You Lose One, You Gain A Hotter One

In keeping with the previous post about pulling chicks on Facebook, I wanted to touch on a dichotomy for just a second.

I hope to get across the point that you may lose some today but get a hotter one tomorrow…as long as you stick with it.

If you can recall, a few days ago, I posted a post where a girl on Facebook had blocked me, allegedly because I didn’t say good morning to her before I started gaming her [bullshit excuse anyway].

Did such an ego-deflating moment cramp my game?

Did I allow 1 rotten bitch to cause me to tailspin into a negative thought pattern of game and women?

Of course not!

This is why I advise you that ‘WHEN’ you do get rejected; take it not to heart!

Move on to the next chick!

For crying out loud dude, I got rejected by a 7.5, and within a matter of days, pulled an HB 10…which confirms an observation I made a while back that the hotter the girl, the easier she is to pick up and take to bed!

Guys are like, “What! But that can’t make any sense Kenny”!

Moreover, the hotter the girl, the more sociable she is and the better she is at socializing.

The less attractive a girl is [let’s say a 7 in comparison to a 10], the less sociable she will be.

Hence, you’re liable to get more shit [tests] from less hotter girls than you would from hotter ones.

On a further note, some years ago, I wrote an article about how difficult it is to game and pick up fatties than super-model type chicks.

Most guys, even those in pickup, are under the impression that fat girls, unattractive girls and ugly girls, are easier to game and bed…simply because they are not that attractive, they don’t have as much options as hotter girls, and they suffer from low-self esteem issues.

This is NOT true!

Sure they have LSE issues. But so do the most attractive girls on Earth have Low-Self Esteem issues!

The reason why unattractive girls are more difficult to bed, is the fact that they don’t trust guy’s intentions as being good…hence the reason they give tons more shit to men than attractive women do.

Less hotter girls put up bigger resistance because they doubt that the guy hitting on them, is genuinely interested in them.

After all, why would a sociable guy like yourself want to chat up a girl who isn’t drop-dead gorgeous [is what she says to herself]?

Hence, girls of lesser beauty become way more skeptical of a guy’s motives: “He just wants to fuck me because he thinks I’m some desperate fatty”!

That’s what they think and how they think; thus they will give guys a much harder time to game them and to take them to bed!

I know this because I’ve gamed tons of chubbies over the years. So this isn’t just some mental-masturbation bullshit from some pick-up theorist without any real-world evidence to support his hypothesis.

This is why when guys tell me that they don’t game fatties because those are too easy targets, I laugh because I dare them to try…knowing they would run due to shit-test galore coming from the chubbies.

Moreover, you have to understand that the less attractive the girl, the bigger the fucking chip on her shoulder!

She feels that the world or her parents, or even her God, had fucked her over somehow!

This vain feeling of hers doesn’t make her easier to game or fuck!

It makes it much more difficult: contrary to popular belief!

Saying all that to say, you should have no fear in gaming the hottest women around!

They rely on their sociability and good looks to get them by in life. Hence, they have to be social!

I mean, look at chicks who work in the service industry, waitresses, bartenders, cashiers, etc.

Those industries select the hottest girls, not only to get more sales as more guys spend where the hottest girls are. But also, the hotter the girl, the more sociable she is and must be!

Therefore, this goes back to another point I made some years ago: Hot girls are NOT bitchy!

The hotter she is, the less bitchy she will be!

The less hot: the more bitchy!

This dichotomy all stems back to what I mentioned earlier: less attractive women have bigger chips on their shoulders!

More psychological baggage.

Hence, they have poorer social skills in contrast from hotter girls, since less attractive girls learn to play the background in order to avoid attention due to their lack of hotness.

The more they stay out of the spotlight, the less social they become, and the less social skills they acquire.

A hotter girl cannot stay out of the spotlight [due to sheer looks] so she must develop and refine her social skills. So hot(ter) girls are NOT bitchy!

You were sold this lie by men with limited to no experience in the field.

Surely the pick-up gurus had taught us this fallacy. But it was more so because of the newness of pickup/seduction, and a lot of theories weren’t thoroughly put to the test and challenged as they are today…by guys like myself.

Additionally, the reason you think that hotter girls are bitchy and more difficult to pull, is because you approach them already with this idea in your head that they are bitchy, so the self-fulfilling prophecy manifests itself.

On that note: always remember that if a (hot) girl rejects you, a hotter one will take you up on your offer.

By all means, you should game less attractive women.

Game all women for practicing purposes as I do!

I even game grannies for the reference experience.

However, don’t for 1 minute think to yourself that gaming a 6 or 7 would be easier pickings to a 9 or 10.

You’ll be in for a rude awakening…though there are always a few exceptions to the rule.

3 thoughts on “You Lose One, You Gain A Hotter One

Add yours

  1. Damn that is really interesting Kenny.I had come to the same conclusion out in the field.The hotter ones are easier to pull then the not so hot ones.They seem to be more open to sex to me.I thought I was crazy but I couldn’t deny my experience.And I even questioned my own experience because it didn’t fit in with pretty much what everyone in the world thinks…that Hot girls are harder to pull then less attractive ones.

    But it kept occurring to me that the hot ones were more friendly, and had a higher tendency to smile at me then the unattractive ones.I feel confident in believing this now.


  2. I LOVE HOT WOMEN! I notice early before discovering PUA that the hot girls that were dating one of my boys or fucking around with them would always smile torwards me or be feeling me harder. This is real encouraging to know now it’s not my ego imagining things but the truth coming to the light. Thanx again man


    1. No doubt Deezy. It’s cool that you can look back at those situations and realize certain things years later…like it wasn’t your ego but those girls who were with your boys were checking you out


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