Straight To Business

Last night, a chick whom I’d picked up and banged [once] not long ago, suggested we go to a stripper-bar joint to hang out.

Not so fast missy!

We’ll meet up at a certain location to do what adults do, then we can do the strip joint later on [though I hate strippers and the whole atmosphere of a strip joint].

Sometimes you have to ask and ask [in a boss’ tone] to ensure that these chicks are on the same page.

She wants to hang out?

Cool! But we’re fucking first!

“Hope we’re on the same page”.


I call this the boss’ tone: as in the boss speaking to the employee ensuring that they are on the same page.

In this case, “same page” translates to, “we’re hooking up”!

With abundance, you can always afford to be this direct with women…without actually spelling it out.

Long story short: we end up having a back-alley quickie. 😉

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