Every Girl I Pick Up Knows The Deal From The Gate

Years ago, even before the pick-up community was fully established around 2001-02, there was this sense in the dating, courtship and mating worlds that a guy must hide his dick.

In non-ambiguous terms: guys were taught to, and also thought to themselves, that it was imperative to NOT GIVE OFF ANY SIGN OF BEING A PLAYER OR A GUY WHO WANTED CASUAL RELATIONSHIPS…i.e. sex.

This was the standard practice and mindset of most guys who were into meeting women.

Their primary aim was to try their best to hide the fact that they wanted sex or that they were already getting sex elsewhere.

Today, this sort of thinking still predominates the male mindset in the dating marketplace.

Guys are still hiding their dicks…proverbially, afraid that if they reveal their card [that they love sex], women will run for the hills.

Now, here’s the thing [at least with me]: you don’t necessarily want to rub it in a girl’s face that you’re Mr. Pimp Daddy, by verbalizing it.

Your vibe and existential factors [such as your social-media postings] should say this…that you’re a ladies’ man.

I mean- let’s put it this way: no one likes a braggy person- AT ALL!

It’s a fucking turn off!

You have these guys who brag and talk about how much money they make and spend, and how many cars they’d driven and owned since college, how many degrees they have, etc, etc, etc.

We all know some of these characters and they are a fucking turnoff to be around!

It isn’t that they have accomplishments which make them proud.

It is simply because they “VERBALIZE” their accomplishments without being asked, which makes them come off as though they are pompous jerks.

The best way to put your accomplishments out there when interacting with new people, is to NOT verbalize them at all [at least not when you’re not asked] but to make them visible!

A classic example of action speaks louder than words let’s say.

You want your actions/accomplishments/tangibles, intangibles and persona to be on display for others to check out.

Hence, instead of being that inept try-hard who blurts out, “I drive a luxury car which cost me $100,000 grand”! You want to not verbalize it at all, but somehow be connected and linked to the luxury car parked outside of the bar. Either you’re seen coming out of it, getting into it, or the question of “do you drive” pops up.

However, never take it upon your own volition to volunteer information that may make you seem pompous, or others will feel as though you’re aiming to please and that you somehow feel as though you’re above them.

Ok, so how does this relate to meeting new women and my format of getting laid?

Well, as I mentioned above, it is never wise to rub it in a girl’s face that you are a man-whore.

Sounds contradicting since I do this all the time…but that’s another story for another time.

Surely I tell girls whom I just met that I want to fuck them with no strings attached and that I’m a gigolo and they’ll have to pay me for my services. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† πŸ™‚

However, this is done within the context of humor, banter and attraction-building. So “timing” makes all the difference, and you’ll learn how to calibrate this as you get better with attracting women and learning how to flip their internal-attraction switches.

For now though, since you’re not as calibrated in that sense, you want to avoid telling new girls that you’re only interested in sex.

Your vibe, approach, aura and what the girl can see from you, should communicate this…that you’re looking to hook up primarily.

One way in which I communicate this is through my Facebook postings…at least with the hotties I pick up on Facebook.

My Facebook is my DHV [Demonstration of High Value] palace!

I don’t have to tell girls what I’m into!

They see it plastered all across my Facebook!

Hence, there is ZERO fucking ambiguity as to what I want, who I am, and what I expect from the women I meet [SEX].

My Facebook is constructed in such a way [through my posts and statuses] that it speaks for me.

Therefore, whenever I contact a random stranger for example, after I will have picked her up [exchange of numbers], during the pickup itself, the girl would undoubtedly be scanning my Facebook to get a sense of the type of guy I am.

If she doesn’t get to do that in real-time, she would do it afterwards.

She isn’t bound to see any chody/nice-guy, asexual bullshit on my wall.

There is nothing that would give her the impression that I was a take-it-slow kinda guy.

Hence, this is a way to “INDIRECTLY” communicate that I have a dick in my pants and am willing, ready and able to use it…without actually saying it to the girl because that would come off as pompous, try-hard and subsequently be a turn off…though I get away with it anyway! πŸ˜‰

Therefore, when I meet a new girl online, there is no question of, “I wonder what he wants from me”?

Moreover, whenever I throw my super casual “let’s meet up” pitch, I never have to tell the girl that the reason we are meeting up is to have sex.

My Facebook profile would’ve already taken care of that as an unofficial wingman of mines. πŸ˜‰

Thus, when a girl goes out with me, she’s not coming under the impression that she’s getting a free meal, free drink, have a platonic interaction then conclude the so-called date on a friendly hug-and-bye note.


She knows the deal way ahead of time!

This is how you indirectly manage girl’s expectations of you and your desires.

