Mass-Liking Everything A Girl Does on Facebook [Bad-Online Game]

Guys, I’m big on the idea of NOT DLV’ing yourself when trying to attract girls online.

DLV [Demonstrating Low Value] is anything a guy does/says that makes himself appear less attractive to women.

Mass-liking everything a girl posts on Facebook, is a subtle form of a DLV: Demonstration of Low Value.

Here’s a screenshot from a female friend of mines which was posted to Facebook yesterday.


How many of you guys are guilty, or have been guilty of such low-valued shenanigans in the past…and present?

Most of you!

Why do you do this?

The same reason most guys thank women for accepting their friend request: the idea that subtle ass-kissing would win them some brownie points with the girls they are vying for.

It is equivalent to the dancing monkey going, “Like me, like me, like me”!

What often times happen is the girl ends up getting super annoyed by the mass likes on her statuses and photos, and the guy ends up killing his chances before the ballgame even begins.

On that note, my advice to you- if you are guilty of mass-liking everything a girl does/posts- is to quit now!

If you’re looking to seduce a girl through Facebook, you want to ensure as much as possible that she sees you as the guy who’s somewhat aloof, distant and unattainable to a point.

To be in her face proverbially, on everything she posts, will kill your chances…granted she’s a girl whom you’re trying to get with. If she’s someone in whom you have no sexual interest, then feel free to mass-like everything she does! You have nothing to lose!

However, as long as you have an interest there, keep the “likings” to a bare minimum!

Hitting like on everything she does will NOT help you by any chance!

I see guys do this shit on a daily basis, and I just sit back with a bowl of popcorn and laugh at the clown spectacle at hand. 😆 🙂 😆

Not to be too big of a dick: I’ve been there also, so I empathize!

However, now that I’ve kicked your ass about, you have no further reasons to continue harassing women online by mass-liking everything they do.


Oh- before I go- I encourage you to buy a copy of “Facebook Bang”, which teaches you how to pick up girls on Facebook and into your bed.

This is my personal method with real-world examples, and not any rehashed bullshit that does work…like 90% of the fluff products around the net.

Facebook Bang…+ Bonus Product

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