cannot merely look at a girl from a distance and tell whether she’s a slut, prude, DTF or otherwise.

Sure there are signs, but nothing accurate or consistent, especially online where you’re unable to read a girl’s body language in still images and photos. So there’s no possible way to spot an easy girl online without actually conversing with her…and the average guy still couldn’t discern an easy slut from a girl who has lock and key on the vagina.

With that: am I targeting easy sluts?


I can’t possibly pull that off!

I only get to feel out whether a girl will be an easy fuck or not, once we’ve gotten into the flow of things through conversation.

Also, I would like to touch on a point that I spoke about years ago concerning so-called easy girls.

“Easy girl” is a myth!

Yes- I said it!

“Easy girl” is a myth!

A girl only appears to be easy in relation to how well you know how to seduce women!

Get that?

If you have no game, women will appear to be difficult to bed for you.

Hence, you’re left with the impression that women aren’t easy sluts but difficult and bitchy creatures to hook up with.

For me, someone who knows how to seduce women, women are easy in general!

However, it isn’t that they are truly easy. Just relative to my understanding of women, I have a fairly easy time circum-navigating their objections to get what I want. But labeling girls as easy or difficult is relative to the guy’s skill level, game and experiences.

Hence, “easy” or difficult is a myth depended on who you ask.

The girls whom I pull whom appear to be easy sluts, the average Joe won’t even stand a chance at getting a return message let alone think of sex down the rode.

In fact, 65% of my online pickups consist of bitchy girls and girls who are inclined to giving a hard time with major objections and bitch shields out the ass!

Whether a girl is deemed easy or not, you still have to possess fucking game and logistical know-how in order to bed her…that is if she’s a random girl whom you met online!

Furthermore, I’ve had cases- recently might I add- where a budding PUA had sent me the profile link of a girl whom he was having an extremely difficult time with as far as getting her # and for her to want to meet up.

The deal was, he wanted to know if it was just him, or whether the girl was just a tough cookie.

I told him that he [his approach] was likely the problem.

His game sucked quite naturally since he didn’t have much experience of successes with women!

He doubted and doubted, so I took him up on the challenge and messaged the girl through Facebook from the link he’d provided me.

This was an Asian girl living in Queens, New York.

Being that my Facebook profile says that I am located in NYC [my 2nd home], the girl was led to believe that I was living in NYC also at the time…which made logistics easier if we were to meet up.

Anyway, long story short, within an hour’s time- less than 25 minutes I would say, we exchanged #’s, made date plans for the weekend and even sexted a bit some days later.

The guy couldn’t believe that this was the same “difficult” girl with whom he couldn’t get onto 1st base!

Not only was he younger than me, more handsome than I am [according to Hollywood’s standard], but he was white. Asian-American chicks are rumored to prefer white guys [so they say] even over Asian men.

Thinking that this was a fluke, he sent me another profile, this time of a hot white chick, and the results were the same!

I messaged her, drew her in, got the # and we were to meet up on the weekend for drinks.

The moral of the story?

Easy or difficult is relative to the amount of knowledge you possess about the way in which women operate and what makes them tick.

Hence, difficult girls and easy girls are just myths, mirages and illusions!

Guys who suck at this, believe that the reason they cannot get [decent] results is because women are bitchy and stuck-up.

It is rarely ever about their inability to connect with women and to seduce them.

On another note, guys will often times try to use race in order to justify their suckery and other’s successes in the field.

Meaning, they somehow believe that women of other races are difficult.

Truth is; if you’re an Asian guy who sucks ass with Asian women, then chances are, you will suck ass with white women, black, brown and green ones!

Sucking with women goes straight across the board! Just as being good with women, applies straight across racial and ethnic lines!

A black guy who’s good with attracting, seducing and bedding black women, will be just as good with doing the same with white women or Asians!

There is ZERO fucking imperical datum which shows that women reject guys based on race, opposed from other factors such as the lack of social skills, bad-body language, quirks and kinks and so forth.

I’ve dispelled this myth time after time!

As a black guy, my natural preference is to bang black chicks.

However, every now and then, I have to step outside of my preference, just to prove to guys that game is applicable across racial lines. Thus, I would pick up and bang a white, Asian or East Indian girl just to prove a point that race isn’t the reason why you’re not getting laid, but other factors which you fail to address because you’re too fucking egotistical and lazy to work on yourself.


I don’t believe in them.

I am desensitized to them, therefore they don’t exist.

They are not factored into my reality of how things should be.

For instance, I used to believe that white girls on a whole aren’t attracted to black men, hence the reason during my early pick-up days back in New York City, I would never approach white girls since I was already predisposed to the idea/myth that white girls don’t dig black guys. I had to man up and rid myself of these limiting beliefs based on race.

Just as being good with women is universally transferable, sucking with women will likely be the case regardless of the women you approach.

A white dude who sucks with white girls will suck with black ones too.

Therefore, at the end of the day, it isn’t that the girls I pick up are intrinsically easy.

Surely they are easy for me! But if you’re less skilled than I am, or perhaps you’re a newbie or intermediary, my “easy” girls would be extremely hard for you. Just because they appear easy for me, doesn’t at all mean they would be easy for you.

Hence, is there such a thing as easy or difficult girls?

Food for thought.

What's your view?

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