Ok, so what are some of the things I post to my personal Facebook that aid me to communicate to girls that I’m a ladies man who only wants to hook up?

Here are some very recent screenshots.










Now, most guys are liable to go, “But Kenny, such obnoxious posts are gonna turn women off”! 😦

Au contraire mon frere.

Girls are actually turned off by men who hide their dicks!

The easiest way to have women see you as a non-sexual item, is to post all sorts of lame crap to social media. And by “lame”, I mean sports, movie, shows, songs and the likes.

Women love a man who has his own opinions…usually unorthodox ones.

Posting about the latest football game or Lebron Jame’s spectacular dunk, do nothing whatsoever to convey your opinion and personality to women. Just that you’re a spectator type of guy who passes his time zombied-out in front of a television.

Women want to see what you’re made of ahead of time!

She doesn’t want that during the friend-to-friend date, you whip your cock out expecting to get a blowjob when her impressions of you were that of a non-sexual wuss-bag without an opinion of his own in life!

On that note, the parting message here for you guys is that if you’re looking to pick up girls on Facebook, and to convey that you’re a sex-worthy guy, begin to build your Facebook in a way that communicates this by posting things which are congruent with a guy who knows his way around the bedroom.

Need some examples?

Re-read my screenshots above!

If you’re too pussy to tweak your personal Facebook in such a way [perhaps you have family members as friends]; create another Facebook account specific to online game. Or post statuses and content to specific friends through the privatization and friend-list filter.

When you will have done that, you’ll begin to meet women who know upfront what your deal is.

A girl may very well just want to hook up with you. But for the simple fact that she cannot gauge your persona or personality, she will pretend as though she’s adverse to the idea of casual sex.

Thus, before you even inbox a girl on Facebook, you should have already tweaked your FB by having a slew of bad-ass statuses on your wall that she’s free to check out.

Hence, you’ll be putting it out there that you’re a pussy-slayer [even though you’re not] without actually verbalizing it…which comes off as try-hard.

In a recently posted infield video of mines [from the Caribbean], the script was the same.

I met this chick online, she knew what I was about [through browsing my stuff], hence she knew that to go out with me, meant that sex was inevitable, and the rest was history.


4 thoughts on “Every Girl I Pick Up Knows The Deal From The Gate

Add yours

  1. Well then damn, come to think of it, your FB wall is plastered with PUA and game stuff. Its rare to see you post about other stuff, lol, unless you’re making fun of religion!

    I could do, I don’t use FB that much. I just check in and like and/or comment on other people’s stuff. I should actually start doing this.

    Because I know women take the frame you present to them. If you come across as regular joe, she’ll take it slow. But with postings, you’ll polarise the proper ones. Smart!

    Okay I’m gonna start doing this with my FB and Twitter. Just one question, I’m sure you get hate from chodes and feminists, how you deal with such?


    1. Hey Nino. Totally right my man, my FB is all about game, relationship and sex matters…and the occasional religion bashing…but that’s no biggie.

      The best point you made was how women take the frame you present them. If one presents himself as a guy who’s desirous of taking things slow, then it’s gonna be challenging to pull girls who are DTF. You’ll only be attracting long-term relationship types. So good observation there.


  2. Sup Kenny its Deezy Mayne from FaceBook
    how do I improve my over-all social media image to more PUA like covertly?
    I see a couple of my homies on FB post silly shit like LMS 4 A TBH (usually sexually implied) and Drop a SC selfie if u not ugly or LMS if u want to chill hot1s only and I see girls go NUTS!!!
    Then again I know these guys demonstrate high value through a sense of lot of flashiness (muscle pics,nice cars, money, weed n lean pics, expensive alcohol e,t,c,) but I keep most of those type of pictures off the net (cuz I’m try to stay off the radar)
    So far my text game has vastly improved this time round but still …not enough women are taking up to the challenge yet. So how do I go above and beyond the competition but maintain a sense of humbleness (Humble like a true alpha male loving his life, not like a pussy fem boy)
    Keep up the site, I’ll keep intune with the face book postings. ~ Deezy Mayne


    1. Understood. That’s the thing about my style also: I prefer to rely on the non-flashy things [money and stuff] to get laid than what most guys do. Being flashy on the net is okay. It is all peacocking in essence. But what I do instead is to use my FB as that DHV as I explained in the post.
      And the thing is, though you may get to engage the girls a bit through texting [and they eventually fall off], it has to be other factors why this happen. Perhaps your FB isn’t giving off enough good vibe with your postings? Because after all, a girl goes through your FB to see what kids guy you are. So perhaps that kills your chances also. Just keep following bro. You will get the flow in due time


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