Tidbit On Getting Hot Girls To Chase You Through Text

More mastery-level text game insights for you guys.

Some hot chicks are so entitled, they actually believe that they are giving
you an opportunity by talking to them. And when you talk less, they
throw little fits because you aren’t chasing hard.

On another note, if you do want a girl to chase you hard, you have to chase her less for conversation. BUT! She has to firstly be into you or else she won’t chase when you talk/text less. So it all goes back to fundamentals of building attraction…none of which has anything to do with looks but “VIBE.

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]

With this girl, the process is no exception.

She’s a hot chick with freckles [hence the nickname I gave her] but she’s also heavily entitled because of all the attention she gets from tons of guys.

With such a girl; less is more [as far as conversation].


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5 thoughts on “Tidbit On Getting Hot Girls To Chase You Through Text

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  1. These girls must not have grown up with a good daddy. A good daddy teaches you to never call / chat / text / message / facebook / or instagram a guy first. If they don’t seek my attention, they don’t get my attention. It weeds out the non-contenders pretty quickly.


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