Chick Logics Pt.iii – Kissing Is Cheating But Sex Is Not

Recently, I wrote an extensive and edifying post on Chick Logics and how women see logics differently than men do.

Well, if you read my previous post about entitled and spoiled women, this post will cover the interesting aspect of Chick Logics that was very telling in the screenshot that was posted along with the post.

Again- here it is [the screenshot].

Now, what I intentionally failed to mention in that post was that this fuck-buddy of mines has a boyfriend [go figure].

The greater reason as to why she blew me off over the past 2-3 weeks was because her boyfriend was in town…though I didn’t quite know this at the time.

The thing is, I’m a smart fucking guy. The reason I say that is that I am not as foolish and socially inept to ignore the fact that if a girl is spending time with her boyfriend who’s in town for the week, it isn’t likely that she would ditch him to come hang out with me.

Hence, I understood why she brushed me off and ignored my text messages.

I wasn’t all butt-hurt about it in the least. I merely went about my business knowing she would come crawling back for sex when the BF leaves town.

Anyhow, let’s delve into the interesting aspect to this occurrence: and that is the comment/text she made about wanting me to go down on her sans [without] her going down on me…sans kissing altogether.

She doesn’t want to kiss but she wants to fuck!

In essence, what she’s saying is that kissing me would somehow constitute cheating. And fucking me would somehow not amount to cheating.

Do you get that?

Re-read the screenshot if you didn’t get the underlying point and the subtle insinuation.

This girl and I have kissed countless times before.

In fact, I am not much of a kisser and she always insists on us kissing during foreplay.

Now, she does a 180, not wanting to kiss.

Do you know why?

Do you see why?

Listen dude: kissing for some women is seen as cheating, while full-blown fucking another guy behind their significant other’s back is a mere occurrence!

Kissing is a very intimate act for some women! So is sex! But exchanging oral fluids through the mouth and tongue wrestling is much more intimate than balls slapping against buttox…for some women.

Just 2 years ago, I wasn’t so privy to this as I am nowadays.

I would have a girl in the missionary position then try to kiss her but she would shun my kiss by giving me her cheek or chin to kiss instead.

Some girls would flat-out say they don’t kiss, or don’t want to kiss me.

I never knew why this would always occur with 45% of the girl I shagged.

At times, I thought my breath was the problem…though I’m extremely particular about oral care like a compulsion, hence I keep my breath smelling like a pasture of freshly grown mint leaves!

I just couldn’t understand why these girls didn’t want to kiss…albeit they were cheating on someone.

After doing some studies, research and experimentations, I received the revelation that the reason for this is because some women [45% in my experience] viewed kissing as either cheating [if they had boyfriends] or too intimate of an act to perform with someone whom they barely knew…but they would still gladly fuck him…which brings me to the culminative point of chick logics and why women are illogical creatures.

How the fuck on Earth is kissing more intimate of an act than penetration aka fucking!? 😯

I mean, for a guy, and any rational-thinker for that matter [which are only men], kissing is a mute-fucking point in comparison to wrestling in the sack!


However, a great score of women out there don’t see it that way.

They see kissing as very intimate and crossing a quasi-red line, while all-out fucking is acceptable!

This is HIGHLY ILLOGICAL for any man to come to grips with!

For women [some of them]: this is reasonable!

Now, here is the kicker: kissing outside of the bedroom is NOT a big deal at all for women!

Meaning, kissing a random guy in the club, on the dance floor or on the streets, is within reason [“it just happened”], as long as it [kissing] isn’t within the context of fucking.

This is why we teach in pickup that kissing a random girl on cold approach isn’t a big deal at all.

I always reference this kiss-close video from a few years ago from my PUA buddy out of England, Steve Jabba, who made out with a random Colombian girl within a minute or so of meeting on the streets of London.

Women KILL for the spontaneous moment to be swept off their feet by a ballsy guy via some random act of boldness.

Hence, trying to make out with a stranger [outside the bedroom] isn’t seen as something flagrant to women.

In reality, you have an innate contradiction: women with boyfriends are open to being kissed outside of the bedroom, but those same women aren’t as open inside the bedroom where sex is inevitable.

This contradiction exists because of chick logics and the way in which women interpret/see things of an intimate nature.

For chicks who have boyfriends, kissing the guy on the side is a forbidden act and it violates the sanctity of their relationship [no pun intended πŸ™‚ ].

Even with such girls, this isn’t always so…which adds another twist.

What I mean is, she may have allowed you to kiss her and even participated in the makeout on prior occasions.

After a lovely conversation with her boyfriend, seeing you [the guy on the side] later on that evening, she will not allow for kissing due to the fact that the presence of her boyfriend [be it via phone call] is still so fresh in her mind…But she will still allow you to shag her…but not kiss her.

In addition to that: she won’t go down on you either as the chick clearly said to me.

Why not?

Sucking a cock is too intimate [or nasty] and it is tantamount to cheating…though fucking you is A-Okay! πŸ˜‰ 😯

Not to mention that this same chick had given me a blowjob on every occasion prior.

This time however, because her boyfriend was just in town, hence his presence is fresh on her mind, sucking my cock would be cheating…but me performing oral sex on her, and fucking her, are okay.

Do you see how women think and operate?

This is why it is HIGHLY fucking STUPID for a man to ever trust a woman fully or even 20% of the way!

I don’t give a rat’s ass if she’s your wife!

It is highly stupid to trust a woman!

It isn’t her as a person, per se, that you shouldn’t trust.

It is her judgments and her ideologies you should be wary of and un-trusting of [her illogical interpretation of things]!

I tell my girlfriend of 6 + years the same thing whenever the subject of trust comes up!

Me: “Babes, don’t take it personal but I would never trust you. It isn’t personal and it isn’t you as a person whom I don’t trust. I just don’t trust your judgments…and I mean that with all respects”.

Sure she may not like that her boyfriend [me] doesn’t trust her [rather her judgments], but she has to accept it!

I am safe-guarding myself from unnecessary pain by keeping a lid on expectations of women.

I’ve fucked too many of men’s wives and girlfriends to know better than to trust any woman [97% of the women I sleep with of the last 10 years, all had boyfriends or were married]!

With that, it isn’t that you shouldn’t trust women. You shouldn’t trust their way of thinking.

As you advance on your journey into dating and pickup, you will have met women who hold some mind-blowing opinions on matters of the sexes, such as those with boyfriends and husbands who insinuate that kissing is forbidden yet sex is permissible.

It is all chick logics so you won’t quite get it as a man.

Good luck bros!

For shits and giggles:

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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