How Buying Penis Pill Helps Your Game

Guess what I bought @ a lounge last night?

Some dick pills! Well- at least 1 dick pill I should say.

This thing cost me $25 bucks in Eastern Caribbean currency which is equivalent to roughly $10 US.

The bartender chick tried to secure the purchase with confidentiality as if they were something to be ashamed of.

I’m like, “Girl! Just gimme the goddamn dick pill and quit making this shit look like I’m purchasing some elicit drugs”!

I guess in a way it is the taboo nature of society, because I know lots of guys who are jittery about even purchasing condoms openly.

However, this isn’t an Alpha thing to do [cowering to social pressure].

A trait of being an Alpha-Male [a true man] is desensitization to what people say and think about you and the things you do.

No one is 100% desensitized to being looked upon negatively [unless you’re autistic]. But myself for instance, border on the 90% line of being desensitized to possible negative feedback about what I do and what I say.

When dealing with women, desensitization to the negative things they may surmise and blurt out, will help your game tremendously!

I’m going out on a limb to say that the greatest yet most subtle thing that hampers guys chances of getting laid, is worrying about what others think/say, and also getting derailed by things which women say during the interaction.

How many times have you been at a bar, club, function or party, wanted to approach a girl but you chicken out because you were concerned about what people will think about you cold-approaching strangers.

Moreover, you chickened out because of the social anxiety and fear of being rejected under the prying eyes of strangers.

In addition to that, guys blow their chances from the get-go by getting discouraged and thrown off their game whenever the girl says or does something off-script.

Basically- guys are working with feelings and emotions.

I see this happen all the time where guy tries to chat up girl [even online], girl blows him off and guy gets all defensive or simply self-eject/bail.

In order to have a successful run at banging lots of girls, you have to fucking let go of the ego!

You have to become desensitized to bullshit! And I mean that in a general sense!

This is a whole lifestyle altering proposition here.

Every little thing you do should reflect across the board.

A bit confused?

Allow me to explain.

When I first started out in pickup, just as every other guy, I was hyper-concerned about every little thing women say, and how I was going to be seen and perceived by others.

How did I break out of this socially stifling cage of worrying about how I’ll be perceived by others?

I did the uncomfortable!

I mass-subjected myself to anything that would normally cause trepidation and social anxiety for the average person…even if I had to come off a bit obnoxious.

I would enter a pharmacy or crowded grocery store and ask aloud: “Do y’all sell condoms”!? 😯

Everyone’s head would turn as I utterly defied social norms.

It isn’t normal for a guy to announce that he’s in search of condoms.

This is generally a taboo thing for men. We expect confidentiality and privacy when it pertains to the purchase of condoms, other contraception, dick pills and so forth.

Most guys get ultra-sensitive and cagey about these things.

However, the more one subjects himself to these uncomfortable situations, the more desensitized he becomes.

Hence, last night while lounging at the bar on a Tuesday night, noticing some packets of dick pills, I felt no hesitation in inquiring about it to the bartender chick.

As expected; she was shocked that a guy would be so open about wanting to purchase those enhancers.

Usually, as far as what she said to me, guys would nervously hover around the bar counter waiting until a male bartender gets nearby to then secretly ask about the pills.

They would then make a secretive transaction/purchase and the guy would covertly stuff the packet into his pockets and sneak off.

Therefore, I was the first male, according to the female bartender, who ever approached her about the penis pills, let alone to buy it openly.

Again- I’ve desensitized myself to social pressure, social anxiety and social fears through these sorts of insignificant challenges [as I subjected myself to years ago].

If you suffer from severe-social anxiety, your quasi-cure may just very well come down to challenging yourself by subjecting yourself to what would normally be deemed “uncomfortable”.

Lastly, I am not advising you to “lock off”- your brain that is- from social cues and what is happening around you.

Be aware of what is happening around you! But don’t let them negatively affect your state and purpose: which is to become that Alpha-Male with little inhibitions.

At the end of the day, desensitization to these things will help your game because you no longer get derailed by things of minutia and triviality.

What's your view?

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