Real Example Of How Being A Ladie’s Man Attracts Women [pre-selection theory]

Hey guys, in keeping with the previous post where I shared some insights on how to attract girls through Facebook, by posting outlandish stuff which indicate that I’m a sexual guy; in this post, I want to bring that point home with an almost real-time example from last night.

Before I do that, let me cite an accompanying post/status which I posted to my customized Facebook friend list.

“It’s ironic that the women who “fall for my pickup tactics”, are always advising me not to post the stuff I post about picking up women, ’cause it would somehow turn women off as they now know my intention [to hook up]. Those same girls who give me such advice, are always the ones “falling for my tactics”. 
Last night, I’d picked up such a girl on Facebook. The dialogue was pretty interesting as she tries to find out why and how I post about picking up women yet still manage to pick up women on FB.
What is really an irony was when she said, “I would probably fall for your bull [pickup tactics and charms] if I never saw all that shit” [my FB posts]…yet…essentially…she fell for the bull [though there’s nothing to fall for].
The lesson here is 2:
1.) Hot girls are attracted to player types
2.) The chicks who claim that pickup tactics would never work on them, are always the first to succumb to them.
She also claims that pickup tactics only work on women with low-self esteem…yet I managed to pick her up…but she wouldn’t say that she has low-self esteem issues”.


Ok, so that was a post I made to FB last night concerning this new girl [though she’s not quite new].

That was an almost perfect example of everything I spoke about in the previous post about letting girls know [indirectly] that you’re about hooking up [without actually saying it], and how women are subconsciously attracted to men who are sleeping with other women [this theory is called “pre-selection”].

Ok, so here’s the back story with this chick.

I had picked her up on Facebook back in later July and was to continue from there [through FB primarily].

Somehow [and this happens often since I’m picking up dozens of girls], I completely forgot that I was to meet up with her for “drink and snack” [coded phrase for “Sex”], so that never came off.

Last night [over a month later], I came across her profile and then it hit me- “Oh shit! I was supposed to meet up with her” [pictured below]!


Here’s the remainder of the dialogue from last night where I Facebooked her about forgetting to contact her to meet up.

[My messages in blue. Hers in gray]


BTW, she lives in a neighboring island to which I frequent for business and pleasure.


She knows I’m a pick-up artist since she seen it plastered all throughout my statuses from when we first met. Hence I poked fun at her for being a bad PUA by not exchanging #’s a while back.


When I said to her that men [I am a man] are terrible and we only desire sex, I was subconscious planting a seed inside of her head, indirectly telling her that I [as a man], am only interested in sex with her. This is a very powerful NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming] tactic called “Embedded Commands”. It is planting a seed without the other person realizing it.






That’s pretty much where it concluded last night.

Since this weekend is booked up, I never bothered to propose a meet-up. So in the meantime, though she’s already attracted to my vibe, I will go ahead and build more attraction through text-game/texting and getting to know each other a bit more through some voice notes and video chatting. Then whenever the time permits [meaning- my schedule is free], I will then re-pitch a meet-up with her…perhaps in another 3 weeks since the next 2 weeks [and weekend] are booked with other girls.

Remind you, I should’ve already met up and gone out with her back in late July but completely forgot. 😦 😦

All in all, hope you would’ve gotten a better sense of how attracting women [online] works, by playing to a woman’s sense of challenge and competition.

If a woman feels to herself that she doesn’t have to compete with other women for you: she will lose attraction and interest in you [that’s if there was any to begin with]!

This all goes back to human evolution and how the females were vying for the males [Alphas only] who were known to be shagging other females in the tribe.

The tribesmen who weren’t getting any poon [the Beta-Males], were ignored by the tribeswomen and eventually died out without any progeny.

Hence, it is deeply embedded within every girl’s being, genetic makeup, and her psyche, to desire the men who other women have.

Therefore, when I post my stuff to Facebook [or any online medium], women observing [but not commenting for the most part], instantly get their biological and competitive juices flowing as they see me as that dominant Alpha-Male on the planes who has women in his life already [which is the appeal].

Additionally, and in response to the naysayers, if women were so turned off by men who are knowingly sleeping around, then why are they so enthralled by a guy such as myself…who’s knowingly sleeping around?

There must be something to it…and I just explained what that was a few paragraphs above [the woman’s biological and evolutionary system].

In my next article, I will talk about a mind-blowing observation in relation to women being attracted to men who have other women in their lives already, and why this isn’t a deterrent.

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9 thoughts on “Real Example Of How Being A Ladie’s Man Attracts Women [pre-selection theory]

Add yours

    1. Sensitivity. Let’s put it that way. That is 1 aspect. You also have cases where some girls give me the okay to use their photos but just censor their face. Why is this even an issue either way? Who should or does the girl’s face matter? I don’t get what you’re getting at. I censor stuff based on various factor…even the potentiality of the girl seeing the post. You also have to remember that 95% of the girls I meet are in relationships. I’m not gonna no censor their identity (names and faces). What if their BF’s happen to stumble upon the article? So various factors I take into account.
      And the reason I even post these chats in the first place is because I was called out a while back by some game claiming my chats weren’t real. They were fabricated. So that’s why I decided, as many other PUA’s, to post real conversations but keep them censored…not that I have to censor them in the first place.


      1. How can you not get what I’m getting at? You censor her face in chats but show her face in her full profile photo. Why’s that? I mean if you had to censor, you should have censored her face in her full photo as well or not censor at all


        1. The reason for that, and I wrote about it before, is because of trolls on Facebook.
          Obviously, I picked this girl up on FB. A few months ago, and on a few occasions, some troll contacted a girl whom I wrote about and told her that I posted about her. I didn’t censor her face in the FB chat log, so all the troll did was to go through my friend list and looked for the girl’s photo that matches the ones in the chat. So he made that connection and was able to contact the girl and caused some shit. This happened twice for the year. To counter this, I censor the girl’s profile pic in the chat, but I use another photo from within her profile to post along with the article. Hence, trolls or anyone who wants to ruin my lay opportunity, cannot track the girl down through my FB by linking the photo in the chat-log to a Profile pic of someone in my FB friend list. Hope you understand. The point is, I censor the girl’s profile pic (in the chat), so no chode can decide to scroll my friend list to find the girl and cause some drama. It’s pretty much that simply why I censor the faces in the chat but use another photo of the girl that isn’t her profile pic.


        2. But before that, nothing was censored on this site as far as faces and names. I only began censoring stuff because most of these girls have BF’s and husbands. I really don’t give a shit about that. But since most pick-up instructors censor their chats and girl’s faces, I figure to follow the trend.


        3. Here is a post in question where some dude decided to contact the girl on FB through my friend list.

          As you will have noticed in the article, the girl’s profile photo in the chat isn’t censored…just her face. Since her entire wardrobe and the backdrop are seen, the troll just used that as his marker to find the girl [someone’s wife].

          He then contacted her and gave her the link to the post. Luckily the girl who told ahead of time by me that I will write a post of our pickup but I would censor her identity and all. So since that incident this year, I made sure to censor the entire profile pic in chats. Not only girl’s faces I censor but their entire wardrobe and all. If I happen to not censor some girl’s identity or profile pic in chat, it is simply a slippage.


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