Friday Night Drunk Text – Quit Stifling Your Game With Limiting Beliefs!


A little drunk texting on Facebook from last night with a girl I’d picked up the other day [on Facebook].

Drunk or sober, this is pretty much my text-game format: fucking around, humorous, playful, emotionally playful, carefree, etc.

It’s all about a deep range of emotions.

I can get away with saying needy shit to a stranger like “I love you”, because chicks know that I’m just screwing around.

Needy shit only gets weird, creepy and a turnoff once chicks sense that you actually mean the needy shit you say.

#BePlayful #FuckAround #SayWhatYouWant

By the way, I wasn’t drunk. Just pretending. 😉

[Her texts in gray. Mines in black].

Anyway, I’d picked up her up on the 12th. and been gaming her since, but haven’t gotten to meet up with her yet since she’s still in the pipeline while I get other girls of priority out of the way. 😈

The point I hoped to get across with this post, not just that drunk texting is awesome, is that you take nothing too seriously with women!

Don’t take them seriously, and don’t take yourself seriously neither.

Fuck around!

Say stupid shit!

Be clownish and funny!

Be self-amused as those guys at RSD would say!

Once a chick sees that you’re having fun and shit-talking, she will adopt the same frame or become tolerant of it.

The less you care [about seeming perfect], the more the girl will have become attracted to you!

I can’t continue to stress this any longer: but Attraction has NOTHING to do with looks!

It is all about your vibe and energy!

Once you embody a carefree, playful, humorous, funny and light-hearted vibe, women will become attracted!

As you would’ve noticed from the Facebook chat-log, this girl sees my Facebook and sees the shit I post about banging women and being a PUA.

Is she or was she turned off by it?

Fucks no!

That was what attracted her in the first place: the fact that I am carefree, post what I wanna, say politically incorrect shit like “fuck fatties”, and so forth.

My rebellious vibe attracted her as it does with every girl I pick up on Facebook!

Looks have shit to do with my pickups!

I’m a graying, balding guy…and it shows in my photos!

However, that shit doesn’t repel women!

Quit taking yourself and women so seriously!

I would pick up a girl today and tell her some shit the next day about being madly in love with her!

Does this ever blow me out and chase women away?

Fucks no!

Again; women get that this is humor and banter!

Hence, they aren’t repelled by the outlandish shit I say, but they find it interesting, amusing and cute.

Why does this fail miserably whenever you do it [for instance: telling a girl you barely know that you love her]? Because women do NOT get the sense that you’re fucking around!

They believe that you actually mean that shit…which then creeps them out!

I can tell a super-attractive damsel that I want to rape her for 5 hours nonstop [fucking around of course], and she will never take it to heart but find it quite cute actually.

You try it? You may get the cops knocking on your door. 😦 😦

The difference is simple: I embody from the get-go, an attractive vibe which says to women that I’m playful and carefree yet sexual.

You do it, and it’s reeked with seriousness and it creeps women out.

On that note, remember to give women a range of emotions.

Be serious yet playful.

Get emotional yet playful.

Be sexual yet playful.

Push buttons!

The more you play it safe, the quicker your chances of actually sleeping with the girl vanish.

5 thoughts on “Friday Night Drunk Text – Quit Stifling Your Game With Limiting Beliefs!

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  1. You are so right about this! This dude I was dealing with sent me a text 4am and all it said was asshole! Ok sadly to admit this but I was like oh dam he thinking about me! Not wtf or why did he say that? I giggled…now if I wanted to give up some sex I would have replied back with something that would have led to us hooking with a booty call! But being that I wanted to irritate him instead I replied with who the hell is this? Lol as if I didn’t know…


    1. Nice reference in support of the point I was making. It’s like once you develop a certain vibe with a guy, he can get away with saying certain things and the woman will likely take it lightheartedly instead of freaking out. Point well taken Serenity

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry about tht Madi. I don’t know what the hell happened why the pics didn’t appear in the post until I double checked and edited the thing. So it’s there now. Thanks for the heads up. I owe you one. 🙂


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