Baby-Stepping Text Game On Facebook To Build Value

Some more Facebook text-game for you guys.

This time around a very brief interaction with a girl whom I’d added some weeks back.

This is a much slower pick-up attempt opposed from a same-day pickup.

Now, as you will notice from my opener, it wasn’t gamey at all.

I simply asked the girl if she’s residing in the same town as I am, or living somewhere else [GT] since I wasn’t sure from her profile.

Obviously, this sort of non-witty opener cannot really be used on a girl who isn’t in your friend list already, or else she’ll think you had probably messaged the wrong person.

After a girl would’ve accepted your friend request, you somewhat gain social value as you now become a member of her loose-knit social circle called Facebook friends.

Hence, because I friend-requested this girl some weeks back and got the request accepted, I wasn’t just some random stranger [though I am], so I am afforded the privilege to spit a non-witty opener at her, like: “Are you in ***** or GT”?

Here goes.

Basically, this was an introduction dialogue just to get on her radar if I wasn’t already.

The most significant yet subtle thing I said here [in the text-log] was the very last line, “I’ll hit you up again a bit later”.

Why is this so significant and what does it do?

Firstly, it sets the frame that I am not desperate and I wasn’t going to pounce upon her the first chance I got.

Sure there are instances where you must pounce super proactively as I do most of the time.

However, if the girl isn’t too keen on you- yet- you would want to draw things out some weeks by facebooking her ever so often until the vibe begins to sizzle.

You always want to exhibit some patience.

Another thing is, most hot girls aren’t used to guys putting them on hold for another time.

They usually do that to men and not the other way around.

Therefore, when you do this [tell her “we’ll catch up another time”], you not only throw her off her game by disrupting her routine of dismissing guys, but she begins to see you as a valuable guy who has options.

In 1 swoop, you will have managed to convey that you have Patience, Options and High Value.

This sort of patience isn’t a retarded patience by the way, where you’re inadvertently procrastinating on your chances and the girl.

This sort of patience is calculating and strategic.

Now, you definitely don’t need to utilize this approach on every girl on FB.

It depends on the vibe and how hot the girl is and how sought after she is also.

If she’s getting +60 to 100+ likes on her photos and tons of Beta-Males commenting, she’s clearly well sought after. So your approach will likely have to follow this model of baby-stepping things by shooting her an inbox in order to small talk for 1-2 minutes per occasion.

You also have to bear in mind that there are tons of Betas flooding her inbox begging for her phone number while not 1 of them is successful.

I mean- I can post dozens of screenshots from hot girls complaining about clueless guys begging for their # [during the 1st round of convo], essentially contradicting the 3 solid pointers I pointed out that attract hot girls on Facebook: Patience, Options and High Value [by being patient].

Here’s a great example of that.

You don’t want to be that guy, neither do I. Hence the reason I baby-step things toward a successful pickup.

In about another week, I will hit this girl up for another brief session then gradually escalate.

Whenever she seems keen on the idea of meeting up, I will then go for the # close.

Bear in mind that the longer you hold out [online] , the more value you build…especially if the girl is hot.

As I eluded to earlier, there’s nothing spectacular here.

Just a format for which you should follow when trying to hook up with hotter girls on Facebook.

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