How I Manage My Pulls And Dates

I got an e-mail the other day from a subscriber asking how do I manage all my pulls as far as girls I pick up on Facebook.

Great question!

After all, in a week where I’m not doing much night game [picking up girls @ bars and clubs], I would resort to online game, i.e. picking up chicks on Facebook.

During a hot streak, which is almost every week, I’m bound to pick up about 10 new hot girls per week from Facebook alone.

These aren’t at all lame-ass pickups but solid leads and solid pulls.

How do you differentiate between the 2 types of pulls/pickups?

A mediocre pull which likely leads nowhere, is a pickup on Facebook for instance, that doesn’t transition off of Facebook.

You’re not likely to get a girl into your bed directly from a Facebook pull while solely communicating via FB chat.

What I mean is, you have to get her contact info from Facebook [during the pickup] then make the transition to another medium; be it telephone, video chat, Whatsapp, IMO, Tango, texting through other apps, etc.

That is a solid pull.

A non-solid pull is where you get a girl’s # on Facebook but it stalls there without any follow up on either end.

I get those every now and then also.

However, I usually get about 10 solid pulls/phone numbers/pickups from Facebook on a weekly basis where I’m actively engaged in social media…which is virtually every day.

The dilemma which presents itself now, and the grand question is, “How do I manage those”?

I mean- ’cause realistically- I cannot hook up with 10 girls within 7 days.

Definitely can physiologically! But realistically, the time just isn’t there to meet up with 10 girls during 1 week.

Hence, I have to troubleshoot and manage this.

What I actually do is to run a process of elimination by selecting the most DTF 2…for that week, while putting the remaining 8 on the proverbial back-burner for another week.

The following week, instead of going hard on Facebook pulls, I would take a break and just deal with the remaining 8 from the week prior…until I get another 2 or so out of the way.

In spite of that, there exists another dilemma where I end up losing girls because I’m gaining more girls than I can realistically see or fuck.

In summary: if I pick up 10 girls on FB this week, I would generally meet up with the most DTF [usually 2] during the weekend.

Following week, I would have 8 girls left over from the previous week, with 10 more new girls added to the slate…so that’s in essence 18 girls I pick up but unable to process, funnel, take out and bed.

With that, I eventually lose more girls than what I can realistically handle.

However, as you become accustomed to pulling lots of ass, you won’t even remember the girls who fell off by the wayside.

Just too many! 😉 🙂

What would also happen is about 2 months down the line, I would get an anonymous phone call or text from about 3 of those girls whom I wasn’t able to follow up with:

“Hi Kenny…this Jenny. Forgot about me”?

A familiar text I get very frequently from girls whom I put on the back-burner and totally forgot about.

Ok, as for the coming weekend, I have 2 girls to meet up with…my most recent pulls from Facebook which you can read about in the previous 2 posts.

Also with selecting the 2 most DTF chicks, I look for the least flaky 2, which sorta go hand-in-hand [true DTF girls rarely ever stand guys up].

Instead of rolling the dice and taking the gamble with a girl who is hotter, it is wiser to take that gamble with a girl who is likely to give up sex on the 1st meeting.

On that note, even as you advance in the field, you will still face problems…though quality and quantity problems. 😉

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