Frame Control And Dick Pics

Average guy sends a dick pic to a girl he barely knows on FB; he either gets scolded, ignored, blocked or deleted [or all of the above].

Kenny sends a dick pic to a chick he barely knows and she gets all fresh and cunty, I get her to virtually apologize by saying, “I was messing with you”!

How come? It’s all about the “Frame” [controlling it], and my attitude [I am the prize].

If a chick reacts negatively to my random dick-pic: I’ll ignore her as I did here…knowing that she would come running back wondering why I haven’t spoken to her in days.

However, this can only happen if and when you manage to create the right frame from the get-go: “I am the prize”.

At the end of the day- sending dick pics is still a lame thing to do [unless Sexting]. But if you are going to do it, you have to set the right frame from the gate or else you will turn the girl off royally and get yourself blocked!

[Girl’s texts in gray. Mines in blue].



Apart from controlling the underlying frame, is you willingness to walk.

Whenever I interact with a girl, I always give off the vibe that I can care less whether she likes me or not.

With such a carefree and detachment from outcome vibe, it keeps girls in check.

Hence with this chick, after she questioned why I sent her the dick pic, I said what I said and discontinued texting for about 2 days…that was when she responded with “I was messing around/joking”.

Therefore, once you can give off the vibe to a hot girl that you won’t take her shit and that you’re willing to walk, she will chase and get in line.

As for the dick pic: why did I send it in the first place?

Ok, by now I’m guessing that you’re quite familiar with my screenshot gig in that I take screenshots of things women post to Facebook, and apply them to game/pickup.

One of the main pet peeves women have on Facebook, is guys sending random dick pics and expecting a positive reaction.

Chicks see red when guys do this for the most part!

Even if she nonchalantly replies with what seems to be a positive reaction to the random dick pic, it won’t go anywhere whatsoever.

It’s like trying to convince a girl that she should fuck you because you showed her an image of your dick.

It’s like saying to her, “I don’t have anything else to offer as far as interesting convo, so here’s my cock”!

It doesn’t quite pan out that way brodie.

Hence, it often does more damage than good.

I get away with this all the time [or whenever I do it] because of everything I pointed out above.

However, I sent this dick pic in order to prove a point to someone who’s struggling with this…meaning, whenever he sends the random dick pic to the girl’s inbox, he gets shut down or de-friended from her Facebook.

Therefore, my point to him was that I can send a random dick pic to a girl whom I barely know, and get her to chase me still in spite of her bitchy response…and in effect, it’ll even make her want me more. So that was the reason for my dick-pic experimentation with this girl.

Additionally, any sane girl will be taken-aback if she opens up her inbox and there’s a fucking dick staring at her…from a guy whom she had no prior discussions of dicks with.

That was the case in my case.

However, not every girl will apologize, take it back and chase the guy who committed the lewd infraction.

That is the difference between someone who sets the frame/vibe of he being the prize, instead of the girl being the prize.

Moreover, whenever I interact with any new girl, I am the prize!

I am not as foolish to say this to the girl. But my vibe exudes this…and she know it.

With that being said, the next time you’re engaged in a texting session, ask yourself: “Am I the prize, or is she the prize”?

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