How Often You Should Text Any 1 Girl

“Less Is More”!

Hey guys, another super-interesting insight that will tweak your text-game in a way that will yield better results with the hotties.

Quite often I get asked through My Facebook Page, “How frequently do you text back and forth with any given girl”?

Guys see that I post massive amounts of screenshots and text-game examples, and they assume that I live for texting and that I spend my entire day texting back and forth with a specific girl or 2.

Quite to the contrary.

Yet- I confess- I do text the entire day!

There is no doubt about that.

My palms are glued tight to my handset!

In fact, there’s never a minute of the day that my smartphone isn’t being used for texting and social media.

Furthermore, I sleep with my smartphone on my chest. 😉

With that out of the way, it still begs the question: how often do I text any 1 girl?

The truth is: for a minute or 2 per day…or every other day.

That’s right.

My texting sessions only last on average of about 1-3 minutes with any given girl.

Let me reiterate: between 1 and 3 minutes ONLY!

While I do text women 24 hours around the clock, I allocate about 1-3 minutes tops per girl!

Hence, this isn’t a case where I’m texting back and forth for hours on end with 1 special girl.

That is where I want to caution and advise you now!

If you’ve been following me for any time now, you should be well aware of the dreaded text-zone!

The “text-zone” is the equivalence of the friend-zone.

It is where the girl designates you as her texting buddy and nothing else. Just as with the friend-zone; you get no added perks and amenities such as sex, intimacy, makeouts, smooches, phone sex, sexting, etc.

How does one land himself in the text-zone? By over texting and spending a whole lot of time texting this one girl.

What constitutes a “whole lot of time”?

More than 30 minutes worth of texting per day!

Some guys generally enter the over-kill zone and allow themselves to be texting back and forth with a specific girl for hours!

If you’re texting with a girl from 8 AM to 12 PM without much of a letup: that is cause for worry!

Not only are you flirting with the text-zone, but you realistically risk killing your chances as you sub-communicate to the girl that you don’t have a life!

That is the real risk you run of turning a girl off in texting for more than half an hour per day.

Everything comes down to ‘Perception’ and how the girl perceives your actions.

Texting a girl for hours on end, will tell her few things:

*You don’t have much of a life

*You don’t have anyone else to text

*Your options are nonexistent

*You are needy

It is for this reason why I limit my texting sessions to 3 minutes the most.

Therefore, if I shoot a text off to Jessica and she reciprocates, that session would’ve lasted anywhere between 1-3 minutes the most.

This could either be texts exchanged in rapid succession, or throughout the day [3 minutes the most].

The only how my texting sessions exceed this is in the cases of sexting.

Yes- I do sext!

Barring that, I never come close to running the risk of turning a girl off my drowning her in hours worth of text messages.

I view my text game as sprints and not marathons.

Case in point: if I engage in texting with Alison today- for 3 minutes- she won’t hear from me again until the following day…or the day after that.

On that day, let’s say that I shoot her a text at 11 AM and we engage each other for a few minutes, I may just engage in another brief sprint of texting sometime during the late afternoon or evening.

Again: think “sprints” and not marathons!

Short rounds of texting during the day [if not just 1 round] opposed from lengthy sessions.

Doing so will have communicated the opposite message from being needy, bored and lacking a life. Instead of being seen as the low-valued guy who has nothing better to do with his time, you’ll be perceived as a high-value guy who has shit going on!

Dangling The Carrot In Front Of Her Eyes

Women are attracted to guys who give off an air of unattainability.

As humans: we want what we cannot easily get.

This is why playing hard to get, gets others to chase us.

It is the fact that the person playing hard to get is somewhat out of our reach [unattainable].

Moreover, the more difficult you are to being tied down, the more value people place upon you.

Easy money earned isn’t worth much! Hence, you’re liable to squander money which you’d obtained easily than what you had earned the hard way.

Again: if you have to work for something, you subconsciously place more value upon that thing…or person.

By texting less [in bouts and spurts], you give women the impression that you are worth working for, hence you are perceived more valuable than a guy who’s going to blow an entire day texting her for 1-5 hours.

In fairness to the common man here, I understand his urge and drive to want to fully commit [via text for instance] to this girl whom he’d just picked up.

It’s akin to a kid getting a new-toy truck or an adult getting a new smartphone.

We want to play with it for the entire day!

Likewise with a new girl, we men get into the head space of wanting to play with this hot girl [i.e. text and communicate] for the entire day!

We desire not to want to give her a break!

This is a very normal tendency for humans!

However, in the pickup and dating world, this human inclination has to be fucking tamed!

On that note: remember to keep your texts brief and concise as possible, and to limit the amount of times during the day that you engage in texting with 1 particular girl.

Truly speaking: you can only realistically achieve this with abundance.

I know by now you are dead-fucking tired of hearing me stress “Abundance with women”, “Have abundance of women”! But the fact still remains that in order for you to keep a level head when it comes to being a high valued guy with women, you will need to cultivate abundance.

If your virtual phone book only contains the number of 1 girl in whom to text, then all of your energy and time [communication] will be focused on, and geared towards this 1 person.

The same can be said for Facebook if you’re keen on meeting women there like I am.

Currently, there exist about 30 girls on Facebook with whom I can contact right away and get the conversational ball rolling.

That spells options and abundance!

Without options and abundance, you get totally fixated on the first girl who shows you the slightest sign of attention.

Thus, you become desperate and needy and begin to chase/text this girl like a madman without a cause!

Therefore, having an abundance or merely a variety of women in the loop, will tamper down or ward off those feelings of desperation for that one special lass.

Again: there are about 30 girls on Facebook who regularly hit me up for conversation and vice versa.

On Whatsapp Messenger; you have about 30 additional girls who hit me up and vice versa.

On IMO Messenger: about 10 girls.

Therefore, I am never at a shortage of women in whom to contact. So you’ll never catch me caught up in situations where I’m pining away after any 1 girl, begging her for time and conversation by texting her for an entire day.

Even if she wants to text for 18 straight hours. I am smart enough to know that it’ll be a terribly counterproductive idea!

On a final note, what I usually do is to text this particular girl for a few minutes, then ignore her texts then go on to text another girl for a stint, ignore her, go on to texting another girl for 1-3 minutes, etc, etc, etc.

No 1 girl gets a huge chunk of my time or day.

If you want girls to start chasing you through text, you must give them less by contacting them less and keeping your text sessions brief.

Remember: “Less Is More”!

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