More FB Pulls- Random Girl With Boyfriend- Use (False) Assumptions To Open Girls On Facebook

Hey guys, some more tactical Facebook game for ya.

Before I start, I just want to say that there isn’t just 1 way to open/break-the-ice and to pick up random hotties on Facebook [online in general].

I use a variety of styles [personal to me], and I also use some classic PUA-seduction methods to pick up girls online.

On a personal level though: I use about 5 distinct formats to pull ass on Facebook.

The “Assumption Opener” is just 1 of them.

What is this?

Falsely assume something about a random girl to whom you’re attracted.

This also works in person just as well.

The reality is, no one wants others to have the wrong idea or assumption about him or her.

If I were German and someone called me Indian [and vice versa], I would instantly aim to clear that up!

This isn’t just Kenny. But anyone for that matter would want clarity.

This is where and how the (false) assumption opener works wonders.

Check it out!

This Facebook pickup is actually from earlier today [Sep. 8th]. So you get a real sense, almost in real-time, how my stuff works!

Oh- my opener/ice-breaker/inbox message consisted of me assuming she was married [knowing prior that she wasn’t], and assuming that someone was playing a prank on me.

Remind you- this is a random hottie I came across in the suggested friend field on Facebook.

[My texts in blue. Hers in gray]






I hope you had noticed my vibe and how I drew her in by playing up the “marriage” thing, forcing her to clarify the wrong assumption. 😈

By the way, whenever a girl asks you for your number: most times- it is a brush off and a subtle rejection.

Why wasn’t it a rejection in this case of mines?

1.) I never asked for her #

2.) She asked if I used Whatsapp…which indicated that she wanted my number

In such a case of a huge IOI; you can always give a girl your # and guarantee she’ll contact you promptly!

However, if you hinted at getting her #, or you asked her directly and she asks for yours instead: that is an attempted rejection!

Anyway, after giving her my #; knowing it was a solid close, and knowing she was attracted to my “VIBE”, she immediately texted me on Whatsapp…within 5 seconds of getting my #…hence the transition to Whatsapp Messenger below from Facebook where she gave me her # [her # shows up automatically].






Additionally, she’s 25 years old.

As I cited to you in a recent article, whenever you pick up a girl who’s younger than you are, you always want to get her to qualify to you. In other words, make her feel that her age might be a problem with you.

Thus, I hinted to her that she might be too young and inexperienced, so she rebuts/qualifies.


You always want the girl to work to get you and not you working to get her!

You simply accomplish this by making statements/comments which hint that she’s too young, too old, too fat, too slim, too short, too pretty, too, too, too…whatever!

If you’d done everything right up to that point: she will qualify herself to you…meaning she will say something like, “I’m a very experienced woman in life…”, trying to prove to you that she qualifies to be apart of your team.

Be as it may, will this approach [“False Assumptions”] work on every girl?

Of course not!

Some chicks will literally think you’re crazy, you got the wrong girl, or they’ll simply not respond at all!

This is just 1 of about 5 methods/approaches I select from in which to utilize in order to get random girls from off of Facebook and into my bed.

If you desire a more accurate approach, simply do a bit of research before inboxing the girl by browsing her profile in order to find out what type of chick she is…then message her based on the 5 styles/methods/approaches that I use.

As a master at this, it is already internalized within my being where I can know the type of girl a girl is before I even scan her profile.

It is just 1 of those knack which comes with mastery in any area of life.

A master boxer knows when and how his opponent will react to a punch, when he will punch, and when his opponent will faint, block or parry. You learn this with experience, time and age.

Likewise with girls I pick up on Facebook.

Within a split second, I can sense what will work on her and what approach won’t.

I am not always accurate…but + 90% of the time, I am…and I do get the girl!

I rarely fail to pick up any girl I inbox on Facebook, regardless of their race, age or religious persuasion.

I’ll address this in a future post.

Lastly, I have a meet-up set up with her for later during the week [weekend].

However, this creates a quality and quantity problem since I already have plans with a girl I pulled the other day on Facebook whom you read about previously.

How do I manage this?

I’ll explain in the subsequent post.

BTW, this girl hs a boyfriend…but that’s nothing new. Girls with boyfriend will cheat as I’d told you years ago!

Oh- remember- grab your copy of Facebook Bang in order to learn my method in picking up TOTAL STRANGERS on Facebook with minimal amount of work/texting.

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