More Facebook Pulls- A Little Qualify & Negs

Latest Facebook pull from tonight.

This dates back to May 10th when I first inboxed her.

My opener/ice-breaker was 1 of my favorite: I checked her FB posts to see which girl commented the most, then I inboxed this girl telling her she looks like the girl who comments on her stuff.

By doing this, it build a bit of familiarity and rapport whereas I’m not just some random guy on FB because I [claim to] know of her friend. That was it [May 10th].

By not going for the FB pull that same moment, it let’s the girl know that I’m not desperate and I have other options…hence why I wasn’t eager to pick her up that same time. I actually waited 3 months to resume the pickup.

This evening, I resumed the pull, got the # and set something up [vaguely] for the coming weekend.

Picking up random strangers on FB gets no simpler. It only requires that you come off as non- needy, non-desperate, high value and outcome independent…in other words, your attitude is that of someone who can take it or leave it and not a beggar.

When you tailor your game this way with random hotties online, you’ll manage to pick up tons of them on a weekly basis…as I do.

All in all, it is about being able to use social intelligence with women.

HB pulled on Facebook

[My texts in blue. Hers in gray].





In retrospect, I didn’t consciously wait 3 months to resume picking her up.

What had happened was, I actually forgot about her altogether…which is why I took this evening [3 months later] to finally seal the deal of grabbing her # and setting up something for the weekend.

Lastly, what I want you to take away from this post is the art of getting a girl to qualify and subtle negging.

What are those, and how were they used here?

When I said to the girl, “Are you old enough to drink”? That was a neg…a cheeky/sly comment that would otherwise offend some people…but coming from a high-valued guy, women take negs jokingly.

Also, I got her to qualify when she asked if 23 was old enough for me.

Hence, instead of the usual lame and low-value format where guys are left to ask girls, “Am I too old for you”? I set it up to where she was asking me if 23 was old enough for me [being I’m 32].

This is what you call qualifying. A very powerful-psychological indication of a girl’s interest in you.

To learn my method [simple to most advanced tactics] of how to pull hotties from Facebook and into bed, check out Facebook Bang…the bonus product

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