Facebook Rejection

[My texts in blue. Hers in gray]

You’re stupid if you really think I just got rejected because I didn’t say “good “morning.

Whenever a chick wants to reject a guy, she will pick at the slightest and most trivial point on which to reject the guy…in this case me.

Hence, why did she reject me just now?

Was it my shitty or super-duper opener/icebreaker?

Was it the fact that I didn’t show any manners and say “GM”?

No No No!

Some chicks just aren’t down/interested.

As we teach in pick-up: you won’t get every girl!

Big deal!

I surely don’t get every girl! Hence, take rejection like a man and move on to the next chick who would love to be a part of your party.

However, I must reiterate; if a girl isn’t into you, she will find the least elaborate excuse in the world to reject you…in this case; I failed to say “good morning”.


On that note, I would just like to say that I get rejected often…way more so than the average guy can fathom!

However, because of the law of average, I also pick up and sleep with way more girls than the average guy can fathom.

One in three attempted Facebook pickups I attempt, fail!

That sounds like a hellova-LOW ratio if I’m pulling every 2 out of 3 girls I inbox on Facebook.

What you’re not factoring in, is how many random girls on a daily basis I am attempting to pick up on Facebook.

How many girls do I attempt to pull on Facebook alone per day?

Roughly 10.

Of those 10, I get rejected about 3 to 4 times.

Those 3-4 rejections are rarely ever harsh.

It is simply a case that the vibe doesn’t go anywhere and we both go our separate ways due to the lack of chemistry.

With that, I only get about 1 true/harsh rejection per day, out of the 10 attempted pickups over Facebook…per day.

This was just 1 such case [harsh blowout] of which occur with every 1 in 10 girls per day.

What I want you to take away from this post are few points:

*Don’t take so-called rejections to heart.

As with this so-called rejection, I never attempted to cuss the chick out…though she had blocked me. Had she not blocked me, I would’ve pushed until she either blocks me or conforms. Either way, I would not have been butt-hurt about it.

*Some girls are just socially inept.

Truth is, some chicks are just fucked and aren’t that sociable/approachable. This should be expected.

*It isn’t your approach: it is the girl.

This isn’t true in all cases. Some approaches, whether openers and icebreakers, are just downright shitty. My opener with this girl is very solid! It works like butter to open with a 99% success rate…in getting a reply from the girl.

Hence, since it wasn’t my opener that killed me, it is the fact the girl simply wasn’t interested in me, coupled with the fact that she may have personal issues. But if you fail to get a girl, don’t think that it was too much of your approach, instead of the girl’s state of mind at the moment.

All in all, when you learn to cultivate abundance with women, the ones who get away won’t matter.

You’re basically screening for the chicks who are down while sifting out the ones who aren’t.

What's your view?

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